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With Deepest Sympathy For Your Loss

Dee Dee,

I don't have various social media accounts, and I didn't see a way to email you at your main website, but I wanted to express my condolences on your recent loss. 

I was deeply saddened by the news of your husband's passing. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Khadija Nassif

To The Reading Audience: 

Please stop by Mrs. Dee Dee Lefrak's BW With Other Brothers Facebook page and send her some love and light. THANK YOU in advance.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Karmic Overdraft Fees WILL Apply

Breukelen Bleu has published a Facebook post that could literally mean the difference between life and death for you and any African-American Black woman and girl you care about. I strongly urge you to read it NOW, while she still has it publicly visible.

I'm republishing part of it because what she's saying is vital. And it's exactly the sort of thing that elicits frenzied and sustained attacks from African-American BW (AABW) who are still either fully or partially indoctrinated in Sista Soldiering and Mammy Muling. I'm discussing Ms. Bleu's post to add my voice and my support to her message in that post.

Karmic Overdraft Fees WILL Be Applied

In part, Breukelen Bleu said:
I want to point out the reason why in my past posts, I have warned BW about standing in the position of 'liberator' and placing the bullseye on themselves with those "Iam(fill in the blank with name of victim) hashtag campaigns, allowing themselves to become The Face of The Struggle and The Face of The Resulting Pain. What we think is showing our solidarity with the person who was mistreated, is really marking ourselves as the next TARGET for the same thing to happen to us. By donning hoodies and skittles, putting our children in 'Dont Shoot' imagery, manning the front lines taking on armed, militarized MEN, engaging in small and large acts of defiance, and offering both actual and symbolic tokens of good will to 'the struggle', what we believe is helping those we feel need 'justice' is having a side affect that has very DANGEROUS and DEADLY consequences. You do NOT put yourself in the image of The Sacrifice - EVER. Its like ASKING the Universe to tag dat ass for future problems. (Its also the reason why wearing the sign of The Sacrifice - the Christian Cross is a NO-NO - but thats a discussion for another day, also.)
It has not been lost on some, that there have been many incidences of BW who have been harmed, killed or compromised - women who have been OUTWARDLY defiant of the system and who have OPENLY voiced opposition to the 'inequities' that black men....I mean, black 'people' experience.
From losing eyes during protests...
To being gunned down after anti-violence events BW have coordinated...
To being shot at or after anti-gun rallies....
Being shot while protesting police brutality...
Being a state representative and being gassed at a rally...
To being stricken with a life threatening illness (with little community support until SOMEBODY decided to share her story...cough, cough (I was one of them)....)
To ending up dead after a 'routine' traffic stop...
.....BW are experiencing many repercussions from our participation in the 'struggle'. Now, one might say that all of these examples are simply 'coincidences' - that they are simply the 'follies' of life that could have happened even if they were NOT involved in the fight for black men - I mean, black "people'.
But those of us who know better scoff as such deflections. This is NOT 'coincidental'. Its is the consequences of spiritual Law. . . [ ]
Altho I wasnt quite sure what was exactly was going on, my 'spidey sense' started tingling about the number of black women who have either been 'anti violence' activist, 'anti police brutality' activists, 'save the negros' activists, politicians, etc, who have ended up harmed, maimed or DEAD while actively engaging in those activities;
Many more than I am seeing reported as similar incidents about black men.
There is something about all of it that read me. I noticed that those BW who very OUTWARDLY come against this system end up taken out - but any number of means. Some are killed by other blacks. Some by police. Some fall ill. But they be end up GOT in the end.
This latest case really sealed it for me. The irony of THIS woman, who was so OPENLY defiant against police brutality to end up dead a state far from home... by cops who couldnt POSSIBLY have known who she was... is simply too much to ignore.
And when I mentioned it amongst Wise Women, the answer was provided in one simple statement.
"If you stand in the sacrifice seat for someone that wont do it for you....this is what you get."
In essence, The Law of One Sided Loyalty.
When you operate from a desire to help those who WON'T and HAVENT helped you, you are placing yourself in the DEFICIT. And just like any bank account, when overdrawn, OVERDRAFT FEES APPLY.
These unfortunate occurrences that are happening to BW are OVERDRAFT FEES. Its what happens when you over extend yourself in the name of those who wouldnt and dont RECIPROCATE. Its what it looks like to have your One Sided Loyalty Karma come back and kick yo ass. You would think said "karma' would come for those who benefit from that onesidedness wouldnt you? But thats not quite how it works. The "karma' comes for those who allow themselves to be in the DEFICIT - not those who take advantage of the arrangement. So in essence, those who allow themselves, their image, their energy, their money, their love and their lives to be PIMPED, are the ones who get GOT. THEY agree to the terms by not demanding any payment for their devotion. And so the fees come out of THEIR side of the deal.
Not the ones who are getting over.
Think about the Pimp/Prostitute dynamic. Who is it that usually gets in trouble? The Pimp? The John?
Or the Prostitute?
Moral considerations dont apply here. It has nothing to do with 'victim blaming' or attempting to 'silence the voices of BW'. Its about ENERGY and how it works; WITHOUT moral compunctions and without choosing sides based on percieved right or wrong. When you place yourself, your image and your bloodline in The Sacrifice Seat, particularly for those who will NOT RETURN THE FAVOR, you are calling down upon yourself a DEBT - a debt that is oftimes, paid in blood;
Your blood or that of your children.
We must understand that the Universe doesnt take sides. It simply balances the ledger. Think about how NUTS BW look, ALLLL riled up and frothing at the mouth over 'racism' and 'whitey', when we barely stop to blink at all the terrors that take place in blackistan!

