Monday, March 23, 2015

Friends With Benefits (FWB) = Pump & Dump

Forty-plus years of mass fatherlessness (created by mass out-of-wedlock childbearing) has created mass mental illness, derangement and depravity among modern-day African-Americans (AAs). This mass mental illness is manifested by legions of new-school AAs being totally out of touch with human norms.

I applaud the patience Mrs. Dee Dee Russell-Lefrak demonstrates in the comments to THIS Facebook post, because I can’t be bothered talking to Suffering Yet Hard-headed AA Women anymore. These days, I simply step over and around such women.
Part of what has gone horribly wrong among the masses of modern day (mostly fatherless) AAs is that they give pleasing names to ugly circumstances. Such as this “Friends With Benefits” terminology. All of which really boils down to a woman allowing herself to be Pumped & Dumped.

{rhetorical question} What [non-prostitute] woman in her right mind SIGNS UP to be pumped and dumped??!!??

Some of the silly pro-FWB talk in the comments to Dee Dee's post would be comical if the consequences and generations of AA suffering caused by this mess weren’t so severe and extreme.
I mean, really now . . . males are never confused about THEIR interests. The typical straight male is looking to have free sex without any commitment, accountability or responsibility. For as long as possible, and with as many different women as possible. In other words, the typical male is looking to pump and dump for as long as possible—unless and until he runs across a woman that he desires enough to want to take her off the market by marrying her.
What I notice is that throughout each historical era since the 1960s, men never repudiate their basic “pump and dump” urges. Instead, it’s silly women who are buying into a series of slogans that make it convenient for men to pump and dump them. Slogans like “free love,” “sex-positive,” and “friends with benefits.”
Silly, gullible women—and their fatherless, out-of-wedlock children—pay the price for buying into these pro-pump & dump slogans. Most AA social problems stem from AA women allowing themselves to be freely pumped & dumped instead of having basic standards for engaging in physical intimacy.

Let’s just call situations what they are:

baby mama = pumped & dumped woman who had an out-of-wedlock (oow)(typically fatherless) child

food stamps = charity food assistance for mostly pumped & dumped women and their oow (typically fatherless) spawn

Section 8 = charity hell-hole housing filled with pumped & dumped women and their oow (typically fatherless) spawn

food insecurity = a frequent feature of the pumped & dumped lifestyle

poverty = a feature of the pumped & dumped lifestyle

violent, feral BM = the fatherless, oow spawn of pumped & dumped BW

“programs” = financial, mentoring and assorted other charity support intended to compensate for the missing husband and father that is built into the pumped & dumped lifestyle

“Chiraq,””Kill-a-delphia,””Blackistan,” etc.  = dangerous, violent slums filled with pumped & dumped BW and their fatherless, oow spawn

Anyhoo, if you’re smart, you’ll listen to what Dee Dee is telling you about this Friends With Benefits mess.

She’s telling some of y’all things that your older BW relatives should have told you (and had a duty to tell you) but didn’t.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Health Is Wealth, Part 2: Get Out Of The African-American Echo Chamber

