Sunday, January 12, 2014

Basking In The Victory of BWE

A Critical Mass of “Mainstream” African-American (AA) Women Have Finally Learned To Follow The Money & Resources Trail

I get a good belly laugh every time I see that some BWE-related common sense has drifted over to the AA women at sites like Lipstick Alley. I rolled when I saw this comment about the latest unmasked negro male “Black Love” hypocrite, Hill Harper:
"Re: Hill Harper Vacations With New Girlfriend
I'm laughing my ass off at every black woman who bought his book.

When they look at black women they don't see prospective wife and matriarch, they don't see one half of a power couple, the missing piece to build their legacies.

When they look at black women, they see nothing but a market, a source of financing for their non-black gf's wardrobe and other whims.

Black women might as well open up their wallets to white and Asian women (and their biracial children) directly and skip the middle men, because all the money black women spend on their books, movies and music will end up in WW/AW hands anyway.


Yes, a critical mass of cullud gurlz are finally learning to pay attention to the money trails. God is Good. {gales of laughter}

When most AA women talk about: (1) the general lack of opportunity for AA women in modern day showbiz, and/or (2) the demeaning portrayals of AA women in modern day showbiz, AA women are urged to direct those grievances solely toward Whites in the entertainment biz. However, Whites in showbiz are not the AA woman artist’s greatest enemy: negro male entertainers are at the root of this persistent problem. Let’s be clear about this:
Negro male entertainers have had access to Hollywood-levels of money for at least the past 45-50 years. The door has been open for BM in showbiz for the past fifty years. But unlike WM in showbiz, negro male entertainers refuse to lift up women from their own race. Once the typical negro male entertainer gets access to Hollywood-level resources, he shuts the door behind himself and “makes it rain” for nonblack women. The typical negro male entertainer does not care - at all - about BW being made invisible or being denigrated in showbiz. Negro male entertainers have never cared about anything that affects BW.
. . . I want more AA women to get clarity about how where the typical negro male entertainer’s money goes. And who ultimately benefits from the various resources (money, connections, inside info) that negro male entertainers get their hands on.
Ladies, the money you spend creates GENERATIONAL EFFECTS. Your money has been creating heaven and hell for different groups of women. Right now, most AA women are spending their money to create hell for themselves and heaven for generations of nonblack women. When you support people (including most negro male entertainers) who never give reciprocity to you, you’re creating generations of hell for yourself and the BW who come behind you. Meanwhile, you spend your money to create Heaven On Earth for the nonblack women that negro male entertainers lift up.
This pattern has been going on for a very long time. If you still haven’t caught the hint or noticed this pattern, that’s on you. Choose to support SELF. First and foremost.
I chuckle every time I see “mainstream” AA women speaking BWE-type common sense because AAs have an unfortunate history and behavior pattern of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Most AAs have deeply embedded slave programming on top of the everyday collection of human frailties shared by all humans. Most AAs have been successfully programmed to sabotage anything that could possibly enhance or save their lives.
Most AAs will take anything and everything and twist it around into something destructive. AAs take new ideas and superimpose their same old, dysfunctional thought patterns onto the new idea. In the end, the new idea become merely a new slogan that’s used to justify the same old dysfunctional behavior.

This is why AAs have turned every past solution into a new catastrophe. There are almost endless examples of this. We collectively did the “bait and switch” with many past solutions. We took desegregation and turned it into a pretext for engaging in a permanent, undeclared boycott against all Black-owned businesses (with the partial and dwindling exception of barbershops and hair salons).

We took the language of multiculturalism and turned it into a pretext for maintaining our racial self-hatred and internal colorism. And there’s usually a sophisticated and fundamentally dishonest discourse surrounding each “bait and switch” episode.
I was afraid of a similar “bait and switch” takeover happening to BWE. History has shown that whenever a social justice movement becomes successful, there’s often an incoming rush of latecomers who run in with the sole purpose of profiting from that movement’s success. This is what has happened with the Black Women’s Empowerment social justice movement. There’s been a crowd of latecomers who want to wrap themselves in the BWE banner, yet refuse to practice BWE values.
I thank God these fake-BWE opportunists-saboteurs have not been able to destroy the authentic BWE message of AA women practicing self-love and seeking reciprocity.
The fake-BWE opportunists-saboteurs have tried to destroy the authentic BWE message.
Now that the BWE movement has succeeded in awakening a critical mass of AA women who are in the process of escaping from Blackistan, the overall dynamics of anti-BWE trolling has changed. The “battleground” has shifted because of BWE’s success.