There's a certain amount of synchronicity in the discussion Ms. Bleu is hosting about this. Friends and I (including one friend who is a sho'nuff "church lady" who attends a "sanctified, holy roller"-type church) have been discussing the exact same topic ever since the Charleston Church Massacre. I suspect that other AABW have been discussing the karmic angles to this. Much like Breukelen Bleu, my "spidey sense" has also been tingling for a while about all these events. I'm sure that other AABW have been having similar reactions as these events accumulate.

When You Engage In Inappropriate, Preemptive, Unrequested, Blanket Forgiveness, You've Agreed To Pay The Wrongdoer's Earthly Karmic Energy Bill

I'm not any sort of expert in spiritual matters. I'm a layperson when it comes to such matters. But I have started to notice the patterns involved in such matters. The same way I don't have to be a physicist or have a deep understanding of gravity in order to know that it's unwise to step off the top of a building.

Not every AABW church lady is a gullible fool. [Even though far too many of them have worked their fingers to the bone to create that public image for themselves as a group.] Similar to how I felt, my church lady friend was absolutely outraged by the spectacle of the Charleston Church Massacre victims' [AA slave] relatives announcing that they forgive the killer. Her first reaction was, "Did he ASK for forgiveness??!!??"

I've been watching AABW give out these types of blanket, unsolicited Forgiveness Free Passes to certain categories of wrongdoers. I've also been watching these AABW pay the price for doing that. The Charleston Church Massacre killer will get what's coming to him in the afterlife. However, the afterlife doesn't address the extreme amount of negative energy he created here on Earth by snuffing out that many lives without just cause.

My Christian friend and I have been talking about how the type and amount of negative energy created by such an act doesn't just dissipate. It's got to go somewhere. By all standards of justice, that negative energy created by those murders is supposed to boomerang "Return To Sender"-style back on the killer.

But, by giving an Unrequested Inappropriate Preemptive Forgiveness Free Pass to the killer—who murdered their own flesh and blood—these slaves have interposed themselves between the killer and the negative karmic energy boomerang that was en route to hit him upside his head. In short, these slave relatives have offered to pick up the Earthly karmic energy "tab" for this killer. As it always does, time will tell how their choice to do that works out for those massacre victims' relatives.

