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Y’all UNprotected, DISrespected African-American Black Women Better Stop Caping For Cross-Dressing Men, Part 2

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Here are a couple of comments that I made to the excellent discussion that One Less Soldier is hosting in the comments to THIS post over at her blog Not Your Girl Friday.
Khadija Nassif

Yep, that about sums it up.

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Dystopia Now, Part 4: Get Away From Atlanta & Keep Your Daughters Away From Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Pestilence (infectious disease) is often described as the first horseman of the apocalypse in Christian eschatology

In the comment section to THIS post from 2009, I mentioned a disastrous equation that was becoming entrenched since 2004. That’s over a decade ago. Here’s the equation:
Gender imbalance that favors BM students at HBCUs [According to Understanding Gender at Public Historically Black Colleges and Universities: A Special Report of the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, Inc., “Females are a majority (63%) of the total number of students enrolled at the 45 public Historically Black Colleges and Universities. . .” pg. 10.]---

+ the resulting increased amounts of man-sharing by BW students on these campuses

+ Washington, DC replacing San Francisco as an HIV/AIDs capital (so dating BM from off-campus in DC is also HIGH-risk given the epidemic conditions there)

+ the inherent homophobia of the AA community, particularly the Black South where the bulk of these HBCUs are located

+ the resulting increased closeted, “down low” behaviors by a percentage of BM students who might feel freer to self-identify as gay/bisexual if they weren't at HBCUs

+ a spike in HIV infection rates among Black students that was briefly reported on in 2004

+ fewer “degrees of social separation” between AA college students/graduates and HIV+ jailbirds and drug addicts

= HBCUs becoming HIV/AIDS magnets and centers (“Black colleges seek to stem HIV cases”)!
Here are a few comments from that 2009 blog post conversation:
KM said...
Honestly, the same problem is going on at PWIs (I attended one), its just greater at HBCUs. I went to a BCS football school and the percentage of black students was close to 5% of the total student population and the female/male ratio was 60-40. (Mind you, the overall female/male ratio was 46-54 in favor of men.)

So, if you wanted to date in the BC (which I didn't because even though I didn't know of the BWE blogs back then, I DID know who was asking me out on real dates (WM) and I chose that over being asked out to hook up (BM)), and once you took out the out gay men, there were 3 women to 1 man. Then the men who were already dating out, that reduced the number to 4 to 1.

So women were competing to see who could do splits, hang on the ceiling fan, anything to keep a black man. People who would tell me that they wouldn't ever have sex w/o a condom but then would be pregnant within months b/c they didn't insist on one b/c they wanted to keep their man. Threesomes, getting trains ran on, etc. only to get that HIV test and show up HIV+. Knowing full well who were on the DL but still having sex with them. Then even though it was a rural school, there was still a remnant of the Black criminal element that managed to find their way up there (only to get arrested sooner rather than later b/c the police up there didn't play) and some BW got entangled with them.

BW are playing Russian Roulette with their sexual lives and their health (physical and mental). If any of you have female daughters about to go to college, PLEASE educate them because no matter where you go now, its real and these dangers are out there. And I'm doing my part by talking with the young ladies I know from church and at work about what is going on. Knowledge is power.
Khadija said...

You said, "Honestly, the same problem is going on at PWIs (I attended one), its just greater at HBCUs."

This is true. Here's the SIGNIFICANT difference between the 2 scenarios: On HBCUs, BF students are marooned with no real dating alternatives other than the BM students that they outnumber. Meanwhile, at PWI there ARE literally thousands of other men to choose from---there ARE alternatives---that is, if these young women would simply drop the "nuthin' but a BM" programming.

You said, "and once you took out the out gay men, there were 3 women to 1 man. Then the men who were already dating out, that reduced the number to 4 to 1.

So women were competing to see who could do splits, hang on the ceiling fan, anything to keep a black man. People who would tell me that they wouldn't ever have sex w/o a condom but then would be pregnant within months b/c they didn't insist on one b/c they wanted to keep their man. Threesomes, getting trains ran on, etc. only to get that HIV test and show up HIV+. Knowing full well who were on the DL but still having sex with them."

This is what "nuthin' but a BM" ultimately leads to for AA women.

You said, "BW are playing Russian Roulette with their sexual lives and their health (physical and mental). If any of you have female daughters about to go to college, PLEASE educate them because no matter where you go now, its real and these dangers are out there."