STAY OUT Of The African-American Echo Chamber

In this post, I’m only talking to those African-American women who are serious about surviving and thriving in the future.
NOT those women in the BWE reading audience who are reading these posts as entertainment-only. While they refuse to take action on any of the life-saving and life-enhancing strategies that have been discussed over the years at various BWE and Common Sense blogs.
I’ve been working on my next novel and ramping up the time I spend writing (I hope to one day reach what Dean Wesley Smith has called “pulp speed”), so I’ll be taking a break from reading much of anything online that’s outside my writing-related materials. Before I do that, here are some things I’d like you to consider.
Most of all, stay OUT of the “mainstream” African-American (AA) echo chamber if you’re serious about surviving and thriving in the future. New school AAs have a suicidal habit of coming together in verbal “circle jerks” to cheerlead, support, and affirm each other’s dysfunction.
You hear the mainstream AA echo chamber in effect when morbidly obese AA women come together to call each other “curvy” and cheerlead each other’s obesity. You hear it in the AAs who celebrate and affirm the Bastard Baby Lifestyle. You hear the AA echo chamber in the many self-defeating things* AAs celebrate and affirm.
The first step in achieving any sort of health (physical, financial, emotional, spiritual) is to stay FAR AWAY from the AA echo chamber.
Preparedness Is The Next Step After Mastering The BWE Basics
Sometime back, a commenter named Rhonda Marie gave some excellent commentary on Breukelen Bleu’s Facebook page about this. In part, Rhonda Marie said (emphasis in bold):
"Most of my life centers around self-sufficiency. That's why I homeschool, why I'm working on building a homestead, and why I'm into prepping. If you've read Muslim Bushido or paid attention to the things brought up by Breukelen Bleu and several others, you'll see why this is very necessary.
Few BW will be able to survive in the coming years, simply because they lack basic living skills. They don't know how to cook and bake from scratch, put food by, wouldn't be able to tell you how to get along without a washing machine, can't do basic first aid, sew or mend clothing, don't know how to fish or hunt, or how to live well without electricity, sanitation systems, and running water.
For BW who have already moved past the basics of BWE, self-sufficiency and learning survival skills should be the next step.
As always, the internet is a great resource. Here's some of my favorite homesteaders and preppers on YouTube:
2 Guyz Fishing -

- Good if you need to get used to the idea of hunting and fishing, or want to learn more about gear.

BexarPrepper -

Demcad -

- He keeps on top of events, and actually made the move from Detroit to Kentucky this past year so that he could prepare and be more self-sufficient. He's divested from the BC and is self first. Imagine that...a Black male doing exactly what Black women need to do.
John/jnull0 -

- A really positive guy who is a REAL man. He takes care of his disabled wife, kids, and keeps their homestead going while prepping. He also has some good recipes and food prep advice, and has some videos of how to prepare/eat game.
Growing Your Greens -

- All about the ins and outs of organic gardening.

Noreen's Kitchen -

- A good stop if you need to learn from scratch cooking, baking, and learn about food preps.

Beverly/Our Half Acre Homestead -

- She's a Canadian living with her husband on 1/2 an acre. They raise animals, farm, and she has good from scratch recipes.

Linda's Pantry -

- I've known how to can food for most of my life, but once I started watching Linda's channel, I took it to another level. She has THE best canning videos IMO, and her recipes for canning haven't failed me yet.
After looking through that list, I don't want to hear any of you ask why there's no Black women on it. It's because we're damn near non-existent in this realm, and I shouldn't have to explain why that's the case at this point.
Look through their video archives, start small, work on what you can, and prepare in any way that you can. It's great that we're now aware and have decided to divest from the BC. Preparedness and self-sufficiency are the next steps that I feel are essential for Black women in the coming years."
Rhonda Marie is correct, and I deeply appreciate her taking the time to break it down like that and list all those resources. THANK YOU, Rhonda Marie!
Over the next few days, instead of watching the same gibberish mainstream AAs are watching, I would strongly urge you to sit down with your loved ones and watch THIS docudrama ("After Armageddon") which aired on The History Channel a few years back. The interviews with experts discussing various practical aspects of preparedness and survival are priceless.

Start with learning a new skill that looks like fun! {smile}

[*A Word About Made-Up, Invented, New School AA Names

You also hear the AA echo chamber in the AAs who celebrate and affirm the practice of giving their children names that consist of: (1) random syllables strung together; (2) car, perfume, and liquor brand names; (3) medication names, etc. Such persons have the claim that such naming practices represent AA culture.

NO, they represent Bastard Baby Lifestyle, Welfare Recipient Lifestyle, Mass Oppositional Defiant Disorder practices that began at the point in time 45-50 years ago (mid- to late 1960s) when the AA family structure began falling apart. These literally cursed, made-up, invented names are a toxic side effect of the rise of mass out of wedlock (OOW) childbearing among AAs. These made-up names are rooted in—and intertwined with—the final death of the intact AA family. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is why those names are under a curse.

