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Dystopia Now, Part 10: What Savvy African-American Women Are Doing After Trump’s Election

Introduction To All Posts:
Black women’s problems with Black men started in Africa LONG before the arrival of the Arab man and the White man. 

Black men have been betraying Black women since BEFORE the White man ever came to Africa. If you haven’t already done so, please read the following 2 posts:

I’ve been lurking online and watching the reactions that many African-Americans are having in the aftermath of the recent election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. President. [Which I predicted in Dystopia Now, Part 2: Reaping The Whirlwind Of Symbol Over Substance & Lesser Evilism Politics.] I’ve watched many African-Americans (AAs) panic. 

And really, mainstream African-Americans should be afraid. Because this election has snatched the Obama-induced rose petals off our eyes; and revealed just how politically and economically naked, unprotected and downright powerless the masses of AAs are. That’s something to be upset about. For real. Complacency is never a good thing. See the article Alarmism saved my family from Hitler:Why I won’t tell anyone to calm down about Trump.

AAs should’ve been worried about our collective failure to build a self-sustaining infrastructure of our own long before this election result. Because we’ve collectively squandered roughly 50 years of government-backed opportunities (affirmative action, set-asides, Head Start, and other programs) to make ourselves economically competitive with other races and ethnic groups. We didn’t do that. Instead, our Black male misleadership class led us into the abyss. 

To see a Let’s Crunch The Numbers-based breakdown of just one example of how pitiful our collective economic state is, jump to 46:31 into the video below, and watch up to 50:00 to see a numbers-based comparison of Black banks’ dismal financial performance regarding “return on average equity.” 

Of course, a large part of this is due to the AA consumers’ ongoing undeclared, generational mass boycott of visibly Black-owned businesses that I discussed in the post If You’re a Black Business Owner Who Wants to Succeed, Leave The African-American Consumer Behind

Instead of building any kind of self-sustaining African-American infrastructure, generations of affluent Black males in various fields gave their money right back to nonblacks via the White women and other nonblack women these men marry. I described the generational effects of BM’s mass money transfer to nonblack women in the post Follow The Money And Resources Trail, Part 2 – Generations of BM Entertainers Transferring Wealth To Nonblack Women (Reason # 457 Why 21st Century African-American Artists Still Have Nothing Of Their Own)

Obviously, this election result represents a crisis for certain demographics of African-American Black women (AABW)—such as single Black mothers of multiple children—as I described in Part 9 of this series. I’ve seen several people online give warnings about this. Here are a couple of examples. Here’s a comment from THIS Facebook discussion: 
Antonio Moore Yvette Carnell so many blacks think if we were better capitalist it would all be better. This is all despite a legally codified history of black failure. It makes us feel like we have agency. Under Trump there are several groups that may suffer one is immigrants, but another are families with multiple children they gonna cut the tax exemptions and I believe start making people have to contribute to primary schooling as they privatize. They gonna make you feel those kids weight more, further calcifying wealth. For a family with three kids and a income of 75k your tax bill may jump under trump 2200 and I can for see a world where you are expected to contribute 2 to 4 thousand per kid for primary schooling with privatization setting in further. 

That means black families will really feel these changes due to our low wealth level and abysmal rate for generational wealth passing. If you have a 7 or 9 year old around two years from now things may be very different.
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Here’s a video I’ve seen cited multiple times on Facebook.

Nevertheless, the election of Trump also represents an opportunity for savvy AABW as I described in that same post. It’s an opportunity to let various other demographics (Black males, White women, Latinos, Asians—really, everybody else who’s not a BW) fight their own battles and take all the hits from the crackdown that’s coming once Trump gets into office. Instead of gullible, idealistic BW continuing to serve as human shields for all these other people who never reciprocate that favor. 

It also represents an opportunity for savvy AABW to give themselves CHOICES. Choices that mainstream AABW won’t have. 

Why should anybody take heed of the following suggestions? Because, as discussed during THIS post, many of the specific predictions I’ve made regarding matters that disproportionately affect African-American women have come true (including my prediction that Donald Trump would win this election). 

Here’s a short list of the sorts of things that many savvy and shrewd African-American Black women have been doing and continue to do right now. 

ONE: Disconnecting from whatever remaining “Takers” (aka “Grasshoppers” as discussed during this post) are left in their social networks. Y’all know who the Takers/Grasshoppers are. 