Yes. And these risks are GREATLY INCREASED at HBCUs due to the "nuthin' but a BM"-desperation dynamics that you described in detail.
You better recognize that you CAN’T trust anybody except yourself—especially not Black men (including gay BM activists)—to act in a responsible manner regarding HIV/AIDs

As I said in another post from 2009:
Many Gay Black Male Activists Are SOLELY Focused On Avoiding Accountability For Their Group's Part In The Spread of HIV/AIDS---They DON'T Care About Public Health Or Safety
It's been disturbing to see that many gay Black male activists don't seem to comprehend the ethical insanity of down low gay men deceiving women, using them as involuntary cover stories, and thereby endangering these women's lives without their knowledge. Let's get real: Most women across the board are not going to insist upon their husbands wearing condoms. Period. The only thing many gay Black male activists are focused on is ducking and dodging having any level of accountability for this plague being assigned to gay/bisexual Black men.
I've read all sorts of utterly irresponsible statements from gay Black male commenters and activists. I'll just mention one such activist named Keith Boykin. I read his book Beyond The Down Low: Sex, Lies, and Denial in Black America. His book is basically several hundred pages of "Don't blame us gay/bisexual Black men for being involved in spreading this plague." Read the following essay to get the flavor of the book. 10 Things You Should Know About the DL
No matter what the issue (violent crime, drug addiction, etc.), irresponsible African-American "thinkers" consistently argue that focusing on elimating our own destructive behavior is a distraction from the so-called REAL issue. And somehow the so-called "real" issue is always something that is outside of our control. This posture of ducking and dodging any responsibility for the negative results caused by negative behaviors is a tradition. It's a tradition with African-American males, and the African-American collective in general. Protecting an image is more important than the African-American lives that are lost. This posture is ethically insane.
The “AIDS faces” are going to make a comeback in the not-too-distant future

I was in high school and college during the 1980s.

I saw AIDS wipe out an entire generation of gay men of all races and those straight African-Americans (and others) who got caught up in that plague.

I saw the 1994 [M]Essence cover story featuring Rae Lewis-Thornton’s struggle with HIV/AIDS. That poor woman has been suffering ever since.

I saw how Blacks had NO organized, effective, or even honest mass response to the AIDS plague. 

I saw how Black activists were more interested in passively discussing conspiracy theories than in mobilizing to (1) help afflicted Black folks or (2) protesting to speed up the search for medication and a cure. 

During the 1980s and 1990s, I saw how White gay men (such as playwright and activist Larry Kramer) in groups such as ACT-UP were the only demographic consistently speaking out and protesting to speed up the medical research needed to invent HIV/AIDS medications. 

I can’t emphasize enough that  Black folks living with HIV/AIDS (including straight Blacks) owe the (mostly White) gays who participated in ACT-UP a great debt. These medications wouldn't have been as available without their efforts. And I don't recall seeing or hearing of many Black gays participating in those initiatives. 

I remember what friends and I at the time referred to as the “AIDS faces” [facial lipoatrophy] and the wasted away-scarecrow-like “AIDS look” that many of the infected people had during that era.

All of this was before there were the modern “facial filler” cosmetic surgeries and modern medications that help HIV/AIDS-infected persons maintain a more or less normal facial appearance. 

Medical care is expensive. During an era of economic decline, many medications and procedures become too expensive for the average person. 

Unfortunately, I expect those “AIDS faces” to make a comeback in the not-too-distant future. If you’re wise, you’ll take preventive action right now to make sure you and your loved ones never have “AIDS faces.” 

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For The Record, Prince Was An Early Pioneer In ERASING Full-Black Women From Movies, Music & Music Videos

It's been mildly amusing in real life watching so many African-American Black women (AABW) mourn the passing of Prince.

Because throughout his career, he made d*mn sure than any woman who got some sort of meaningful "come up" or career boost off of him were either biracial, Latina and/or White women (including White lesbians like Wendy and Lisa)! In other words, anything except full-Black women. And certainly not dark-skinned full-Black women.

The only difference between Prince and the modern day Black males who erase Black women is that Prince was always silent about it. He didn't publicly say anything that was anti-BW (he wasn't doing a lot of public talking in general). But his DECADES-LONG ACTIONS said everything that needed to be said.