A name is an important thing. On all sorts of spiritual and material levels. Slapping together random syllables reflects zero understanding of (or respect for) the value of a good name. For nominally Christian AA slaves to pretend like they don’t know this very BASIC point is . . . peculiar: 

 “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” Proverbs 22:1 King James Version (KJV)
“A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth. Ecclesiastes 7:1 King James Version (KJV)

It should be obvious that random syllables slapped together are not good names. Car brand names are not good names. Liquor brands are not good names. At least Muslim AA slaves tend to know better than to give their children “names” consisting of random, made-up syllables. Or auto and liquor brand names. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would change a new Muslim’s name if their original name had negative connotations to it.
American criminal court dockets, child welfare court dockets and delinquency court dockets are jam-packed with made-up, invented names. What I always found interesting when I did those sorts of cases is that just from the sound you can almost always tell the difference between a made-up, invented ghetto name and a real name that’s foreign and totally unfamiliar (many of the caseworkers involved in child welfare cases are 3rd world immigrants from Latin America, India and Africa). Made-up, invented names have a very different “vibe” emanating from them than real names.
I find the argument offensive that these made-up, random-syllables-strung-together names reflect actual AA culture. I’m tired of AA slaves lifting up artifacts of their slavery (such as slavery-based cuisine such as chitlins, etc.) and pretending that these toxic things--which are rooted in LACK—are treasures. As if our ancestors who were suffering as slaves actually preferred to eat the cast-off portions of meat. If they had a choice, I'm sure they would've chosen to eat "high on the hog" and not pig's intestines and pig's feet.
These made-up names are rooted in LACK:
·         in the cultural self-respect void created by stolen and erased African names +
·         modern AAs’ refusal to pick up authentic African languages, cuisine, and names +
·         the mass OOW childbearing-based disintegration of the AA family unit.
I hate to in any way agree with the notion that AAs lack a cultural base. Nevertheless, these made-up names are a manifestation of not having a strong or intact cultural base of our own. Frankly, as a collective, AAs had more dignity when all of us were wearing the European slave master-derived names.
Which brings me to another reason I call bs on referring to this ghetto mess as “AA names”---Because these same people KEEP their White slave master-derived surnames. Anybody who’s truly dissatisfied with wearing their European former slave masters’ names would drop ALL of those names. You'd drop every single one of those Western names that you didn't get by way of your own personal marriage to a White man.

Slapping a made-up, invented name or a legitimate African or Muslim name in front of your former White slave master’s European surname is a bad joke. Nobody else respects that.
At the end of the day, only those folks who have the (current buzz word) “infrastructure” of their own can afford to do their own thing. Those who are dependent on others—oh, like 99.99% of AAs—will continue to pay a price for having these wacky, made-up names.
I give Asian immigrants credit for being smart. Much smarter than Latino immigrants who have Mass Oppositional Defiant Disorder about refusing to learn English after choosing to move to an English-speaking country. Much smarter than the Latino immigrant behavior pattern of stirring up a lot of unnecessary enmity by trying to force Americans to pronounce Spanish names the way Spanish speakers pronounce these names. Which is part of why there’s a lot of backlash against Latinos. Too many of them are bad guests in this country and bad news.
By contrast, what many Asians tend to do is use what I’ve heard them refer to as an “American” first name around non-Asians, and use their actual first names among themselves. Go Along & Get Along To Rise Until You’re In A Position of Dominance is why Asians will rule the planet by the end of this century.]

Note: I often refer to mainstream AAs as “slaves” because far too many of them are still operating from a place of slave emotional dynamics. They're angry and engage in Oppositional Defiant Disorder behaviors about what their White modern-day masters will or won't do for (or to) them, yet they're also unwilling to seek any kind of freedom from living under White domination in any area of their lives.

Modern day AA slaves angrily whine about the things that Whites provide for them, and the conditions under which Whites allow them to have access to White-created goodies such as White-created jobs, White-manufactured houses, etc. Meanwhile, mainstream AA slaves refuse to learn how to create their own income streams, grow a portion of their own food, or create anything else for themselves.