TWO: Disconnecting from whatever Religious Mammies are left in their social networks. Here’s why: The vast majority of Religious Mammies are haters. Period. And, whether they’re open or undercover about the burning hatred they feel, Religious Mammies’ hatred is focused on other Black women. As I’ve said during an exchange I had with commenters on another blog: 

. . . Let me speak specifically about right-wing, religious zealot Black women—the women that are Church Mammies (Christians), Mosque Mammies (Muslims) and Temple Mammies (Black Hebrew Israelites). Not every BW religious believer fits into these various categories of brainwashed mammies, but many of them do. THIS is who I’m talking about in this comment—and not the religious believers who are willing to live and let others live their own lives.

Black Church Mammies (Christians), Mosque Mammies (Muslims) and Temple Mammies (Black Hebrew Israelites) have a LOT of frustrations in their lives*.

*Mostly revolving around the fact that the BM in their houses of worship generally don’t follow the rules that they preach to these women. And these BM generally don’t choose the BW who follow those rules about modesty, etc. that they preach. No, religious BM—just like the rest of BM—tend to reward and choose so-called “worldly” women as wives. See for just one recent example, Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon. See also the example of many self-described Christian BW’s anger at Meagan Good.

These frustrations lead Black Religious Mammies to be extremely angry with and resentful of the BW who are not following the various religious rules they believe in. Instead of being angry with the hypocritical religious BM who preach one thing to the mammies in their midst and then marry women who don’t conform to that behavior, Black Religious Mammies focus all their rage on the BW who didn’t follow their rules. Black Religious Mammies get downright enraged when they see a BW winning in life who is *not* following their religious rules!

I believe THIS is what’s underlying the sheer rage and hateration many BW feel for Ciara after she was courted by and then married to what appears to be a good man (despite having previously had an oow child). THIS is what has so many enraged BW calling Ciara a “ho” for getting pregnant by her husband within the bounds of her marriage. [Which is crazy because getting pregnant by one’s husband during one’s marriage is the very essence of propriety, but I digress…]

Black Religious Mammies get resentful to the point of wishing suffering on those BW who aren’t following the rules these mammies believe in. . . [  ]

. . . This obvious hatefulness and desire to see women who don’t follow their rules punished in some way (= desire to see such women suffer) is why a lot of people DON’T trust right-wing/religious/conservative zealots. People aren’t totally stupid. They can see through all that “We only want what’s best” talk. No, a lot of right-wing/religious/conservative zealots don’t simply want what they think is best. Everything about their statements and behavior suggests that they want to see people punished—that they want to see people who aren’t following their rules suffer.
Which why they almost never have any answer to the questions I earlier asked of crazed pro-Trump commenter [  ] when I said:

—–”Do you also hate women having access to birth control? Since you hate welfare AND abortion, how do you propose the millions of existing bastard babies that BW have birthed be fed, housed and clothed? Would you be comfortable with seeing the large percentage of Black bastard kids born into poverty starve in the streets? In other words, what is your plan for the already existing bastard spawn of BW welfare queens/Section 8 recipients?”—–

They don’t have any answers for these sorts of questions because for them it’s mostly about punishing women who engage in non-marital sex. Period. Again, people aren’t stupid; they can see that. . . . [  ]
These are dangerous times. You can’t afford to have people you can only have superficial interactions with inside your intimate circles. Because if something negative goes down, these people will be among the first to betray and harm you in whatever way they can! At best, they’ll turn their backs on you in your hour of need. As mentioned in an earlier post,
Marie Antoinettes/Special Snowflakes don’t notice the “small” acts of anti-BW aggression as they accumulate. The historical Marie Antoinette didn’t take heed of the public hatred being whipped up against her and her family until it was too late for her to escape a violent death. Similarly, the modern BF Marie Antoinettes don’t notice any anti-BW aggression or problems until they’re at the point of (figuratively) having their heads chopped off. 
Comedian Sunda Croonquist apparently didn’t recognize there was a problem with her racist in-laws. She didn’t understand that her White husband’s failure—for years—to police his racist relatives, and protect her from their racist behavior was a problem. Her husband basically did what most Good Black Men™ do when BW are under attack: nothing. She seemingly didn’t recognize this as a problem until after these racist in-laws sued her.
Glenda Moore (and her White husband) apparently didn’t recognize there was a problem with moving into a neighborhood filled with a high percentage of racists. She didn’t recognize this as a problem that could affect her—and her small, half-Black sons—until after these same racist neighbors ignored her cries for help during Hurricane Sandy. Her sons drowned.
The historical pattern is very clear about this fact: People who are not actively FOR you will often turn AGAINST you during a crisis. Be aware of this.

