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“Just Hair” — NOT!

Breukelen Bleu recently held an extremely important (and uncomfortable/painful for many) conversation during THIS Facebook post. I would strongly urge you to read through the entire discussion.

Like many other readers, I also felt a combination of mixed emotions while browsing through the Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care (CHVC) site:
  • sadness at how BW have failed to go THAT hard in celebrating their Black daughters’ natural hair texture;
  • admiration at how this Becky has created an income stream from showcasing and celebrating her adopted Black daughter’s natural hair;
  • pleasure at seeing the dozens of photographs of various hairstyles;
  • curiosity about learning how to do the dozens of natural hairstyles featured in the photos;
  • taken aback at the “hateration” comments from readers who (for understandable emotional reasons) completely missed the point of Breukelen Bleu’s Facebook post and comments.
When invited and challenged to provide some links to websites where BW have taken the showcasing of their daughters’ [so-called] 4-c texture hair to the SAME level as this WW, these dissenters couldn’t provide a single link thus far (at the time of publishing this post).

Side note—I can’t stand a [gay BM stylist-invented] hair classification system that puts the most authentically Black hair texture last with bone straight White/Asian-type hair placed at number one. I find it significant that so many BW have voluntarily adopted a hair classification numerical system that puts their hair last without any questions, concerns, or angst. Nobody stopped us from reversing those numbers and putting our hair FIRST among human equals.

Just like everybody else, I see the droves of Natural Hair Jihadi-BW drooling over (and trying to find the latest hair grease in hopes of acquiring) biracial-texture, loose curls that are NOT their natural hair texture.

I got a lump in my throat when I read this comment:
Yes, due to lack of knowledge about natural hair care and styles, there have been (and still are) legions of BW slapping unflattering, substandard hairdos on their daughters’ heads that they would never wear themselves. The contrast between that widespread pathetic state of affairs versus the CHVC Becky modeling the same hairdos she puts on her adopted Black daughter’s head is breathtaking.
Breukelen Bleu asked an important question during THIS Facebook conversation.

“. . . The question that I have for everyone - those who agree with my stance on this topic and those who dont...

WHY is that it takes BECKYS presence on the scene, before black women are willing to face some of OUR shit - like our "hair" shit? "Its Just Hair" until Lily White Jessica shows up, and then all of a sudden its of major importance? I been in this natural hair game for a long time - over two decades - and I have had MANY a heated discussion with black woman about why our hair is so important and why what we do with it DOES matter. I've even gotten kicked off of natural hair sites for trying to talk about the natural hair communities obsession with curl pattern and length. I sat and watch black women GO IN on Blue Ivy and her mother, Gabby Douglas, Willow Smith and a number of other little black girls who hair didnt meet our respectability protocols. Yet the ONLY time there seems to be all of this angst in favor of our hair being something 'special', is when a white woman shows up on the scene.
[ ] . . . Ive done many posts on black womens relationship with our hair. Its interesting tho that the ones that always seem to get so heated, are the ones where Becky is some how present.

I wonder why that is?

One reader gave an answer (emphasis in bold):

o    Shakti Atn Ra Eugenia you're hilarious! That pic is everything. Breukelen I'm gonna hazard a response to your question based on my non existent psychology background. wink emoticon BW who found your original post problematic and who get up in arms anytime Becky makes an appearance in whatever the topic is, are being triggered. If you're an emotionally, psychologically, spiritually & mentally healthy BW, Becky's presence, her words, her whatever, shouldn't make you bat an eyelash. It should be a non factor. Who the fuck on planet earth is greater than ME? Not a goddamned body, so I govern myself accordingly. Many BW talk that talk but the truth is revealed just under the surface. Hurt feelings. Low self esteem. Obsessive external focus on what everybody else is doing, saying, etc.

Folks missing the message cause they got triggered by Becky's presence. Like she's the point. She's not. If anything, that site is a vehicle to a bigger point, but not the main point itself. Folks missed that because they're obsessed by her. That obsession is so pathological that they don't even see how deeply enamored they are by her & as a result project those feelings onto others claiming that those others are the one with the obsession. Psychology 101.

Anyhoo, it's obvious that many BW need serious help in many basic areas of the Game of Life. And I ain't mad about that cause that's intentional. And many of us aren't even aware of the war games to even begin to have basic defense against them. Like you said, those who are ready, will progress and will finally fucking WIN. Those who aren't ready? Oh well. Too slow, you blow.

6 · 9 hrs · Edited

I agree with the reader’s assessment that Becky’s presence or involvement is “triggering” for many BW. I also think there are some other aspects to this that haven’t been mentioned yet.
Nowadays, Becky is so very “triggering” for so many BW because African-Americans (and by extension, African-American BW) are literally at the end of the road. Nowadays, “the funk is uncut” for AABW. All the illusions previous generations of AA women used to comfort themselves and cushion the emotional blows received from a hostile world have been stripped from us.