It's ridiculous. And the slaves will sorely miss White American domination after the Latinos and Asians take over political power in the U.S. later in this century. At least White Americans will entertain the sound of AA slaves' whining. These other people are NOT going to listen to any of that noise.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Please Read And Forward This Facebook Post By For Black Women Only

The dynamics discussed in THIS recent Facebook post over at For Black Women Only have previously been discussed in BWE circles over the years. This particular news story is simply a more extreme version of the dynamics discussed in the post Does Being A “Day 1 Chick” Come With Any Benefits? Both posts discuss an important lesson that more African-American (AA) women need to learn.
While I’m talking about this, let me mention some of the subtext underlying the conversation over at For Black Women Only. What a lot of y’all African-American women don’t notice or understand is that more than a few of these BW-centric sites that spend their time “chewing the fat” about AA women’s issues and problems* are written by African (from what I can tell, mostly Nigerian-heritage) women.
I’m sure many of the AA mammy mules caping for BM over at various BW-centric sites assume that they’re only debating with other AA women (AA women who don’t approve of caping for BM). The AA mammy mules who flock to these pages to cape for BM don’t seem to realize that they’re often arguing and debating with African women—African women who are generally NOT raised to cape for men. Period.
I give African women credit that in general they are NOT willing to be used as mammy mules. The vast majority of the African women immigrants I’ve known over the years know how to “get theirs;” they’re very similar to Asian women in that regard. I admire that about them.

I'm mentioning this because more AA women need to learn to pay attention to subtext and nuances. When interacting with everybody. Across the board.
[*Yep, these Foreign BW Publicly Talking & Preaching About AA Issues While Mostly Keeping Quiet About Their Own Ethnic Group's Issues When In Earshot of AAs websites are publicly chewing the fat about African-American issues and problems. And generally not engaging AA women readers in conversations about other types of news stories, such as:
Mother left her two children aged 10 and 13 home alone for THREE WEEKS while she went on a holiday abroad - A mother had abandoned her children to go to a family wedding in Nigeria

'It scares the Jesus outta me': Outrage as Nigerian 'Nollywood' star posts image of himself wearing Ebola mask in first class airport lounge as he flees Liberia]

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I'm Republishing Breukelen Bleu's Comments About Abortion Rights Because The "For Harriet" Facebook Page Apparently Deleted Them

Dishonest, brain-dead mammy mules will be the death of “mainstream” African-American women and girls. The uncompromisingly mealy-mouthed, middle-of-the-road colored girl(s) who run the For Harriet Facebook page recently did a post titled “Why Roe vs. Wade Still Matter to Black Women 42 Years Later.”
It seems to me that when you publish something like that on your Facebook page, you’re looking to host a spirited, full-spectrum of ideas conversation about that issue. Not the uncompromisingly mealy-mouthed, middle-of-the-road folks at For Harriet. Whoever it is that runs the For Harriet Facebook page apparently deleted the excellent comments made by Breukelen Bleu (writer of the Black Woman Think Tank).
The uncompromisingly mealy-mouthed, middle-of-the-road folks who control the For Harriet Facebook page apparently deleted Ms. Bleu’s comment while allowing the following comment to remain:

Ain’t that about nothing? Mammy mules piss me ALL THE WAY off with this type of dishonest behavior. If you’re too weak-minded to host an honest discussion about abortion rights, then don’t bring it up! Stop pretending to discuss the issues that are literally destroying the African-American (AA) collective.

Well, since the uncompromisingly mealy-mouthed, middle-of-the-road colored girls who control the For Harriet Facebook page apparently deleted Ms. Bleu’s comments while allowing sexist negro troll comments to remain, I’m republishing Ms.Bleu’s Facebook post and related comments here.

Breukelen Bleu said:

It never ceases to fail that when the subject of black female sexuality, reproduction and child rearing is broached, black folk become the most conservative, moral and concerned people on the planet. Previously unused muscles of morality and righteous indignation, suddenly SPRING into action, as they remind us of our 'responsibilities' to God, race and nation. With the recent passing of a bill in Congress that is another step in the ongoing assault on a woman's right to choose, there is suddenly much discussion taking place about how it will affect BW. (After the fact, of course. We were to busy marching for negroes to notice while it was going down). So now the discourse about why BW need to care about reproductive rights is beginning to pop up all over the internet. One of these discussions....