I hope I’m wrong about this, but I think for the immigrants in the U.S. (and certain other categories of native citizens such as African-American Muslims, and “out” gays and lesbians) the risks during this Trump era will be parallel to the suffering endured by Japanese-Americans during WWII (internment camps). That’s one set of risks. 

There are another set of risks in this Trump era. Don’t get complacent if you’re a straight Christian African-American Black woman. Especially don’t get complacent about the risks in this political environment if you’re a single Black mother of out-of-wedlock children. If you’re a Black single mother, you’re in a lot of potential danger. 

As a single Black mother, YOU’VE already been made the “public face” of various negative social problems. The risks you face is a situation in which your neighbors, coworkers AND church/mosque/temple members turn on you. It’s happened before. In the former Yugoslavia. See the article Your Neighbors Try To Murder You: 6 Realities In A Genocide

If there’s a scenario in which the Religious Mammies that you go to church/mosque/temple with can harm you in some way and not face any consequences for harming you, they WILL. Just because you might have joined these women in condemning homosexuality and fornication does NOT mean that these women feel any less hatred for you. The moment you step away from the conversation, they’re talking about you as well. I’ve been watching these women’s behavior since I was a teenager many years ago. Because I’ve never been a baby mama and have always been perceived as a “good girl/woman” (who follows various rules) I’ve been able to hear what these women say when the baby mama steps away from the conversation. Ladies, don’t be na├»ve about Religious Mammies! 

It’s obvious that any AABW stuck in Blackistan is in a lot of danger from her immediate neighbors when something goes down. 

What’s not so obvious is that AABW who live in nice areas outside of Blackistan are also in a lot of danger from people they only have superficial relationships with when something goes down. Because these people won’t help—and even worse, many of them will turn on you—when something goes down. Which leads to the next point. 

THREE: Forming trusted networks. During turbulent times you need people you can really count on during a crisis—what used to jokingly be called “ace boon” friends. People who will—without question—take you into their home if there’s a crisis and you’re in need. Don’t blindly assume your church/mosque/temple acquaintances fit into this description. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Look around your social life. Who (if any) are the people that have actively gone out of their way to help you? 

FOUR: TWO: Developing location-independent income streams. Tens of thousands of workers were displaced from their flooded workplaces during Hurricane Sandy. One writer estimates that “Hurricane Sandy displaced 150,000 workers in the first two weeks after the storm hit, with 70,000 jobs lost in New Jersey and 50,000 lost in New York.” 

There was often a real difference between workers whose jobs require their physical presence and those whose jobs are location-independent. For Some After the Storm, No Work Means No Pay.

I would strongly urge you to check out the How To Find A Dope Remote Job course by Sheila K. Brown

FIVE: Getting or renewing their passports. As noted during the comments to Part 8 of this series. 

Blogger cattusbabe said...
The best defence for these times is common sense and not emotionalism. Get your personal economy in order. Get debt free and have an emergency fund of at least one year's living expenses. DON'T TALK YOUR WALLET! That way people are not in your face depleting your resources.

If you think preppers are nuts then you have my prayers, they will get through these times better than most. Make sure you stockpile the goods that you need to stay alive, safe and comfortable. Learn the skills you need in order to be self sufficient.

If you do not do anything get out of majority black places and spaces. There is a storm headed our way and if you do not want to be chum for the two legged predators that inhabit most majority black communities you need to move.

Finally if you do not have a passport and a plan to relocate out of the USA then I would suggest strongly they you do both. You may not need either now but you should be ready.
You are truly on your own, there is no cavalry or savior coming.
November 9, 2016 at 4:48 PM

Blogger Khadija said...

Something else occurs to me: It might be a good idea to get your passport applications sent in as soon as possible. Meaning, at least 1 month *before* Trump is inaugurated.