Even Some Of The Slave Church Preacher-Hustlers Can Feel The Energy Shifting

Even a stopped clock is factually correct twice a day. I ran across this clip at a blog that was complaining about this individual (who appears to preside over a church full of women—like most of the preachers in the AA slave church). Whatever else might be wrong with this individual, he slipped up and told a large chunk of truth at the 3:47 point in the video when he said:
"Listen to me, preacher. You can't hide behind your pulpit no more. Because they're coming in to shoot you. You can't hide behind the cloth. They don't care nothing about that no more."

Of course, he's a fool (like so many other AA religious misleaders). For more about this fool and others of his ilk, see THIS thread at Lipstick Alley.

Once they see they're in mortal danger, people who value themselves have armed security at their houses of worship. Oh, like White Christians and Jews. But not AA slaves. And this gets back to Breukelen Bleu's point in another part of her post about the karmic price tag that AABW pay for ignoring, excusing and sweeping under the rug the ever-increasing number of BM-committed atrocities. While these same AABW hypocritically shriek and howl about the trespasses that WM commit against BM.

To paraphrase the preacher-hustler above, "they haven't cared nothing about" shooting in [what purports to be] a house of God since at least five years ago. I have a long memory for things that trouble my spirit. And my "spidey sense" has been tingling on and off about the physical danger involved in attending the AA slave church since some Blackistani gang members shot two Black teenagers during a service at a slave church in 2010.

It wasn't just the shooting itself inside a church that troubled my spirit, it was the utterly inappropriate response by the AA Black church members. I commented on that during a blog discussion around the time of that shooting:
To clarify my earlier comments:
Here’s the link a friend sent me to the news story I mentioned earlier.
The story itself isn’t all that important. As I and other BWE bloggers have warned, Rwanda-type conditions are emerging right now in many Black residential areas. The number and pace of these sorts of news stories coming out of Black residential areas will only increase.
What IS significant is the attitude expressed by the quotes attributed to the BM deacon and another BM church member. Here’s the quote:
“I’m sure there’s some fear and shock, but we’re not running,” said Ezekiel Wallace, the church deacon. “We are going to be doing what we always do: Pray and have church.”
“We’re not scared, but we’re sort of mystified because this is God’s church,” said Earl Young, a church member since 1967. “We refuse to let the devil make us run and hide because that’s probably what they want us to do.”
Note that there’s NO mention of a special men’s meeting to discuss new security measures in the aftermath of this shooting. By their statements, they’re putting everyone on notice that the BW and girls in their church are . . . on their own . . . in terms of their physical safety. Is this the attitude of normal M-E-N? No, it’s not. Normal men function as protectors and providers for the women and children who are in their orbit.
If he can’t physically protect the women and children in his orbit himself (due to age or so on), a normal man will make arrangements for other men to provide physical security. A normal man would not take the blase attitude of “Oh well, let’s pray and do nothing else . . .”
I’m highlighting this because this BM deacon is probably somebody that most AAs would (mistakenly) assume is a “good” man. But he’s NOT a “good” man and he’s NOT a quality man—because he’s not protective of the women and children in his circle of responsibility. This deacon is of NO value to the women and children of that church. And I suspect that he’s of NO value to any of the women and children around him anywhere else.
The mark of a real man is that he REGULATES what goes on in the environment around “his” women and children. He polices other men. Other men can’t just do anything, and do it any kind of way, around “his” women and children. They can’t curse freely around “his” women and children. They can’t sexually harass “his” women and children. A real man certainly WON’T leave the door wide open for other males to FREELY engage in gunplay and shootouts in any setting that “his” women and children frequent—such as the church they attend.
This particular individual isn’t only a member of that church, he’s a deacon. If he was a real man, then he would take on some of the responsibility for protecting the women and children in that church. Either himself, or by making other arrangements such as hiring a security guard.
This episode is a perfect example of why I’m saying that the odds of having a healthy and wholesome marriage with an AA man are NOT promising. And not worth a marriage-minded woman investing her time in dating most of them. The bulk of AA males either don’t know how to, or don’t want to, function as protectors and providers for their OWN children.. The proof of this is seen every single day in Black residential communities around the US. [ ]
[ ]. . . {more head shaking about that “church”—it sounds more like one of Satan’s playgrounds where he’s free to do whatever he wants—without opposition}
I’ll repeat: In a patriarchal world, the condition of women and children are a reflection of the “men” in their lives. Men set the tone for what goes on with, and around, the women and children in their orbit. Men police the actions of other males. Normal men function as PROTECTORS and PROVIDERS for the women and children in their orbit.
When women and children are UN-safe and UN-avenged when attacked, it’s an indication that they’re surrounded by inferior, no-quality men.
[A small percentage of predators will always get through initially—among real men, this percentage is kept to a minimum because real men seek retribution of some sort for the wrongs that are done against the women and children in their orbit.]
As a collective, those AA Christians who were aware of it let that church shooting slide (as far as I could tell). I didn't hear of any emergency town hall meetings called by nationally known AA clergy such as Reverend Baby Daddy or Reverend Hot Comb. I don't recall any TV specials featuring AA Black Talking Heads discussing security in the AA slave church. From what I could see, there was never a break taken from Business As Usual.