...Is taking place on FB, around an article posted on the topic. In this discussion, blackmen (as usual) show up, to 'educate' us poor, dumb, baby killing negresses about the 'origins' of abortion and the political, social and economic 'agenda' of those who pushed for its availability many moons ago. One Concerned Citizen told us to...

">>Learn the history of abortion. It was intended to control the black population! The most dangerous place for a black baby is in his mother's womb. If you don't believe me Richard Nixon said it better. Black women should stop getting abortions! Black genocide. They have won."<<
He went on to say (after a few other comments where the word 'eugenics' was thrown around, along with history lessons on Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, Richard Nixon and some others)....

>>" I only ask that women of color know the modern history of abortion in America, that's it. I don't believe the government should not allow women to choose"<<
Now, I find all of this to be quite humourous. Black folk are QUICK to remind BW about the 'history' of those who have sought to harm, weaken or destroy us - as long as assailants were OUTSIDERS. And while on any other day, under any other circumstances, it is the OVER reproduction of BW that is blamed for all that ills our race and community, when the topic of abortion comes up, suddenly, there aint enough of us. Suddenly, all these 'bastards' that we are breeding to destroy the black race' are THE most important members of the community.

But yall know that negroes be on some TRANSFORMER shit, so that aint nothing new. But in order to set the record straight, ima prepost a version of my response on that thread ^^^ above. Yall take heed, and the next time some negro come with that "eugenics' okey doke, set the record straight and tell them Breukelen Bleu said it.

The black population NEEDS to be controlled. We have become a race of RECKLESS BREEDERS with absolutely NO concern for the quality of life that our children are offered. We are being made The Sacrifice by each other and outsiders to the tune of MILLIONS. If we focused less on breeding for volume, and more on breeding for PEDIGREE, maybe our race would stand a chance. We are birthing all kinds of degeneracy into the world which is devouring us from the inside out. It would be best if BW would simply stop screwing these fools in the first place - then abortion would not be as necessary. But when someone suggests that they simply STOP IT (screwing and birthing them altogether), the 'genocide' accusation is leveled again.
We damned if we do, damned if we don't.

But heres whats never considered. Men (of all races) make life and death decisions EVERY DAY. They carry guns as police, join the military and act as GOD presiding over the health care, politics and economics of every human being on this planet. BILLIONS of people die from the decisions (and whims) of MEN - and nobody questions it because MALES are supposedly superior and thus, have that right. Women, on the other hand, are taught that we have NO right to decide what comes thru us - no power over life and death. We are told to be but 'vessel's for the 'seed' of men, with no power over if and when our bodies are used to bring forth life. We are told this, at the same time MALES are given the authority to determine the fates of every human being on this planet, with impunity.

Procreation is the WOMANS DOMAIN. Males have NO say and are NOT to preside over it. But they killed off the midwives and herb workers and Wise Women so that MEN could control fertility and birth rites. They are OUT OF ORDER in this and the entire human race has paid dearly for it.

Anyone who believes the black women did not terminate unwanted pregnancies before the 'white man' came, is a fool. Women of ALL races have exercised their reproductive rights since the very beginnings. It was MEN who took those rights away, forcing us to fight to get them back.

Patriarchy banks on the human males ability to control the womb of women. As long as men hold dominion there, they control everything. It is NOT the place of men to do this, and it is not 'divine order' for them to dictate to women what is for OUR minds only. WE are the First Cause. WE are the source of it all. They, as males, come after. THEY dont get to dictate to the Source what our rights are.

That is NOT their place.

The greatest indicator of poverty on this planet, is MOTHERHOOD. Men used the wombs of women to control resources, hoard wealth and have bodies to fill their factories, whore houses and military ranks. 70% of the worlds poor are WOMEN and CHILDREN and it is DESIGNED that way.

Black folk wanna talk about 'eugenics' and 'genocide'? Lets start there. Lets talk about the 2000 people who were killed in Nigera last week - BY black men. Lets talk about the untold numbers of adult black females and children of BOTH genders that are violated, tortured and killed at the hands of men who look JUST LIKE THEM, all around this world - and THEN lets talk about the 'genocide' of millions of black women and children who have harmed, raped, and murdered at the hands of BLACK MEN over the years. Lets talk about THAT shit. The history of black folk didnt start when the slave ships showed up. Our history goes back looooong before that and when we start looking there, some of our folk got some 'splainin to do.