As a college girl, once I saw that Prince was falsely portraying himself as biracial when he was NOT (in his movie Purple Rain), and took note of how colorstruck and racist he was in terms of the women he surrounded himself with, I was done with him. I'll note that according to some of the accounts I've seen over the past couple of days, he also discriminated against dark-skinned Black men, such as Alexander O'Neal (who is currently a drug addict, but I don't know if he was an addict back in that day). [Edited to add: Not that I care about Alexander O'Neal. I don't. My point is that there was an anti-Black pattern to Prince's hiring and promotional practices.]

Nevertheless, everyone's mileage will vary. I'm just saying why I'm not broken up over Prince's passing.

Various receipts in these Lipstick Alley threads:

Loved myself some prince - but did he love me back?

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“Perpetually Surprised”

I’ve been laughing while reading these articles: 

I saw the pilot episode for this series, and didn't bother watching any more episodes because I *knew* what would ultimately happen to the pretty and feminine Black woman lead character. She would be:
  • made unattractive in some way, and/or 
  • sidelined into becoming a bit character, and/or 
  • removed altogether from the show. 

It's an old pattern with White entertainment products. An old pattern that really shouldn't be a surprise to anybody at this point in time.

Evia, blog host of Black Female Interracial Marriage was the one who coined the phrase “perpetually surprised” to describe the willful cluelessness of many AA women. 

The *perpetually surprised*are typically extremely arrogant in their refusal to learn and practice discernment. 

The pattern with *perpetually surprised* AA Black women (AABW) is the same across all topics: they get angry with those of us who ask questions and engage in fact checking and critical thinking. These days, I chuckle when I see them cluck about various extremely predictable events multiple BWE and BW-centric writers warned them about YEARS ago. Such as the folly of watching and supporting these TV shows.


Y’all were told in several of my posts 2.5 years ago, including THIS one (emphasis added in red bold):
Sojourners know that the traditional opening strategy for many upstart, minimal-quality cable TV networks is to pimp the AA consumer zombies. These networks use cheap, low-quality Black-oriented programming to build an initial audience of faithful AA consumer zombies.
After establishing a stable base audience of AA consumer zombie-viewers, the cable network uses the financial base created by AA slave viewers to develop more expensive programming designed to appeal to their true target audience: White viewers. 

Once the new network develops a stable of programs favored by a sizeable audience of White viewers, the network then discards the AA consumer zombies and the Black-oriented shows used to attract AA consumer zombies. The network throws the slaves away like yesterday's trash. Two good examples of this strategy are the WB Television Network and UPN. From the Wikipedia entry about the WB Television Network (emphasis in bold):
The network's first programs were mostly sitcoms targeted at an ethnically black audience, though several series during the network's first five years were also targeted at families. 

Even though four of the five shows that debuted in the netlet's first nine months – The Wayans Bros.Unhappily Ever After,The Parent 'Hood and Sister, Sister (the latter of which was picked up by the network after being cancelled by ABC) – were renewed beyond the first year, none of them made a significant impact. The WB expanded its programming on Sunday nights for the 1995–1996 season, but none of the new shows (including the Kirk Cameron vehicle Kirk and night-time soap opera Savannah) managed to garner much viewing interest.