As so on both a practical AND an energy level, the message was sent out into the Universe that many [if not most] AA Christians are essentially okay with folks shooting them inside their churches during church services. That message was recently repeated and amplified by the Charleston Church Massacre victims' relatives who gave an Unrequested, Inappropriate, Preemptive Forgiveness Free Pass to the killer. That message has a price tag attached to it. A price tag printed in blood.

The Tempo Of Incidents Is Speeding Up

Another thing I notice is that the tempo of these Karmic Overdraft Fees WILL Apply incidents is speeding up. There are more and more incidents, and the time period between incidents is getting shorter and shorter.

If you want to live, you'll get FAR away from the Sacrifice Seat, and FAR away from anybody who is doing anything at all to offer themselves up as The Sacrifice.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

DON'T keep all of your money in one place. Keep a stock of cash outside the bank.

About Greece

If you haven't been paying attention to how everyday people are faring during Greece's economic crisis, perhaps you should:

It could be a sneak preview of what YOU might have to live through in the Not So Distant future.

From How one weeping man put a face on Greece’s debt crisis:
It’s an image that some have said crystallizes the despair felt across Greece, a country in the grips of a spiraling financial crisis.
Giorgos Chatzifotiadis, an elderly man in Thessaloniki, sat down in front of a crowd and cried last Friday after he waited for hours in front of numerous banks to withdraw cash but was unable to do so. Chatzifotiadis was among many pensioners who aimed to take out money on the fifth day of the bank closures, after hundreds of branches had reopened for those without bank cards to withdraw 120 euros.
AFP photographer Sakis Mitrolidis recalled the scene in a blog post on Tuesday, writing that he and reporters from a TV channel approached the man and began to chat. After the 77-year-old explained his story, the journalists accompanied him to talk to a bank employee. “Fortunately,” he said, “they were able to help him.”
"I see my fellow citizens begging for a few cents to buy bread,” Chatzifotiadis told the photographer at the time. “I see more and more suicides. I am a sensitive person. I cannot stand to see my country in this distress. That's why I feel so beaten, more than for my own personal problems.”
It wasn’t until later that Mitrolidis understood what he had captured. “Back in my office, when I saw the pictures on the monitor, I understood this was a powerful series,” he writes. “The composition, the papers scattered beside him, the policeman coming to help, the people watching as they queued, and the old man himself.”
Photos Of Greek Pensioners As They Desperately Try To Collect Funds From Banks

Cash Is King During A Crisis

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy should've have taught everybody that cash is king during a crisis: 

I'll note that this also affected people who were totally dependent on any kind of credit card to purchase food or other essential items.
People, Get Ready.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How We Made Natural Hair = The New Paper Bag Test, Sovereignty Or Self-Immolation, Part 2

How We Opened The Door To Being Replaced By The White Woman NAACP Scam Artist & Other Nonblack Women Like Her

While collecting my own thoughts about this, I've been watching some outstanding discussions about the issues surrounding Rachel Dolezal (the WW scam artist who masqueraded as a Black woman while heading the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP office). The best conversations and comments I've seen have dealt with how we collectively opened the door to this.