So, after we throw out the bible verses and Jesus quotes talking about the 'sanctity' of life, lets talk about how we give MEN the right to preside over life and death (even black men) EVERY DAY all through out this world. Lets talk about the guns and weapons and bombs and biological agents and GMO's and all of that shit that kills HUMAN BEINGS by the millions, every year. Lets talk about why is it ok for men to decide who lives or dies (oftimes in the most horrific of ways), but not women. Lets talk about why we presume that men are better suited for that task, than the woman who actually CARRIES life within her? Lets talk about THAT.

Now lets get to this; If we gone talk about the 'history' of all the medical injustices that black folk have endured, lets talk about the fact that a good portion of the medical procedures that are used every day were created and perfected by the torture and mutilation, both PRE and post mortem, of black folk. Lets talk about the fact that there is a significant chance that any medical procedure that black folk have done - especially those that may be required to save their lives - were perfected first on black and brown people - without their consent and under very horrific and painful circumstances.

Lets ask, if every time black folk see a doctor - do they ask him for the 'history' of all the injustices and terrible things that went into creating that drug/procedure/surgery/knowledge that now saves their crusty behinds and makes their lives better? Do black women ask how many black babies had to die for the life saving procedure that THEIR black baby received, to be created? Do black men run and ask their doctors how many black people suffered so that that prescription for the hypertension medicine, insulin and 'little blue pill' they love to pop so they can continue to get a rise out of them ashy dicks, long past their prime, could be written?

Lets ask THAT shit.

This selective morality, HYPOCRISY and FAUX OUTRAGE of black folk, who scream "GENOCIDE!!" when it comes to black woman's right to choose, but then go RIGHT up into that hospital to get some life saving procedure that was created and perfected on the bodies of enslaved, impoverished and oppressed black folk, needs to be called the fuck out. All this consternation over the loss of 'black life' is bulshit. Black folk dont care about black lives. If they did, they'd treat black women and children - the ones who are actually BORN, with much more respect.

No. This shit here is about CONTROL. Its about controlling BW and dictating fake morality so that we remain POWERLESS - not only under white supremacy, but under black patriarchy, too.

The next time so 'pro-life' negroe that you know goes to get a teeth cleaning or a pap smear, you might want to remind them to ask the doctor what black person had to suffer for that 'routine' procedure to become successful enough to keep their teeth in their mouths or the wombs from being ravaged by cancer. And since they are SO concerned about the 'history' of shit, remind their asses to cancel them appts until they have proven that no black person was harmed in the commission of creating it.

I mean, since we all need to be 'informed' and shit.

Breukelen Bleu ©2014.

My Previous Comments About Abortion

During the comments to the post “Inception” And African-Americans, I said the following:


You’re welcome!

I can tolerate the forced birth ideology a little bit better when it’s coming from sincere Catholics who have a consistently expressed interest in preserving all forms of human life. This is the “Consistent Ethic of Life” that Joseph Cardinal Bernadin talked about. Because the Catholics who are sincerely concerned about “the seamless garment” of life (apparently a reference to John 19:23 in the Bible), tend to ALSO oppose the death penalty, nuclear weapons, and most wars.

However, I’m disgusted by the vast majority of the pro-forced-birth, Negro Muslim and Negro Protestant AAs that I encounter. For many reasons:

(1) These people generally ONLY profess concern about fetuses. Once somebody is born, then the pro-forced-birth AAs’ actions demonstrate that they are no longer concerned about that particular individual’s life. This shows that their true motives are more likely driven by the pleasures of: (a) a cheap form of holiness that revolves around cracking the whip on women; and (b) comes at somebody else’s expense.

(2) The bulk of these people are NOT doing anything to clean up the current disasters created by the legions of existing unwanted, AA children. And they don’t have any sort of plan for how to clean this up. They’re not willing to risk endangering themselves and their biological children by taking these children into their homes. Not that I necessarily blame them. My issue is their lack of seriously thinking through the consequences of what they’re proposing (having even more unwanted AA children). As far as I’m concerned, this lack of follow-up thinking makes their position an utterly irresponsible one.