From the Wikipedia entry about UPN (emphasis in bold):
Other notable UPN programs during the network's existence included The SentinelMoeshaStar Trek: EnterpriseWWE Smack DownAmerica's Next Top ModelGirlfriends, the Moesha spin-off The Parkers,Veronica Mars and Everybody Hates Chris. In the summer of 2005, UPN aired R U the Girl, in which R&B group TLC searched for a woman to join them on a new song. The network also produced some special programs, including 2001's Iron Chef USAFrom 1996 to 2006, much of UPN's comedy programming for the remainder of the network's run (particularly those seen on the network's Monday evening lineup) was largely aimed at African-American audiences (with minor exceptions in shows such as CluelessDiResta and Head Over Heels).
Like I said, the Sojourners know better than to watch the type of mess that the typical AA consumer zombie is watching. But one lingering issue I’ve noticed even among the Sojourners is that many of us are still consuming too much media. At the end of the day, media consumption is a passive activity. It’s the inferior experience of watching somebody else play tennis as opposed to playing tennis yourself.
The greater rewards in life come from spending less time in passive activities, and more time actively living life.  
Y’all were told in a series of posts 3 YEARS AGO by One Less Soldier over at her excellent blog Not Your Girl Friday, including the post, The Dance Is Over and You Don’t Owe Them A Thing:BWiF 104:
The Dance is Over….
And I hate to break it to you when black women got dressed up oh so pretty. But really…. The dance is over.  If you don’t know what  I’m talking about, who I ‘m talking to, I’m talking to the black women who have decided to “wait it out” concerning fair and even media portrayals that don’t screw black women over or let them “feel good” about themselves in the outcome.
Yes… l hate to break it to you but the Dance Is over.   What I mean is, the time when everyone sat down to fight for their seats at the table is over, the dye has been cast and at this moment in time it’s highly unlikely that the band is going to continue playing.
The punch is gone and everyone is heading towards the exits.
It’s a concept that I don’t think many black women understand as they’ve been trained to go down with the ship like it’s loyal captain.  For a lot of black women, I continually see them haunting forums, brigading twitters, lining up on Facebook fan pages to complain to the writers/producers/networks/fans about the mistreatment of black women overall in the media.  These black women believe that there is some fight left, some accomplishments to be gained by perpetually wasting their time writing article after article after article about how they wish black women would be given a fair chance in the media and how yet again they are being portrayed heavy handedly, while they hope against hope that things will change if they can just get other people to care.
. . .This isn’t going to happen.  The band has in fact finished their last set and the balloons are being deflated as we speak. When it was time to “carve up” who was going to get any good portrayal in the media( and  we know who these went to See recent minority casting on Downtown Abbey and note what gender the black character will be ) groups other than ourselves. Black women were simply left off the ballot when it was time to vote for prom court.
But why are you telling me this onelesssoldier?
Well I’m telling you all of this so you can stop wasting your time holding out hope. I’m doing this so you can pack up and take your money/time/ resources/ portrayals elsewhere so you can stop being treated as the court jester of television while you support your own mass degradation. Basically I’ll be the designated driver that makes sure you’ll get home safely.
As the designated driver I will point out that there is largely no use in trying to appeal to these forums to try and get a slice of the pie for black women in the “mainstream” media.  We’ve seen from my last post that the people who are in charge of black women’s portrayals are fully aware of what they are doing and in fact enjoy doing it. 
In the post Entertainment for the Progressively Neutral Black Woman : BWiF 105, One Less Soldier gave suggestions regarding alternative media products. Check it out.

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Dystopia Now, Part 3: Surviving & Thriving Are Time-Sensitive

The ability to thrive—and in some circumstances, the ability to survive at all—are almost always based on time-sensitive information, choices, and most of all, ACTIONS. People who take action early almost always have options that won’t exist later on for the folks who waited to take action. This is a timeless pattern that usually marks the difference between those who live and those who suffer and die during times of turmoil and crisis. 

I’ve talked about this before in the comment section of various blog posts over the years:
. . . But the warning that I'm giving with this post goes beyond Pres. Obama's failings. It's about AAs' overall TOTAL lack of preparation. Most of us are complacent in our Obama-delerium. I'm not going to talk politics at the new site, so this post is one of my last public warnings about these issues.

Throughout history, no matter what the negative event, there have always been the smaller group of people who were relatively safe and comfortable while the masses of their group suffered and often died. 

The European Jews who fled various European countries EARLIER in the rise of the German Nazi regime survived. The Bosnians and others who left Yugoslavia EARLY in the civil war fared better than those who hung around long enough to end up in mass graves.

Preparation versus a lack of preparation is what usually separates the two groups. The key to survival is to respond at the first hint of a serious problem. And not wait until the problem is fully developed before you take it seriously. Right now, AAs have lulled themselves into an even deeper coma than usual with the Obama-ssiah delirium. Most of us are in denial, and won't perceive a serious problem brewing until we see the equivalent of a mushroom cloud exploding over our heads.

The AA collective is in a state that is comparable to that of Haiti's physical infrastructure---the foundations of AAs' economic survival are so flimsy and fragile that the slighest disruption will lead to many of us being out in the streets. And unlike the earlier Great Depression, modern AAs DON'T have stable family ties that we can depend on for help in a time of crisis. Especially not during a time of prolonged crisis.