The illusion that “we’re all in it together with BM” has been shattered by African-American (AA) BM’s past three decades of publicly denigrating BW.
The illusion that AABM had any affection or appreciation for BW has been shattered by the droves of BM who avidly sought access to White vaginas as soon as they were free enough to do so without being immediately lynched.

AABW’s ability to regroup from the outer world into the emotional comfort zone and safety net of marriage and wholesome family life has been destroyed by 40+ years of mass AA out-of-wedlock childbearing (= 40+ years of BM’s refusal to marry the BW they have sex with and impregnate).
In short, ALL the emotional sanctuaries and safe places that previous generations of AABW could use to rest weary and wounded spirits have been destroyed.

Anybody’s who been backed into an emotional corner by snarling wolves (the non-stop War On BW) is going to feel “triggered.” And will lash out in an attempt to protect themselves (and save face). And this is where the negative impact of BM comes into play.
The heavy, prolonged and ongoing damage that BM have done to BW’s psyches can’t be left out of these sorts of conversations. It’s like Chris Rock doing a mockumentary about BW’s hair issues while pretending not to know that BW seek so-called “good hair” in order to appeal to negro males like himself who place a premium on Whiter-looking women with so-called “good hair.”

The only validation of beauty that really counts for straight women and girls is that which they get from straight men and boys. Becky floats through life with self-confidence in her type of beauty because Becky’s beauty is validated by Brad (WM) AND by the various men of color that Brad has conquered, especially by conquered BM across the planet such as Tyrone, Delroy and Nnamdi.
AABW are the only women who are expected to somehow develop self-confidence and self-esteem in the total absence of their type of beauty being validated by the males of their group.

The bottom line is that any AABW who restricts herself to Black social environments will find herself backed into an emotional corner. Because such BW are seeking respect, appreciation and celebration from males (Black males) who are incapable of appreciating ANY BW who looks like a typical BW.*
[*Which touches on another important point Breukelen Bleu raised during another Facebook conversation. The vast majority of the “Black women” that have been celebrated among African-Americans over the decades don’t have the authentically Black phenotype. Including BW With 2 Black Parents Who Look Mixed like blue-eyed, light-haired Vanessa Williams. These “Black” women are considered beautiful by BM because they look closer to WW’s phenotype.]

The irony is that nowadays, BW’s authentic type of beauty (dark-skinned, 4-c hair, mainstream African type of nose and lips) is more likely to be appreciated by WM than by BM. Modern day AABW have to socialize and mingle with those men who appreciate our type of beauty. Odds are this is more likely to happen with WM than with BM (or other men of color who are often as color-struck as BM). We also need to do a better job of modeling self-love with our daughters and the other Black girls in our orbit.
I understand the BW who are “triggered” by Becky’s presence or involvement. Years ago, before I did the introspection and internal work taught by BWE, I was one of those BW. But being triggered and lashing out in pain is a widespread self-defeating cycle that AAs of both genders need to move past. I talked about this self-defeating behavior pattern in comments to a January 2013 post about BW's Mother-Daughter issues at Halima’s blog:

Blogger Khadija said...

Thanks for this post. Like all poisonous things that thrive in the darkness, this is one issue that needs to be exposed to the cleansing and disinfecting sunlight.

Here's my 2 cents (or pence--LOL!) from across the pond in the US:

I see a multitude of overlapping dysfunctions going on in the African-American collective when it comes to mother-daughter relationships. All of which operate to the daughters' detriment:

(1) Many AA mothers are giving their daughters advice that's totally obsolete. Strategies and world views that worked well enough many decades ago (before the AA collective became entrenched in underclass behaviors such as oow, mass paternal abandonment, etc.) are self-sabotaging poison in the modern environment.

These mothers are so BM-identified (and BM-son-identified in particular) that they never pay attention to how various trends affect their daughters. Everything these type of women say and do is ALL about lifting up BM in general and their BM sons in particular. When their daughters' needs are neglected and sacrificed along the way, it's "too bad, so sad."

(2) Many AA mothers are totally unfit to give anybody advice. These women were/are used and exploited themselves, and still haven't caught a clue. So they give their daughters the type of advice ("All men cheat,""Let a man be a man,""What did you do to provoke him to hit you?", etc.) that ruins their daughters' lives in the same way their lives are damaged.

(3) Many AA mothers are straight-up envious of their daughters. And have the attitude of "I had it bad, and you should too." Quiet as it's kept, many AA mothers have attitudes that are similar to those of Arab mothers who support the so-called "honor" murders of their own daughters.

Back in the day when I used to participate in (dead BC) community type outreach activities, I would watch many AA mothers sabotage their daughters' ability to participate in anything that might lift their girls out of poverty and into abundant life. They would repeatedly "forget" to sign permission slips for their daughters to attend life-enhancing outings, tutoring, etc. Meanwhile, they somehow "remembered" to sign permission slips for their precious sons to participate in programs.