It's safe to assume that LOTS of the current federal rules and regulations are going to be changed once he gets in office.

It's also safe to assume that those changes will tilt toward imposing more controls over not just the population flows coming into the U.S., but ALSO the population flows going out of and within the U.S.
November 12, 2016 at 12:16 PM
As I’ve said since Part 1 of this series of posts, I’m not saying these things to scare you. 

I’m saying this to reiterate the core message of my book and two blogs: 

You can thrive (and not just survive) during this time of collapse if you get back to basics and learn from historical examples

Do what you can to position yourself to live well regardless of who is in office. Take action to give yourself extra CHOICES.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dystopia Now, Part 9: Black Women—Stand Down & Stay OUT Of The Trump Administration’s Target Zone!

Introduction To All Posts:
Black women’s problems with Black men started in Africa LONG before the arrival of the Arab man and the White man. 

Black men have been betraying Black women since BEFORE the White man ever came to Africa. If you haven’t already done so, please read the following 2 posts:

And now on to today’s post.
This is the last thing I plan on saying about the recent election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. President. [Which I predicted in Dystopia Now, Part 2: Reaping The Whirlwind Of Symbol Over Substance & Lesser Evilism Politics.] Obviously, this election result represents a crisis for certain demographics of African-American Black women:

Nevertheless, this election result ALSO represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for wise African-American Black women: 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collectively get off the bullseye. 

It’s an opportunity to NOT be perceived as “Anti-American” Activist/Public Enemy #1. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let somebody ELSE be at the top of racist White Americans’ hate list! Which could literally mean the difference between life and death for you as a BW in the near future. 

Specifically, it’s an opportunity to let various other demographics (Black males, White women, Latinos, Asians—really, everybody else who’s not a BW) fight their own battles and take all the hits from the crackdown that’s coming once Trump gets into office. Instead of gullible, idealistic BW continuing to serve as human shields for all these other people who never reciprocate that favor. 

Google is your friend. You can find for yourself the “receipts” showing that a majority of White women (53%) voted for Trump. That 29% of Latinos voted for Trump. That 29% of Asians voted for Trump. That 13% of Black males voted for Trump. 

All of the above, while only 4% of Black women voted for Trump. 

Everybody else left BW standing ALL ALONE on the battlefield fighting for Hillary Clinton. See Black women — Hillary Clinton’s most reliable voting bloc — look beyond defeat 

If You Want To Thrive, You’ll Stand Down & Shut Up About Politics & Other Controversies 

I republished the following post from Bougie BlackGirl during Part 8 of this series, Dystopia Now, Part 8: Personal Victory Has a Code Name—It’s Called “Stealth.” The wise advice that she gave is so important (and has saved so many BW from letting their mouths get them demoted or fired), that I’m republishing it again here (emphasis in highlighter):
If you are dealing with a tense work environment today, regardless of who you voted for and people ask you about the election, this is what I want you to do.
1. Don't argue. If you are a woman of any race, a religious minority, LGBTQ and/or a person of color, people will jump on any arguments you get into to justify their stereotypical views. Don't give them ammunition!
2. Don't let this election mess with your money. Take a deep breath and be strategic. Leave the emotionalism behind. Instead think like a politician. Sadly, people see emotionalism is a sign of weakness and immaturity. If you're a woman, we already know this.
3. When someone asks you about the election, become a unifying force. Say, "The voters made a decision and I respect their choice. Now is the time to bring our country together." It's short, simple and to the point. Not only that, it is patriotic. Who can resist patriotism?
Doing these things displays that you, unlike everyone else, are in control of your emotions. It makes you look mature, above the fray and displays professionalism other coworkers will admire. Be strategic and smart. This is about your quality of life and your ability succeed. Remember you represent your job, business and brand.
You will survive. Good luck all.

Madelyn Day My lips quivered a little while reading. Many tongues will be bitten today.
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Tasha Chambers We can always say no comment.
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Bougie Black Girl They will jump on that and push for an answer. If you don't answer it makes you look uninformed and apathetic. Trust me, any opening you give people to prove them right about their stereotypical beliefs, they will jump on it. Be in control. Remain above the fray. It works.
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I would also strongly urge you to listen to what Mrs. Dee Dee Lefrak of the excellent Black Women With Other Brothers Facebook page is telling you. What Dee Dee is telling y’all is so important that I’m republishing two of her latest posts here:
Here in San Francisco many Hispanics are depressed over the president elect. Hey they'll get over it just like black people have gotten over everything I don't have much empathy for those who haven't shown empathy to me.
Here in San Francisco many Arab Muslims are reporting an uptick in verbal hate crimes since the election. Before the election some of those same people might not have been so nice to me.
Before the election some of those same people might've had the attitude that they were better than me, as a Black woman.
Today I am not a target today I am happy about it.