There are some problems looming on the horizon that AAs as a collective are totally unprepared for. 

Close-knit, FAMILY-ORIENTED, prepared collectives like the Mormons and the Amish will make it no matter what happens. For those who don't know, the Mormon Church REQUIRES each Mormon household to stockpile a year's supply of food, water, and other essentials. Just in case.

To all who are reading: If you choose not to prepare, and choose not to respond to the warning signals about various situations, rest assured that there WON'T be any particular mercy or concern for you once the "flood waters" rise above your heads. 

Think quick: Before the Haiti earthquake, when was the last time YOU thought about the still-suffering people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast? Yeah, that's what I thought.

In the modern-day US where AAs are NO LONGER the largest minority population: Ain't nobody else thinkin' about AAs or our problems! 

Do you think Telemundo or the other Spanish-language stations broadcasting in the US will be talking about AAs' problems/concerns? Especially during a prolonged crisis? NO, and neither will the "mainstream" so-called news outlets.

People, Get Ready.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.
While replying to a comment by Evia (blog host of Black Female Interracial Marriage Ezine), I said:
Khadija said...
Hello there, Evia!

I 100% co-sign your latest comment. It's been disturbing to see the level of resistance to the various alarms that have been shouted. It has also been disturbing to realize that many BW are reading our essays as a form of recreation. Meanwhile, the things we've been talking about are a matter of LIFE & DEATH.

Right now, I'm reading a book called Defiance. I think the movie version is coming out this month. It's about Polish Jews who run away from their homes & hide from the Nazis in the forests of their country.

Over the years, I've read several books by & about Holocaust survivors and people who lived through the communal slaughter in the former Yugoslavia. I've noticed a pattern in both categories of accounts.

Most people wait until it's too late to acknowledge reality. The survivors interviewed in Defiance mention many cases where, even AFTER hearing about how the Jews living in a neighboring city were rounded up & murdered, other Jews refused to believe that the same thing would be done to them!

The people who were in denial stayed in place. They were killed.

Sadly, the human pattern is the same when it comes to genocide-level problems. Most people cling to the facade of normal life until things are so drastic that there's no room to pretend anymore. At which point, it's usually too late.

And so it is with many of the Black women who are reading our essays.

Evia, you & I (and some others) can clearly see what's coming next for most BW in this country. As you put it, "the demise." I know it sounds hysterical to say it out loud in public, but I have to. That way my conscience will be clear in the future. I will know that I did all that I could to save as many BW's lives as possible.

The survival pattern is also the same: Regarding the Jewish Holocaust, and ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia and Iraq, those people who took heed of early warning signals had a better chance of surviving. Those who clung to denial had worse odds of surviving.

The South Vietnamese who were trying to scramble onto the American military helicopters waited too long to get out. Evia, I would urge folks to watch some YouTube videos of this evacuation & then re-read some of your essays about getting out NOW.
This is how it went for the South Vietnamese who waited until the last days of the Vietnam War to evacuate Saigon:

Here's a street scene in Sarajevo during the break-up of Yugoslavia. I wonder about people like the gentleman in the trenchcoat who's strolling around as shots ring out at around 0:29 into the video. It's impossible to tell if that semi-casual stroll was the result of bravery or trauma (or both).

Here's another street scene from that era in Sarajevo, this time while they're putting up barricades to provide cover for the civilians. At 0:19, you see why they needed the barricades.

From the Wikipedia entry about Sniper Alley:
"Sniper Alley" (BosnianCroatian and SerbianSnajperska aleja / Снајперска алеја) was the informal name primarily forUlica Zmaja od Bosne (Улица Змаја од Босне; Dragon of Bosnia Street), the main boulevard in Sarajevo which during theBosnian War was lined with snipers' posts, and became infamous as a dangerous place for civilians to traverse. The road connects the industrial part of the city (and further on, Sarajevo Airport) to the Old Town's cultural and historic sites. The boulevard itself has many high-rise buildings giving sniper shooters extensive fields of fire.[1]
Mountains surrounding the city were also used for sniper positions, providing a safe distance and giving an excellent view on the city and its traffic. Although the city was under constant Serb siege, its people still had to move about the city in order to survive, thus routinely risking their lives. Signs reading "Pazi – Snajper!" ("Watch out – Sniper!") became common. People would either run fast across the street or would wait for United Nations armored vehicles and walk behind them, using them as shields. According to data gathered in 1995, the snipers wounded 1,030 people and killed 225 - 60 of whom were children.
Here are the sniper screens the city put up (to block the snipers' view of the pedestrians), and civilians walking behind UN armored vehicles in order to cross the street:

I've posted these videos so you can see that this is not an abstract or theoretical topic. Things got really R-E-A-L for the people who waited too long to try to leave Saigon and Sarajevo. 