These mothers were transparent in their envy and rage at the idea that their daughters might have a chance to enjoy a better quality of life.

(4) Then you have the internalized colorism issues. Often a darker-skinned dysfunctional AA mother "hates on" her daughter if the daughter is lighter. Or the lighter-skinned dysfunctional AA mother "makes differences" between her daughters based on complexion (treating the lighter girls better).

In summary, there's a LOT of heavy-duty sickness going on between many (if not most) AA mothers treat and raise and daughters. The vast majority of AA mothers are setting their daughters up for suffering. Whether it's intentional on these mothers' parts or not, that's the bottom line effect of what they're doing.

At this point, self-actualizing AA women and teenage girls need to understand that their own mothers just might be one of their greatest enemies. It's a hurtful and disgusting thought; but folks need to face reality and act accordingly if they want to succeed in having a good life. *sigh*
3:12 p.m.

 During that conversation, other readers and I responded to comments from a “triggered”  reader:

Blogger Khadija said...

Part 1

You said: "'Where are the fathers in this?.'

I think that is a question that NEEDS to be asked. Since you decided to only focus on the mothers, and used an example of what mothers who belong to a non-Black group of women are doing as some kind of example that should be imitated, I think this is a perfect time to bring up an issue that is simply not focused on by many in the BWE community unfortunately."

I'm sure Halima has her (more than eloquent) thoughts about all of this. Again, here are my 2 cents as a retired BWE blogger:

Generally speaking, I don't think that fathers can fully compensate for the lack of competent motherly guidance for their daughters. Similar to the way a woman can't really socialize boys into manhood the way an emotionally healthy man (preferably their biological fathers) can do so.

Yes, there are general "raising you to be a good and effective person" things that parents of both genders can do with children of either gender. And yes, there are certain male-psychology-based dating/vetting warning signs that a sincere and emotionally healthy father can warn his daughters about. However, it's just not the same as a girl being trained in effective womanly skills and strategies by her mother.

On top of the above, there are additional and unusual complications involved in raising Black girls to successfully navigate the modern-day world around them.

Many nonblacks (including nonblack fathers and/or stepfathers of Black girls) are either: (1) unaware of or (2) don't understand the bizarre dynamics of the various DBRBM-created minefields Black girls have to navigate. Because many of these nonblack men come from collectives that actually protect and lift up the girls/women in their group. So it's hard for these nonblack fathers and stepfathers to advise their Black daughters about the specific, bizarre, DBRBM-created, spirit-crushing situations that these men never anticipated.

Because they're unfamiliar with the bizarre dynamics of many Western Black cultures---cultures in which BW and Black children are routinely sacrificed for the whims of BM. Which is upside-down and backwards from the way most nonblack cultures operate. Normal cultures expect and demand that the men protect the women and children.
12:41 a.m.
Blogger Khadija said...
Part 2 of my reply to [Other Commenter]

In terms of Black fathers guiding their Black daughters through the minefields created by DBRBM's hatred of BW, that issue ties into another part of your comment when you said:

"First, your Jewish mother example. Jewish mothers DO NOT have to deal with the hatred of Jewish men. That right there is the crux of this problem of why BWE was even needed in the first place. Too many Black males simply HATE Black women & girls, and that has wreaked all kinds of havoc on the pysche of generation after generation of Black woman & girl. We can talk about what Black women "need" to do until we are blue in the face, but until the issue of Black male hatred of Black women & girls is fully & properly addressed, we will continue to see a myriad of problems cropping up for Black women & girls, such as the disfunctional relationship some Black mothers & daughters have with each other that you bought up."

Yes, it's true that women from most other racial/ethnic groups don't have to deal with hatred from the males of their groups.

But here's my concern when people speak of "addressing" BM's lethal hatred of BW: I don't see it ever being effectively addressed. And waiting around for it to be addressed seems counterproductive to me. There's not going to be any REAL justice or accountability imposed on BM for their genocidal behavior towards BW and Black girls.

There won't be any equivalent to the Nuremberg trials for the BM (c)rappers and others who created "Radio Rwanda" music and videos which play a large in creating the mass devaluing of Black female lives.

There won't be any tribunals in which Rev. Hot Comb and others are required to account for their "activism malpractice" regarding the physical survival of BW and girls.

Judging from BW's online discussions about Chris Brown, Ar-ruh Kelly, and other BM savage brutes, Notorious BM Celebrities Who Physically Attack and/or Molest BW & Black Girls won't even suffer real economic loss because of their genocidal anti-BW hatred.

Most BM haven't and WON'T ever "address" BM's genocidal hatred of BW and Black girls. I can think of several reasons for this (self-interest, cowardice, etc.). At this late date, the reasons don't really matter to me. Waiting for BM to address any of this is akin to waiting for BM to protect and provide for Black children: Never gonna happen in any significant numbers. And a lot of Black female lives will be lost or diminished while waiting around for something that won't happen.

