Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Every Shut Eye Ain't Sleep; Every Goodbye Ain't Gone," Part 1

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

I'm delighted to announce the impending publication of the book of blog essays, along with the impending launch of a new site that will take the conversation forward regarding lifestyle optimization for African-American women. We've already covered the basic survival issues here, it's time to take it to the next level.

At the new site, I'm moving forward from covering basic survival issues into detailed discussions of optimal living. In fact, there’s a science to lifestyle optimization that I’ll discuss at length at the new site. Many of the tips and techniques that I’ll discuss come from the relatively new field of positive psychology. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what enables individuals and communities to thrive.

Because I believe that Black women need new visions in support of sane and serene living, this new site will also focus on writing and the publishing industry. I know that many of you have at least one good book inside you, waiting to be born.

Black women need new visions. We need to hear new voices. We need to hear your voice in your own creative works. With the new site, I’m also dedicating myself to helping other African-American writers through what I’ve learned—and what I’m still learning—about writing and publishing during my adventures as a new author. I’ll let you look over my shoulder, and have the benefit of “hindsight in advance.” The benefit of learning through my ongoing experiences.

Let me give you a small sneak preview. The very first post (the sample post) for the new site is 5 Elements of Money-Making Nonfiction Books. It explains some of the details of why nonfiction writers who want to earn a good living for themselves and their families don’t need to have their books on the best-sellers lists.

Entrepreneurial nonfiction authors know the real money does not come from book sales. Instead, the real money comes from “back-end” sales of other products (audio programs, newsletters, videos, special reports, teleseminars, boot camps, speaking engagements, personal coaching) mentioned in the books.

There are still a few things to be worked out with the new site and the book isn't out yet, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when it's all ready. I hope to have everything ready by the end of January 2010. I'll put up another announcement here when the new site and book have launched. In the meantime, you can bookmark the following link:

See you soon!

Peace and blessings,