Unlike before BWE's victory, the anti-BW saboteurs are no longer fighting over the idea of BW and girls being entitled and empowered to live abundant lives. The anti-BW saboteurs know they've already lost that particular battle. Increasing numbers of BW got the BWE memo and are escaping from all manifestations of Blackistan.

Anti-BW Opportunists, Saboteurs, & Confused Latecomers Want To Substitute DIS-Empowering Activities For True Empowerment For BW.

What the anti-BW opportunists and saboteurs are fighting for is the definition of empowerment for BW. Anti-BW saboteurs want to substitute DIS-empowering activities for true empowerment. Anti-BW saboteurs want to redefine BWE into meaninglessness.

Anti-BW saboteurs want to claim that BW can be all for BWE and still spend their money to support Tyler Perry, Michael Ealy, Terrance Howard, Quentin Tarantino (who apparently loves to fill his movies with frequent and/or non-stop use of the n-word), Kevin Hart, etc.
Anti-BW saboteurs want BW to believe that they can be empowered by financially supporting people who hate them!

Anti-BW saboteurs want BW to believe that they can be empowered by fixating on BM and what BM are saying and doing!

Anti-BW saboteurs want BW to believe that they can be empowered by supporting TV shows and other media that eternally portray BW as dysfunctional, unattractive, and ultimately expendable.

Saboteurs With Mostly Good Intentions

What’s truly dangerous is that some of the saboteurs are well-meaning and have mostly good intentions. They want you to stop talking about escape strategies to leave Blackistan, so you can keep going in circles protesting the endless list of outrages committed by BM. (Here’s looking at you, What About Our Daughters.)
Well-meaning saboteurs want BW to believe that they can be empowered while still living and socializing in Blackistan! (Here’s looking at you, What About Our Daughters.)
Well-meaning saboteurs want BW to believe that collectively the AA family is generally doing just fine. (Here’s looking at you, What About Our Daughters.) They want BW to believe that the men from the Arceneaux family are representative of the males in modern-day AA families.
In terms of the Arceneaux family, I saw the various “Let’s celebrate this purple unicorn incident as if it’s the norm among AAs” blog posts and comments across the Black internet. As if most (or even many) AA women have BM relatives who are ready, willing and able to perform commando operations to rescue them. {side eye at the dishonesty involved in this}
Old-school AA men from previous generations used to respond like that. But that’s not how most AA males “roll” nowadays. Due to a number of causes, mostly revolving around the effects of mass fatherlessness. If AA men were still protecting their female relatives, we wouldn’t have the volume of murders, rapes, and beatings of AA women and girls that goes on day in, day out among AAs.
If it was still so commonplace for AA men to defend their female relatives, then a known child molester who has racked up multiple Black girl victims like Ar-ruh Kelly wouldn’t be walking around unharmed. Like nothing ever happened. For over a decade. He’s racked up a LOT of Black girl victims over the past few decades. Including urinating on at least one Black girl victim’s head. If so many AA men were interested in protecting their female relatives, wouldn’t at least one of those many little girls’ fathers (including Aliyaah’s father), uncles, brothers, cousins, etc. have lifted a finger to avenge their BF child relative? Even a little bit?
And, really now . . . we all know that. I feel that at this point in time, anybody sincerely pretending that a purple unicorn sighting is the norm is in line for a Darwin Award. Given current circumstances among the AA collective, it’s just that ridiculous.
One blogger asked why do so many people encourage AA women not to give up on the [dead] Black community. I’ve given this question a lot of thought. And I’ve concluded that this sort of “BW, you should keep hope alive for the [dead] AA community” is about sabotage at its core.
Some AA women are addicted to Sista Soldiering, and are afraid of being left to fight alone in the trenches as more sensible AA women walk away from the entire mess.
Other AA women want to make sure that very few other BW are living well—or God forbid, living better than they are. So they knowingly give bad advice to other AA women (including this “Keep hope alive” mess). To trick other BW into taking themselves out of life’s competition in search of the good life.
And then there’s the traditional “Misery loves company” motivation.
Sensible AA women and girls will simply keep heading for the exits.