I’m not recommending that naive, unprepared people take these unwanted children into their homes. The “typical” parent can handle normal children. But the bulk of the children in foster care are NOT normal children. You really need specialized preparation to deal with most of them.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time working in the child welfare system (be it in court, or as a caseworker) can tell you an extremely ugly reality—many of the already existing discarded/taken away children in foster care are safety risks. For everybody around them. Many of them have negative genetic inheritances such as very low IQs and predispostions for severe mental illness. On top of these negative genetic inheritances, many of them have also been severely traumatized by their experiences of living with neglectful and abusive biological parents.

Nobody talks about the adopted toddlers who hoard food in their pockets. Or the toddlers who bang their heads against walls when they don’t get their way. Or the adopted first-graders who try to rub the genitals of every adult they encounter—because that’s what they’ve been trained to do by their mother’s new-baby-daddy. Or who masturbates in public. Or the adopted 8-year-old who sexually molests the adoptive parents’ younger biological children. Or who is revealed to be schizophrenic when they hit puberty. All of this came up during a post at the previous blog (which is now a chapter in the book—the chapter about single adoption being “Plan B” for many AA women who haven’t married by 35).

Nobody talks about the many failed adoptions that end up back in the child welfare courts.

I’ve never met a pro-forced-birth AA who had any sort of plan for dealing with the existing unwanted pregnancies that turned into the above-described deranged AA children. No, they’re through with the situation after the woman/girl gives birth.

(3) I’m annoyed by their often childish manner of evaluating ideas. Yes, it’s important to factor in who the source of a particular idea is. However, that’s only part of the scrutiny that should be given to ALL ideas, whatever their source. Even a stopped clock is factually correct twice a day.

(4) In addition to having no plan to clean up the existing mess created by existing unwanted AA children, the pro-forced-birth AAs don’t understand that the birth of more unwanted AA children will be the DEATH of the rest of us. Having an AA collective that is increasingly filled with low IQ, predisposed to be mentally ill, neglected and abused children who are likely to continue the abuse cycle when they grow up does NOT help any of us.

And let’s be real about our distate with so-called eugenics: The plain truth is that it’s the LEAST capable AAs who are having an ever-increasing proportion of AA births. Productive modern AAs generally don’t have more than 3 children. Many of our best and brightest BW are not having children (for a variety of reasons). Meanwhile, the AA female drug addicts, never-worked-a-day-in-their-lives welfare recipients, and criminals generally have at least 3-4 children—and it’s more like 5-6 births. This overall pattern does not bode well for the future of the AA collective.

I said the following during a post at the previous blog, Home Is Where The Hate Is: Black Religious-Inspired Bigotry in Place of Godliness:

I’ve been stunned into befuddled silence by the recent outbreaks of right-wing violence. From the assassination of a doctor who offered abortion services to the murder of a guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I was even more stunned when I pondered how African-Americans’ religious-inspired bigotry helps create the atmosphere that makes these slayings possible. We love to engage in hateful, hypocritical, bigoted talk.

Our fake “holiness talk” isn’t about love of God. It’s about the pleasure of cracking the whip on other people. We revel in verbally stepping on people who are engaged in sexual activities that we have no interest in participating in, such as the gays. Meanwhile, the majority of our births are out of wedlock. Despite all of our “We want forced births to be the law of the land” rhetoric, we are avid consumers of abortion services.

We are hateful bigots.

We are shameless hypocrites.

We are self-destructive fools.

By our bigoted statements and actions, we are ultimately supporting White, racist politicians who will turn back the clock on all of our (already extremely fragile) advancements.

This is what happened when many confused African-Americans voted for Pres. Bush to have a second term in office. I had many arguments with many confused Blacks who told me that they were voting for Bush because of so-called “moral issues” (translation: their opposition to gays having rights). Many of the Black folks saying these things were shacked up and had illegitimate children. [Translation: “By stepping on gays, I get to feel a rush of holiness without having to engage in any sort of self-discipline.”] I noticed that some of this “moral issues” talk dried up after Pres. Bush did a “heckuva job” of ignoring the Black deaths and suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina.