Ditto for waiting for the masses of BM-identified BW to "address" any of this. A lot of BW's and girls' lives will be lost and diminished while debating with these BM-identified Black female collaborators.

To my way of thinking, the best thing is to advise and assist as many BW and girls as possible to GET AWAY from anybody and everybody (including their mothers if the "shoe fits") who devalues them and their lives.

I don't see it as "blaming BW." I see it as recognizing the reality that many (if not most) Black mothers are too BM-identified, too indoctrinated, and/or too unhealthy to be automatically trusted to guide their daughters into abundant lifestyles. Many (if not most) Black girls are orphans for all practical purposes.
12:52 a.m.

Khadija said...
Part 3 of final reply

My sister, where have you been that you don't already know that ALL of the things you've accused the BWE community of not addressing have already been discussed---YEARS ago and repeatedly ad nauseum?

One major difference between BWE activism and other BW's blogs is that most BWE bloggers are not going to spend years going around in circles with empty venting (about DBRBM) that leaves BW in the same spot they were in before they started venting. Fixating on venting about DBRBM is a waste of precious time.

BWE blogs tend to move beyond identifying THE source of most of BW's problems (DBRBM) to formulating and implementing escape strategies.

I'm NOT saying that you said this, but I want to make my position clear: I disagree with complaints about BWE blogs that essentially say: "Stop talking about practical escape strategies and the ways in which BW can stop being complicit in their own oppression so we can endlessly vent about DBRBM." Endlessly ruminating over the many physical atrocities and spirit-murders committed by DBRBM is a distraction and diversion from what should be the point---helping more BW and girls Escape From Blackistan and find their way into abundant life.
3:29 p.m.

Blogger Khadija said...
I feel compelled to add another observation. It's something for the silent audience to consider.

I've seen these particular dynamics before. I saw them waaay back in the day when I would attend Nation of Islam (NOI) lectures. Most of the AAs in the audience would get all excited and happy when the speaker from the NOI would (truthfully) talk bad about racist Whites and put White America in general "on blast."

But these same Black audiences would get sullen---and in some cases, actually angry with the NOI ministers---whenever the NOI ministers talked about SELF-correction and the HARD WORK each individual Black person needs to do to free themselves from being so very vulnerable to the whims of people who hate Black people.

Meanwhile, the NOI ministers would tell folks that the purpose of the lectures was to give listeners the tools to free themselves (properly applied work and self-correction). Not to supply entertainment by verbally blasting oppressors.

If somebody's pushed you into a ditch, then it's going to take hard work (climbing) and self-correction (stop digging the hole deeper) to get out of that ditch.

Sitting around screaming and shrieking "They pushed me into this ditch! It's ALL their fault!!" is not---and will never be---a substitute for the hard work (climbing) and self-correction (stop digging the hole deeper) needed to get out of the ditch. No matter how loud the person screams. No matter how angry the person gets while screaming.

We've seen this proven over the decades (actually over a century) with Black males. Black males' general refusal to do any hard work or engage in any self-correction is why BM consistently remain at the very bottom of every multiracial country BM live in. While other nonwhites do the work and self-correction needed for them to keep moving on up.

While negro males sit around endlessly shrieking about "de evil WM" everybody else is moving on up into the Promised Land. The example set by negro males is NOT anything that any sensible person would imitate.

It's been my observation that the BWE escape plan works when you actually work the plan. There's a difference between talking about the escape plan and actually working the escape plan. One major part of the escape plan is to disconnect from, and stop fixating on, negro males.

Those BW who actually work the BWE escape plan generally find much more peace of mind and a higher quality of life. Each individual BW has to decide for herself whether or not she's willing to actually work the escape plan.
2:40 p.m.

I repeat: Sitting around screaming and shrieking “They pushed me into this ditch! It's ALL their fault!!” is not—and will never be—a substitute for the hard work (climbing) and self-correction (stop digging the hole deeper) needed to get out of the ditch. No matter how loud the person screams. No matter how angry the person gets while screaming.

AAs in general (and AABW in particular) need to get past this self-defeating behavior pattern. Part of that process is being willing to ask and contemplate the hard questions that BW like Breukelen Bleu have been asking.

THANK YOU Breukelen Bleu for shining some cleansing and disinfecting sunlight on these issues!

[Addendum: FYI, it's been brought to my attention that Ms. Bleu apparently deleted the Facebook post that I referenced in this post (for those who are wondering about the links that don't work anymore).]

Friday, May 1, 2015

If You're A Thriving African-American Woman, There's NO Reason For You To Care—At All—About Recent African-American Riots in Baltimore

I hate to burst powerless, disorganized, isolated [read = quarantined from everybody else in the U.S.] new school African-Americans' (AAs') delusions of importance, but the recent riots in Baltimore are totally irrelevant to those AAs who are thriving. These riots don't matter. These AA tantrums have no enduring impact on anybody in the US except AAs who are residents of Blackistan. [The same lack of importance will continue to apply to future riots, as long as AAs continue the post-desegregation practice of boycotting visibly AA-owned businesses.] I'll explain:

Many AA Residential Areas That AAs Burned During 1960s-Era Riots NEVER Recovered Economically—Duh!