The Confused Latecomers

There are the anti-BW opportunists and saboteurs. And then there are the confused latecomers. Many of whom think that as long as they have a nonblack boyfriend, then that one fact—by itself—automatically means that they’re empowered. Just like the Mammy Mules and Sista Soldiers, many of these confused, interracially-dating and married BW latecomers have been spending their money to support BM (and others) who HATE them. And spending their money to support people who NEVER give them reciprocity.
These BW latecomers have not bothered to read the archives of the pioneering or early BWE blogs. Instead, they’ve been getting a very distorted view of what BWE is about from lightweight, 3rd and 4th generation, sorta-kinda BWE-ish blogs.
Or, even worse, they’ve been getting their info from fake-BWE blogs that claim to be about uplifting BW, but still support anti-BW movie mess from Tyler Perry, Quentin Tarantino, Steve Harvey, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, and so on. The fake-BWE blogs talk empowerment but encourage AA women consumers to keep giving their money to entertainers who verbally or literally piss on BW (Kevin Hart, Ar-Ruh Kelly, for examples); erase BW from their own history (Red Tails, for example); or pimp BW consumers for their money while lifting up nonblack women (Hill Harper and his relationship advice book directed at BW, for example).
God is Good. Despite the opportunists and saboteurs promoting confusion about what empowerment means, a critical mass of AA women have caught a clue.

Bask In The Victory, But Remember That There’s A Potential “Oliver Twist” Experience Waiting In The Wings

A few months back while listening to an older relative tell me about my grandfather’s early life, I had an epiphany: A lot of AA women are living lives from Oliver Twist, while modern White Americans are living out an episode of Friends.
Many (if not most) mainstream White Americans growing up in the 1800s had very, VERY difficult lives compared to those of modern-day mainstream White Americans. There wasn’t much of a safety net for them due to widespread illness and the early deaths caused by widespread illness. All of which created a lot of orphans and other children who were forced to take on adult worries at very young ages.
Modern-day AAs don’t talk about this much, but it’s shocking to realize how many (if not most) of our grandparents grew up dealing with that 1800s-level of hardship in the 20th century. A lot of my AA friends’ grandparents and my own paternal grandparents had to deal with the early deaths of their parents.
For example, my paternal grandfather’s parents died when he was in the 4th grade. He and his sisters were split up and placed with different guardians. My grandfather started looking for work—for real—as a 4th grader to help support his sisters. He also started worrying—as a 4th grader—about how he would ever be able to reunite with his sisters.
My grandfather never went to school past the 4th grade because he started working after his parents died. Years later after he had married and was working as a chef on the railroad, my grandmother had to help him read the menus for the meals he cooked. That kind of childhood situation is unimaginable for modern mainstream Americans, thank God.
Quiet as it’s kept, most current-day AA women are living under circumstances that are more akin to those very harsh conditions faced by White Americans in the 1800s: a similar lack of a safety net. In the 1800s, that lack was caused by early deaths of parents and other close kin that modern medicine has mostly eliminated. For 20th and 21st century AA women, that lack is caused by the family- and community-disintegration factors discussed by the BWE blogs. The causes are different, but the effects are very similar. Meanwhile, mainstream American WW (and WW in other industrialized countries) are mostly living essentially carefree 21st century lives.
Here’s my point in mentioning all of this: Even as more of us escape from all manifestations of Blackistan lifestyles into living in an episode of Friends, we should remember that a potential “Oliver Twist” type situation is waiting in the wings to bring us down. American WW have several generations of family-created safety nets backing them up. Most of us [AA women] don’t. For all the reasons discussed on BWE blogs, our biological families don’t and won’t function as effective safety nets.
If something goes wrong with our Friends-lifestyle marriages, Friends-lifestyle jobs, etc., there won’t be any safety net coming from our biological families. We have to consciously prepare our own layers of safety nets. It seems to me that Debra Dickerson’s mistake was that she forgot that she didn’t automatically have the type of bulletproof safety net that similarly-situated American WW have. She apparently forgot that there was an Oliver Twist-type situation waiting for her if something went wrong with her Friends-lifestyle.
Ladies, continue to enjoy living the Friends-lifestyles you’ve found in the outer world away from Blackistan; and make preparations so you won’t drop down into Oliver Twist if something goes wrong.
Wherever you are in your journeys, here’s a resource that will keep you encouraged: Motivational writer Orison Swett Marden overcame growing up in very difficult circumstances in the 1800s. His books are still current in the 21st century and very helpful.