Monday, March 23, 2015

Friends With Benefits (FWB) = Pump & Dump

Forty-plus years of mass fatherlessness (created by mass out-of-wedlock childbearing) has created mass mental illness, derangement and depravity among modern-day African-Americans (AAs). This mass mental illness is manifested by legions of new-school AAs being totally out of touch with human norms.

I applaud the patience Mrs. Dee Dee Russell-Lefrak demonstrates in the comments to THIS Facebook post, because I can’t be bothered talking to Suffering Yet Hard-headed AA Women anymore. These days, I simply step over and around such women.
Part of what has gone horribly wrong among the masses of modern day (mostly fatherless) AAs is that they give pleasing names to ugly circumstances. Such as this “Friends With Benefits” terminology. All of which really boils down to a woman allowing herself to be Pumped & Dumped.

{rhetorical question} What [non-prostitute] woman in her right mind SIGNS UP to be pumped and dumped??!!??

Some of the silly pro-FWB talk in the comments to Dee Dee's post would be comical if the consequences and generations of AA suffering caused by this mess weren’t so severe and extreme.
I mean, really now . . . males are never confused about THEIR interests. The typical straight male is looking to have free sex without any commitment, accountability or responsibility. For as long as possible, and with as many different women as possible. In other words, the typical male is looking to pump and dump for as long as possible—unless and until he runs across a woman that he desires enough to want to take her off the market by marrying her.
What I notice is that throughout each historical era since the 1960s, men never repudiate their basic “pump and dump” urges. Instead, it’s silly women who are buying into a series of slogans that make it convenient for men to pump and dump them. Slogans like “free love,” “sex-positive,” and “friends with benefits.”
Silly, gullible women—and their fatherless, out-of-wedlock children—pay the price for buying into these pro-pump & dump slogans. Most AA social problems stem from AA women allowing themselves to be freely pumped & dumped instead of having basic standards for engaging in physical intimacy.

Let’s just call situations what they are:

baby mama = pumped & dumped woman who had an out-of-wedlock (oow)(typically fatherless) child

food stamps = charity food assistance for mostly pumped & dumped women and their oow (typically fatherless) spawn

Section 8 = charity hell-hole housing filled with pumped & dumped women and their oow (typically fatherless) spawn

food insecurity = a frequent feature of the pumped & dumped lifestyle

poverty = a feature of the pumped & dumped lifestyle

violent, feral BM = the fatherless, oow spawn of pumped & dumped BW

“programs” = financial, mentoring and assorted other charity support intended to compensate for the missing husband and father that is built into the pumped & dumped lifestyle

“Chiraq,””Kill-a-delphia,””Blackistan,” etc.  = dangerous, violent slums filled with pumped & dumped BW and their fatherless, oow spawn

Anyhoo, if you’re smart, you’ll listen to what Dee Dee is telling you about this Friends With Benefits mess.

She’s telling some of y’all things that your older BW relatives should have told you (and had a duty to tell you) but didn’t.