Here's a quote from an excellent recent conversation on THIS Facebook page. I'm not sure if the gentleman speaking in the quoted portion is Ms. Coleman's father, but what they're talking about in this exchange is right on the money:
  • Abraham Coleman Though this sentiment or prose is in direct opposition to my being black, as Im the product of a white and black breeding, I agree totally. I can see the bigger picture so no need for me to rant and rail about my "blackness" as a mixed person technically because it opens the door for the rachels and zoe saldana to portray nina simone etc. Total failures. 

    The white person did create the one drop business as a way to "purify" themselves, the black MAN is the black diasporas reason for clinging to the rule. The rule allows for him to sexually poke and prod and procreate with any woman of 'color', to hide his guilt and refusal to survive with black women. I believe runoko rashidi is the best example of my point. Digging for photos of dark asians from 623 BC so the black man feels justified in seeking asian women. Digging for one african ancestor of a white woman justifies.....the phrase "africa is mother to us all", justifies the black mans NEED for NON black women. 

    The sad part is, the black WOMAN identifies as a black man 90% of the time so she refuses to reject the erasure of HER value and black existence. If black men didnt love non black women so much, this "one drop" rule would have died off by now.
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    • Mardria Andrea Coleman Brand new can of worms! 

      I was stabbing myself the entire time I was typing this post because THEE issue is really close to "home". However, I'm glad you did comment with complete understanding of the bigger picture here. Only the black WOMAN is un
      der attack with this "one drop", "everybody is black" BS because 9/10 the rule rears its head when a non black WOMAN is in question. 

      Remember that "light skin felon" everybody was harping about a while back? The green eyes etc..? Black MEN were doing everything in their power to reject that dude as black. No one was fighting to include him. He was high yella amd had green eyes. REJECTED! "THAT DUDE IS NOT BLACK! THE BLACK WOMAN HATES HERSELF FOR LIKING THAT MIXED GUY!" 

      Black men pulled their skirts all the way down during that little fiasco. Precisely why Ive always rejected the one drop rule. It only benefits the SEXUAL and VISUALLY PLEASING PREFERENCE of BLACK MEN. Has nothing to do with anything else.
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    • Abraham Coleman I do recall the "light felon" fodder. Lol. Thats my point. Why isnt "the rock" black? A few weeks ago I witnessed a discussion on whether or not steph curry is black. A discussion involving black men at that. Id quicker claim curry as black than I would rachel dozeal. You see black WOMEN fell inlove with his daughter, (acceptance of curry basically), so the BM had to put a stop to that. "No no black woman, you can like idris and taye diggs. Only we, men, can like zoe kravitz, saldana and j-lo!" 

      Only the black womans allegiance is on the table. I dont know why the black woman ALLOWS and perpetuates that.
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    • Mardria Andrea Coleman Anything for brownie points from BM.... Let them help erase us but keep their image as clear and distinct as possible.
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In another conversation on that Facebook page, Mr. Coleman noted that "the Black woman used her last breath to uphold the image of Black men." Yep, that's absolutely correct. Our. Last. Breath. Which is why we're collectively in a death spiral now.

Breukelen Bleu hosted another excellent recent discussion about all of this. She described how BW's hair boards went from celebrating "typical" BW's hair textures to lifting up loosely curled biracial hair textures.

Faith (blog host of Acts of Faith blog and Facebook page) talked about this same issue 11 months ago in her post, For The Uninformed, This Is What 'Natural' Hair Looked Like Before The'Curly' Infiltration aka "New Black" Took Over. Here's the photo of a 1970s era Afro Sheen ad that accompanied that post.