By our bigoted statements and actions, we are ultimately supporting White, racist extremists who will turn their guns on US.

Even worse, I believe that our fake religiosity (which takes the form of bigoted statements and actions) is pushing us further and further away from God! The proof is in our ever-declining collective quality of life.



You said, “During slavery, BW were seen by massa as nothing but breeders and these black “pro-lifers” are doing nothing but reading from the same racist, sexist script. That is why you will hear nothing about providing assistance or stability to these mothers and children. BW are just incubators and nothing more to these people.”

I agree. Like I said above, I would have more respect for that position if the Black folks talking that stuff: (1) were consistent in their professed concern about “life,” and (2) had a plan for dealing with the existing unwanted AA children.

The Bottom Line About These Dishonest “Trickbag” Conversations About African-American Women’s Life & Death Issues

Ladies, beware of “talking head” colored girls who only pretend that they want to discuss AAs’ life and death issues. The real deal is that their Tightly Scripted To Only Fall Within Certain Parameters Conversations are a safety valve in support of the continued oppression of AA women and girls.

These tightly scripted conversations are designed to allow AA women to let off steam about the deadly woman-hating hypocrisy within the AA collective while also blocking access to the strongest analytical arguments in support of AA women's survival. These fake conversations are a trickbag to keep AA women corralled into the stale ideologies that have them living the very worst quality of life of all women in the U.S.
Addendum. Someone from For Harriet is stating that:
For Harriet This is a complete fabrication and a very strange thing to make up. I've reviewed every comment on this thread including those that have been removed. "Breukelen Bleu" never posted here. Her comments have not been deleted. Frank Purdue has, however, been banned. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. If, however, I've overlooked something, I encourage Ms. Bleu to let us know, and I'll happily apologize.

After being told by a commenter that Ms. Bleu did indeed comment in that thread, the For Harriet representative goes on to say that:

For Harriet I've looked through every comment including those that have been removed. I see no sign of Breukelen Bleu posting on this thread. Perhaps she removed the comments herself. That is the only way I, as the moderator, wouldn't be able to see them. Moreover, she has deleted the post on her page in which she accuses us of deleting her comments. FH has a staff of exactly two people. This is very much an independent media outlet. I don't think there's a complete understanding of what goes into running a community of this size, but we're working hard. I only heard of the spreading of this inaccuracy because someone sent me a link to the post elsewhere. The measures we've taken to moderate aren't catching everything, but when it's brought to our attention, we act. Facebook inboxes are open; email addresses are prominently displayed and Twitter handles are easy to locate. Feel free to forward concerns there. Comments beneath Facebook posts are the most ephemeral because of the sheer amount of content we post each day. And again I invite Breukelen Blue to shed some light on what I'm missing here. -Kim

  • For Harriet Screenshots would also be helpful, so we can look into the issue. -Kim 

  • Yes, Ms. Bleu did post several comments to that particular thread (that I've republished above). I and the other readers who saw Ms. Bleu's comments weren't having some sort of shared hallucination. We all read the same comments from Ms. Bleu, and then those comments mysteriously disappeared from that thread. In responding to the For Harriet staff person, another commenter said:
    Elizabeth Henderson Ms. Bleu certainly did post here. Several of us read her comments when they were posted here. Perhaps, as they were a response to someone else's commentary, they were deleted as part of the banned person's.
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    Maybe that's what happened. I have no idea. I just found it extremely  . . . peculiar . . .  that Ms. Bleu's comments disappeared while the sexist negro troll's comments remained (until recent hours, when all of this was apparently brought to the attention of the For Harriet staff).

    And yeah, it would be nice to have some screen captures of Ms. Bleu's comments. I didn't take any because I didn't expect her comments to disappear. But now that I'm on notice that peculiar and mysterious things apparently happen on the For Harriet Facebook page, for future reference I'll know to take screen captures of anything else of interest on that page. Starting with screen captures of the above exchange. Lord have mercy.