The joke involved in all this is that the only people whose interests are permanently harmed by AA riots are those of AAs who have failed to disconnect from the dysfunctional masses of new school AAs. This fact is pretty obvious to those of us who've been paying attention (and listening to our parents' and other elders' descriptions of how things played out after the 1960s riots). But here are a few citations for those who don't already know this.

ABSTRACT In the 1960s numerous cities in the United States experienced violent, race-related civil disturbances. Although social scientists have long studied the causes of the riots, the consequences have received much less attention. This paper examines census data from 1950 to 1980 to measure the riots' impact on the value of central-city residential property, and especially on black-owned property. Both ordinary least squares and two-stage least squares estimates indicate that the riots depressed the median value of black-owned property between 1960 and 1970, with little or no rebound in the 1970s. Analysis of household-level data suggests that the racial gap in the value of property widened in riot-afflicted cities during the 1970s.
The Economic Aftermath of the 1960s Riots: Evidence from Property Values - ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed Apr 30, 2015].

(emphasis added in bold) The Economic Aftermath of the 1960s Riots: Evidence from Property Values

Here's this from the 2008 article Anger After King's Death Left Lasting Mark On Hartford's North End (emphasis added in bold):
"I believe King did the right thing," said Clarke King who, in 1968, was an angry 21-year-old and today heads the city's municipal employees' union and the African-American Alliance. "But what moved America to say something was wrong were the riots and kids saying, 'We're not taking it anymore.' ... It changed the way that we, as black people, were respected." [Khadija speaking: "Respected"? Dream on, dude!]

It also changed the landscape of the Clay-Arsenal neighborhood and left scars still visible today. The riots exacerbated trends that were already in motion — businesses closed and never reopened, the white middle class fled and investment stalled in this North End neighborhood that is in sight, but out of reach, of downtown's wealth. The physical isolation that Constitution Plaza and I-84 ushered in during the middle of the decade now had a profound economic and psychological dimension.

Former city Councilman Steven Harris, who was fighting in the jungles of Vietnam when he learned of King's assassination, returned home in May 1968 to a different Hartford from the one he had left.

"When I got back from 'Nam, it was almost as if whites had left north Hartford overnight," Harris said. "The drugstores were gone, they were burned. The bakeries were gone, they were burned.

"Overnight we went from a kind of community that had drugstores, supermarkets, bakeries — to a neighborhood that had nothing. Including white folks," Harris said. "They all left." [Khadija speaking: It's significant that Whites fled after the riots. It's significant because AAs depend on Whites to produce and provide everything for us. Food. Clothing. Shelter. Jobs. Biting the hand that feeds you is never wise.]

Forty years later, amid the vacant lots and boarded-up buildings, there is a slow germination of retail returning to Clay-Arsenal. Near the location of Parrish's filling station stands a new shopping plaza with a grocery store, and the corner boasts a plaque with Thomas Parrish's name.

But it's nothing like it was in its heyday.

"All of that thriving stuff, the little candy stores as well as the mid-sized markets that people depended on — that shopping left the neighborhood and you only ended up with the small convenience stuff that's there now, which is not as attractive," said Mayor Eddie A. Perez, who came to Hartford in 1969 and grew up near Main and Pavilion. "I think the riots triggered the white flight and white flight triggered long-term disinvestment and government was late in responding to that trend."

Here's the thing: AAs collectively are NOT a poor group of people. Plenty of money flows through our hands. It's not anybody else's fault that we refuse to spend our money with our own people. It's not anybody else's fault that we engage in an unannounced, 50 years and counting boycott of visibly Black-owned businesses. AAs collectively refuse to invest in ourselves and then have the nerve to be angry that other ethnic and racial groups refuse to invest in us. Why would they? They're too busy investing in themselves. Which is the normal thing to do.

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream . . . Or Riot

 A lot of AAs are flattered by media attention to their tantrums . . . err, riots. They mistakenly assume that attention from White- and foreign media means that other people actually care about their mass tantrums. Umm, NO. Nonblacks are watching "The Riot Show" as a source of titillation and entertainment. Once they've had their fill of gawking at silly negroes acting out, "The Riot Show" will no longer be featured on White media. Without missing a beat, nonblack Americans will get back to watching American Idol, The Walking Dead, or whatever else is popular on TV these days.

The masses of AAs are so powerless and isolated from every other category of Americans that AA "riot shows" don't affect anybody else. They never have; and they never will. For all practical purposes in terms of impacting other Americans' lives and livelihoods, the AA collective has dropped off the planet and may as well be in outer space.