As Homestead Glamour Girl (blog host of My Place In The Sun) mentioned in reference to WWII Germany during a recent email conversation we had about current events, “It wasn't peace and happiness one day and gas chambers the next.” 

She's right. These horrific situations build up over time. Those folks who assume that problems will solve themselves or simply blow over usually “get got,” and they also go through a LOT of suffering along the way.

Today's Get Back To Basics Suggestion

As I’ve said throughout this series of posts, I’m not saying all of the above to scare you. I’m saying this to reiterate the core message of my book and two blogs:

You can thrive (and not just survive) during this time of collapse if you GET BACK TO BASICS.

Do what you can to position yourself to live well regardless of who is in office.

Today's Get Back To Basics Suggestion—Read “When You Should Not Adapt In Place” by Sharon Astyk.


As I said in THIS post,

For many African-American women and their children, where they are living and what they’re doing is not viable in any long-term sense.
This applies on many different levels. For example, I know that with each year that passes, I’m becoming less tolerant of subzero Midwestern winters (even though I’m originally from Chicago). I also know that heating and other subzero weather-related costs will continue to rise. I won’t want to spend that kind of money on staying warm when I’m a senior citizen. So, I know I need to make some adjustments to my lifestyle—such as moving to an area that’s more livable year-round—while: (1) I’m still young enough to do so fairly easily; (2) before anything happens that forces me to make those kind of major adjustments; and (3) before anything happens that makes these desired adjustments impossible. The point is to get as optimally situated as possible for the long run.


Let me give some climate change-related examples. From The Archdruid Report:
Rising seas? You can watch that in action in low-lying coastal regions anywhere in the world, but for a convenient close-up, pay a visit to Miami Beach, Florida. You’ll want to do that quickly, though, while it’s still there. Sea levels off Florida have been rising about an inch a year, and southern Florida, Miami Beach included, is built on porous limestone.  These days, as a result, whenever an unusually high tide combines with a strong onshore wind, salt water comes bubbling up from the storm sewers and seeping right out of the ground, and the streets of Miami Beach end up hubcap-deep in it. Further inland,seawater is infiltrating the aquifer from which southern Florida gets drinking water, and killing plants in low-lying areas near the coast.
See the article cited, The Siege of Miami.” A commenter to another Archdruid Report post said the following:
Pinku-Sensei said...
"According to recent reports, state government officials in Florida are being forbidden from using the phrase “climate change” when discussing the effects of, whisper it, climate change."

That reminds me of a story from three years ago when a group of legislators in North Carolina tried to essentially outlaw honest estimates of sea level rise because they would be bad for real estate values. My response to that was I didn't know Canute was the King of North Carolina. The difference is that the real King Canute knew better; he just wanted to make a point about the limits of his power. A better analog would be Xerxes, who ordered the sea be given 300 lashes, fettered, and branded after a boat bridge across the Hellespont was destroyed by a storm.

As for the irony of Florida doing this when the state has been warned it needs to prepare for climate change, I've seen signs of climate chaos there first-hand. When my wife and I went to Florida to see our daughter for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, we drive down Route A1A, the coastal highway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The northbound lanes were closed because they were covered by sea water, as the waves had eaten away the beach and the seawall. The odd part was there was no onshore wind and no storms offshore. I knew that climate change had a part in it, but it took months for me to find out that the sea had risen about a foot because the Gulf Stream had slowed down. That's exactly the kind of thing that could happen as the temperature gradient flattens out.
Which leads me to another point I've repeatedly discussed at my blogs: 

The importance of developing location-independent/portable income streams. It's best to have a way to earn money that's not dependent on you living in any particular place.

I would strongly urge you to check out the portable income course that Mrs. Dee Dee Lefrak of Black Women With Other Brothers recommends in THIS Facebook post.

Surviving and thriving are time-sensitive. Don't sleep on any of this.