Faith said:
Look! Hair that looks shiny, moisturized with no dry ends or single strand snarls!
It’s an A-F-R-O.
Just a hairstyle…..
The ONLY act of militancy from wearing a legitimate afro TODAY is doing so in the midst of BLACK PEOPLE!
No texturizing, heat-training required. No Bantu-Knot, Marley Braid-Out, Two-Strand Twist, Roller Set, or a $200 product list and 50 minute DAILY morning regime in sight. The ORIGINAL WASH-N-GO!!!  And I believe the fro didn’t shrink in humidity. No number-type categorization, no mixed-gals or poly-racial ad campaigns (i.e. Carol’s Daughter, Shea Moisture) either….
THIS IS HOW B-L-A-C-K Women and Heritage GETS ERASED:
Please take the time to read Faith's post AND Breukelen Bleu's comment to this post (Ms. Bleu's comment is the first one). 

Oh, there were quite a few A-N-G-R-Y Black women in the comment section to Faith's post who were peddling that "It's just hair" lie. There were also some upset "tragic biracial damsels" in the comment section playing dumb about their privilege. Well, I hope it's crystal clear now that BW are reaping the whirlwind with that "It's just hair" self-deception.

Ms. Bleu did a recent Facebook post (which appears to be locked now) pointing out the connection between the above situation, the Black hair boards' transition from lifting up "typical" BW's hair texture to lifting up loosely curled, biracial-type hair textures, and the increasing presence of WW like the NAACP imposter (and other nonblack women) standing in BW's space. I agree that it's all connected. Here's what one of my friends said in reaction to Ms. Bleu's recent Facebook post (emphasis added in red bold):
She is correct on ALL POINTS.  I left the hair boards around the time we met because of what was developing.  The lift up of the "curl" versus our dominant hair textures. Folks working themselves into pretzels to have pictures of a "SINGLE CURL" on an otherwise non-curl hair type of  head. All this blond hair wearing, etc. to attract a negrah male gaze that is not looking their way.  Those that continue to chase after the purple unicorn will never break free.

Another sign of the death of [African-Americans], because we refuse to own the pathologies that we have and then to really work on them.  Natural hair became another "paper bag" test.

As for as the Becky SCAM artist, I hope that they file criminal charges for fraud and make her pay restitution for any scholarships or grants. 
As somebody who wore a nappy, natural afro at various times during the Jheri curl heyday of the 1980s, I'm happy I never joined or paid any attention to those natural hair boards. 

I'm happy I never joined those natural hair boards for the same reason I ultimately walked away from the Black mosque.

Which is the same reason I ultimately walked away from Black professional organizations.

Which is the same reason I ultimately walked away from [dead] Black community activism.

Because I learned through repeated negative experiences that our collective refusal to address and eradicate our [internalized racism-inflicted] pathologies means that Black organizations will always inevitably devolve into destructive mess. This has always been the fatal inherent flaw with all African-American organizations and pseudo-institutions.

Rev. Albert Cleage (he’s writer Pearl Cleage’s father) explained this in his book Black Christian Nationalism. Much of his analysis in this 1972 book is outdated and mistaken. However, much of it has been proven correct by subsequent events regarding African-Americans (emphasis in bold):
No other Black group [he’s speaking of the church that he founded] (other than the Black Muslims) is willing to face seriously the fact that Black people are psychologically sick and have been systematically conditioned to hate themselves and love their oppressor. Every other Black group tries to program with Black people the way they are (which is obviously an impossibility)… pg. 212-213.

“…in every way we have contributed to our own enslavement. Our powerlessness has been perpetuated by our inability to build genuine Black institutions and our refusal to accept genuine Black leadership. Black pseudo-institutions existing in the Black community (such as the Black church) have actually served the interests of the White oppressor. pg.209. 
I don’t know if Rev. Cleage lived long enough to see Min. Farrakhan sell out the Nation of Islam to Scientology. In any event, the mass African-American self-hatred and belief in Black inferiority that Rev. Cleage spoke of in 1972 is a thousand times worse in 2015.

For a follow-up discussion, please see One Less Soldier's (blog host of Not Your Girl Friday) essay and the comments to her post, Imma say it again; Beware the Cloak of Black Male &White Female Privilege!