This is one of many consequences of the mass AA choice to engage in behaviors that have led to permanent underclass status. [Meaning40+ years of: (1) mass out-of-wedlock childbearing and the mass fatherlessness that comes from oow, (2) the refusal to form functioning families based on marriage, (3) new school disdain for education, (4) coddling criminals, (5) refusal to "do for self," (6) refusal to economically support "self" by patronizing Black-owned businesses, etc.]

Regarding the folly of AA women risking their lives to participate in protests and riots in support of Black males who don't (and won't) march for murdered BW, various BW-centric bloggers have discussed this in detail.

African-American Women Who March In Ferguson, Missouri Are Fools With A Death Wish

African-American Women: If You’re Wise, You’ll STAY NEUTRAL In the Police Vs. Black Male Conflict


RACE WOMEN STRIKE AGAIN: When sister soldiering goesWRONG and becomes DANGEROUS

A Prediction Of How Baltimore Will Ultimately End Up If Riots Continue: With A White-Governor-Imposed Emergency Manager Like Detroit

I'll give you a sneak preview of how Baltimore will ultimately end up if this continues: like Detroit. When Whites and other nonblack Americans get tired of indirectly subsidizing and responding to mass AA dysfunction in majority-Black cities (or plurality-Black cities), they start "taking back their stuff." They take back direct control of these cities' public monies; and take back inner city neighborhoods. 

They create laws to appoint emergency managers to snatch political control of these cities' public monies away from irresponsible AA voters, AA mayors and assorted other elected AA officials. The next step is typically to drive out tax-consuming AA residents and bring in more [property] tax-paying nonblack residents (aka gentrification).

This is what happened to Detroit. Atlantic City is next on the Emergency Manager-chopping block. See the Black Agenda Report post Detroit-Style Black Removal Coming to New Jersey. White politicians will hire and use Black professional scavengers like Kevyn Orr as the public face of this process. White-governor-appointed emergency managers will be imposed upon increasing numbers of majority-Black (and plurality-Black) cities in the U.S. as time goes by.

I ain't mad about these emergency managers. Because at the end of the day these outcomes are caused by generation after generation of AA males' refusal to do what every other racial group of men do for their own women and children—protect, provide, problem solve AND produce. Nature won't tolerate a vacuum for very long.

Self-Actualizing AA Women Have Already Disconnected From This Mess And Have Attached Themselves To Productive, Healthier Environments And People In The Outer World.

Self-actualizing women gravitate toward neighborhoods and collectives that offer greater physical safety and security. And away from physically dangerous Blackistans and Blackistanis. Including away from Blackistani rallies, meetings, and riots. The bottom line is that if you're doing what you need to do to thrive as an AA woman in the U.S., then AA riots have no meaningful impact on your life. Because you're not living in Blackistan. You don't socialize in Blackistan. You don't go to Blackistan.

You've attached yourself to healthier people who are doing productive things that matter. And YOU are a healthier, productive person who's busy with productive things. Productive things that help you and your loved ones become more self-sufficient in terms of food, clothing, shelter, energy conservation and self-care.

As was discussed in THIS post, preparedness is the next step after mastering the BWE basics. I've followed some of the "BW should stay neutral" online conversations at BW-centric sites about the current AA Riot Clown Show. But I haven't been following the current riot clown show itself. "Ain't nobody got time for that." I'm busy enjoying life, writing my novels, and checking out the following type of information:

Resources to Learn the Inner and Outer Worlds of Herbalism: Plants, Books, Courses, Lore, and More

Herbal Education

Edible Perennials: Building Your Personal ‘Food Forest’

Tour a Food Forest 4 Months After Planting | Full Course at Organic Life Guru

These urban farmers want to feed the whole neighborhood — for free

Beacon Food Forest Permaculture Project

Saturday, April 18, 2015

This is NOT Legal Advice

I’m an attorney, but nothing I write here or anywhere else online is legal advice. You obtain legal advice by hiring a lawyer. I repeat: The following is NOT legal advice.

A former blog reader brought THIS post to my attention, and I was alarmed by what I read. I’m not one of Christelyn Karazin’s fans. But I don’t have to be one of her fans to care about the safety and well-being of African-American (AA) Black girls in general, including her oldest daughter.

I’m NOT giving legal advice, or any other type of advice in this post. I’m simply mentioning some things that I would do in such a circumstance. I’ll save the scolding and warning for new school AA women until the end of this post. I would:

Document everything this “Internet Ike Turner” has posted online that pertains oneself and one’s family. That means:

·         Taking screenshots, screen captures.

·         Using a media converter to record, I would convert and download any relevant videos this creep has posted online (YouTube, etc.).

·         Printing out any and all menacing emails this creep has sent.