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   Black Women With Other Brothers
6 hrs
This is my LAST thread about the election this year.
What has president-elect Trump said against Black women?
I'll wait.
The average black male disses BW more than Trump! And just a reminder, 13% of black males voted in Trump.

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I’m happy Dee Dee said it, because she’s absolutely correct! 

Did you see or hear of any White women, Latinos, Asians or Black males protesting on behalf of the 15 year-old Black girl in a bikini who was slammed to the ground by a WM cop during a 2015 pool party in McKinney, Texas? I didn’t. That girl child is still dealing with repercussions from being attacked

Did you see or hear of any White women, Latinos, Asians or Black males protesting on behalf of the teenage Black high school girl who was flipped over her desk and then dragged across the classroom floor by a WM South Carolina school officer? I didn’t. In fact, negro male students and others protested in support of the WM cop who manhandled that teenage Black girl. 

These are just a few “receipts” about how unconcerned these various other demographics are when BW and Black girls are physically attacked by grown men. Again, Google is your friend—you can find more documented incidents if you look.

Don’t let me get started on how racist many (most?) Arab Muslims are against Black people in general. You may not be aware of this, but Arabs routinely refer to any and all Blacks by the Arabic word for “slave.” And they generally refuse to stop doing it. I’m an African-American Muslimah, and I don’t have any warm, fuzzy feelings about Arab and Pakistani Muslims—because of their rabid racism against Blacks. Most of them can burn, as far as I’m concerned. 

. . . And they probably will burn, in the end. Especially if there are more mass casualty attacks in the U.S. perpetrated by immigrant Muslims.  

This country has taken a seriously BAD turn with this election and everything leading up to it. I hope I'm wrong, but it feels to me like the U.S. is going down the same ugly road as Nazi Germany and the implosion of what used to Yugoslavia. It's a nasty combination:  Roughly half the White U.S. population is clamoring for an authoritarian regime and many of these same White voters are also chomping at the bit to engage in racial/ethnic cleansing. 

Other so-called “people of color” were gleefully throwing Black women under the bus when they weren’t in White people’s cross hairs. What do you think these people will do as increasing numbers of White people put them in the very center of the bullseye? 

Answer: These other so-called people of color will start talking about solidarity, and start looking to pull BW into their problems with racist Whites. They’ll try to pull BW into your assigned role as their human shield. Don’t let them drag you back into the center of the bullseye!

This leads me to my next point, which is something that came up while I still had the comment section open on the previous post (which was Part 8 of this series). I had the following exchange with a commenter: 

Blogger Khadija said...

You're welcome! Thank you for your kind words about my blog and book; I truly appreciate it.


You said, "Khadijah I know this may sound odd but would you think it would be helpful to black women if BWE became an organization that paid dues and provided services and scholarships specifically for black women. Many of us are not financially well off I know but would something like this be beneficial for sovereign black women and their daughters?"

I believe these are extremely dangerous times now**--it's not a good time to start any new organization called "Black"anything (or that has "Black" anywhere in its title). "Black" = target in the Trump era. Adding the word "Black" to one's organizational title = painting a bullseye on that organization that invites hostile scrutiny from local and federal law enforcement, and conservative White media.

I think a more circumspect way of handling such interests (for those who are interested in pursuing that kind of project) would be to form or incorporate a new sorority/Greek letter organization. A new sorority and/or Greek letter organization that happens adhere to BWE principles or whatever principles the participants wish to follow.....[  ]
These are dangerous days. 

It’s dangerous in the Trump era, but there are still plenty of opportunities for savvy Black women to thrive. 

If you want to thrive, you have to leave yourself some wiggle room. You have to give yourself room to maneuver. 

The livelihood and life you save by standing down, shutting up about politics and other controversies, and staying out of other people’s fights might be your OWN.