·         And so on in order to gather every bit of evidence possible.
I would do this quickly. Before the creep realizes he might have created legal exposure for himself, and starts deleting these materials.
With the above evidence in hand, I would contact ALL law enforcement authorities in my area. Including the local FBI field office, the county sheriff’s office,  the state police, the local city or suburban police department, the local district attorney’s office, the local city attorney’s office.
It’s nice when blog readers respond to appeals for them to “flag” offensive content, but when you really want this type of problem solved—permanently—it’s often best to go to law enforcement and bring the full force and power of the government crashing down on the online stalkers’ heads.
I would start with law enforcement, because if there’s sufficient evidence of criminal activity, the authorities can and will crack down without a victim having to invest money into seeking justice.
If the authorities feel there’s not enough for them to act upon, my next step would be to see an attorney about any private legal remedies that might be available. The problem is that this means having to spend money to get relief from some creep’s inappropriate behavior.
*Scolding for AA Black Women Who Overshare Online*
This type of harassment is exactly why it’s extremely unwise to overshare personal information online. Y’all don’t seem to comprehend that you’re letting an entire PLANET of unknown freaks into your personal business when you overshare online.
You don’t know anything about the numbers of deranged freaks who lurk on your blogs and listen in to your online conversations. But these freaks know a lot about YOU. Meanwhile, far too many of you young’uns (and older women who should know better) act as if your public online conversations are somehow private.
This [poorly dubbed but still effective in getting the point across] German public service announcement tells the tale about how some of you are letting the world rush into your home through your computer:
I know that my reactions are colored by prior work experience in the legal system. I know that pedophiles (including some of the ones I represented in the past) use those online photos and videos so many of y’all post of your children as shopping catalogs, “wish lists,” and masturbation prompts. Many pedophiles do the same thing with school class photos of underage children.

If you don’t like the idea of your child’s image being used in such a manner, then STOP flossing photos of your kids!

Some of y’all are so caught up in looking for attention, praise, and validation from other readers online that you never stop to consider the dangers involved in giving out so much personal information. Major celebrities have security. You don’t. Your children don’t.

I’m sure many of you have never heard of Asia McGowan (who was murdered by a DBRBM who was spewing hatred toward BW on YouTube. He was spewing hatred in response to her innocuous YouTube videos), but I remember her. See the What About Our Daughters post “YouTube Facebook Murder: Black Woman Slaughtered by CrazedFellow YouTuber and Facebook Stalker-Detroit Police Ignored Warnings byYouTubers” 

I also remember the actress Rebecca Schaeffer, who was murdered by a deranged stalker in 1989. I’ve been security-conscious since the very beginning of my BWE online activism. I have consistently urged other BW online to get serious about safety considerations, including in the context of being a BW blogger. TableTalk For Activists, Part 7: An Open Letter To Black Women Bloggers, You Tubers,And Event Organizers 

I’m not telling you this to scare you. I’m telling you this so you can start making some sensible, well-considered choices about the type and amount of personal information you share online.

Over the years I’ve been horrified to watch how easy so many of y’all make it for a stalker to find you. AND to find your children. In giving out so much personal information, you’re giving deranged individuals options they shouldn’t have. They shouldn’t have the option of deciding whether or not to “reach out and touch you” (or your children) in person.

The easiest way to block freaks from having these kind of options is to deny them access to personal information about yourself and your children. You don't even have to affirmatively do anything. Simply refrain from excess blabbing online; and refrain from posting photos of your kids online. [If you’re willing to take action, you can tell friends and family that you don’t want them posting photos of your children online.]

To those for whom “the shoe fits, I strongly urge you to stop leaving trails of online “breadcrumbs” leading freaks to your homes and your personal lives.

Breukelen Bleu’s (BW Think Tank) recent Facebook post and comment about all of this says it ALL about the permanent nature of conquered BM's hatred for BW. I’m republishing her comment below:

Breukelen Bleu Thats why I did it that way too. Some folk know who I really am and thats fine. But I stopped using my real name and pics cuz these fools out here are a mess and honestly, you cant rely on the black woman collective to have your back. As much as we complain about bm not standing up for us, we dont stand up for each other, either. You put yourself out here tryna help your sistren and when it brings foolishness back to you, you might just find yourself assed out.

Im so glad that Christelyn Russell-Karazin told them niggas to FUCK OFF. SWP has tried to come for me a few times, but we know mutual folk and I sent word that he might not wanna go that route.

I am SO glad that she panned the BEAUTIFUL backdrop of her surroundings at the end of the vid cuz she is right- the problem that these bum negros have is the idea that a DARK SKINNED BLACK AMERICAN WOMAN (not mixed race, not black hispanic, not black foreign or even African), is living well and a white man is helping her do it. The issue that is never really addressed with this so-called 'gender war' within the bc, is that at its core the anger that black males have with us is not about our hair, our attitudes or our looks. Its about their ultimate, visceral and primal HATRED of the Source of their Creation, and their desire to see us be wretched, unloved, uncared for, unprotected...and enslaved to them and their needs. This goes way beyond the emotional - its a PSYCHOLOGICAL pathology that stems from their own anger at being black MEN in a white mans world, with no power and no pride. All the rants and raves are just an excuse. The vitriol speaks to something much greater than black womens supposed affinity to feminism and our love for 'hair hats'. Its comes to a desire to see us HURT, in PAIN and WITHOUT HELP. Every harsh word, mean thought, evil act or abandonment of us and our children, is little more than hatred for themselves. They hate us because we create them and they hate themselves because they have been defeated - and are STILL being defeated. So to see us being validated, vindicated, and living a wonderful live, edified by the very men who they feel have denied them THEIR due, hits them in a primal place that they cant even put words too. Its like a person who was abused as a baby, and cant remember the abuse but acts out because of it. They dont even KNOW why they hate us so much- it cant be reasoned. All the excuses are just covers for something they cant quite name, but feel, desperately. So the ultimate goal is not to dismantle the system that conquered them or the win within the system that oppresses them -

But to destroy THEIR OWN IMAGE by destroying the womb that produced it. Living in patriarchy provides the frame work to hide their particular form of hatred for us. Under the guise of the accepted ideas of Man > woman > child, they are able to push forward their unique agenda of our destruction, which is not simply just the 'folly of male domination' but a fixed and lazer view desire to see BLACK women fail. Its even WORSE than what non-black males have done to us, because we dont BIRTH non-black males. We birth BLACK men and when your OWN Creation turn on you, its about much more than politics or economics. This shit is down to the bone - to the SPIRITUAL level and no amount of 'black love' gone fix it. Unless and until the black male begins to find love for HIMSELF and his own PERSONHOOD, despite his MANHOOD having been compromised within this system, he will continue to work on both the personal and collective level to DESTROY the image of his Mother.


And those who dont actively work to do so, will do so by omittance. They will stand back and allow the more vocal, dangerous and deadly of them, to destroy black women, the black community, and ultimately, themselves. They can talk about the white man all they want. The truth is, their greatest hatred is not of "whitey" - but of the black woman who didnt create them as white men. Its like a child born with AIDs hating their parents for infecting them with AIDS. You hate that you never stood a chance of experiencing live WITHOUT AIDS because your MOTHER gave it to you - its a part of your genetic code. And all the suffereing and stigma you endure because of it, ultimately, goes back to her. For black men, BLACKNESS is a defect. And they hate black women - their black MOTHERS - for infecting them with it. THAT is the thing that is rarely discussed. And until THAT is dealt with, NOTHING will save this race.


So a woman like Christelyn Russell-Karazin, with her beautiful children (including a absolutely GORGEOUS dark skinned daughter who clearly got her beauty from her MOTHER), her wonderful husband, her successful career as a blogger and leader in the BW Swirl Movement, not having to slave away at a stressful 9-5 and not having to model STRUGGLE as the vanguard of what it means to be black and female...

THAT is the ULTIMATE betrayal to them. How DARE we black women thrive in the system that keeps bm losing? How DARE we not simply wither and die on the vine while they mentally, emotionally, economically, romantically and genetically abandon us in our communities? How DARE we live the good life, with beautiful settings in good zip codes where our children wont have to go through metal detectors and get sniffed by police dogs just get into school? How DARE we decide that we will find the love, honor, respect and ELEVATION that they have denied us - elsewhere? THIS is the ultimate sin for a black woman, because it lets bm know that we will not agree to this arrangement of one sided loyalty and hatred from the very sons WE birth - and we will not agree that we are unworthy, unlovable and unappealing. We will not CONFIRm their hatred of us, by hating ourselves. THAT is what bothers them most about black women like Christelyn.

So guess what? In the end, THE BEST REVENGE IS SUCCESS (and maybe throwing some bad mojo their way, but thats another discussion. LOL) and when black women WIN! it totally undoes their ability to destroy us;

Our image. Our bodies. Our minds. Our babies. Our souls.

There is a scene in the movie, Sankofa, where a man who was the product of rape of black slave woman by a white man, so full of self hatred because of his lot in life as a mixed race slave who DESPERATELY wanted the freedom, power and position of the white man, KILLS his own mother in a fit of rage and psychological breakdown. He HATED her for creating HIS suffering, by the meer fact that she BIRTHED him.

THIS is what i believe is actually fueling this 'gender war' in the black community. And because of it, no matter HOW much black women lean in and try to be there for black men, we will NEVER be redeemed by them. Only the act of turning away MIGHT stimulate them to realize what they are losing. They are afflicted with a mass MENTAL ILLNESS. You cannot 'love' a mental pathology away. And you cannot 'love' a psychotic who is running at you with a knife. You must remove yourself from them to save yourself. And after you do so, life doesnt end. You move on and strive to THRIVE because you are WORTHY, even if they arent.

I am SO glad she SHOWED her success ON CAMERA. Because i can GUARANTEE you, NONE of the fools who support SWP lives look ANYTHING remotely close to what her day to day life looks like. If it did, they wouldnt have time to sit and create thousands of videos coming for us. They'd be too busy living and loving their fabulous lives, with their devoted wives, adoring children and beautiful legacy.