Friday, September 5, 2008

Reading List for the 2nd Great Depression

Those of you who know me already know that I've been yelling the alarm about the coming financial collapse. And about how most Black folks (due to Obama-related-mania) are not doing anything to prepare. Here's a recap:

1. This economy is going to crash around our heads. This process has already begun. I strongly urge everyone to develop as many income streams as possible. ASAP. Depending on a single paycheck is courting disaster.

2. We haven't seen the full extent of the damage because the powers that be (PTB) have been hiding much of the damage. The PTB have done this to protect the image of the boy-prince, George W. Bush. The PTB won't extend the same service to Sen. Obama if he is elected president. In fact, if Obama is elected, they'll let it all fall apart to ensure that he gets the blame for the past 8 years of fiscal mismanagement.

3. In the midst of frolicking in our Obama-mania, most Black people haven't thought through the repercussions of having Sen. Obama elected.

4. For example, if Sen. Obama is elected president this means that the days of crying to Whites about racism are OVER. For real. They won't entertain that noise anymore. They will say that racism can't be that bad---after all, a Black (sort-of) man was elected president.

[For the purposes of this discussion, I won't go into detail about how in order to be the first viable "Black" presidential candidate, it seems that the candidate must be half-Other and half-foreign origin. In order to have a serious chance to be the first Black president, it helps that Sen. Obama is half-White and half-something-other-than-African-American. Politically, this is a a new "paper bag test" in operation.]

5. Black leadership (such as it is) does not have any other strategy beyond protesting racism. Collectively, Black folks don't have a back-up plan. This is a problem.

6. If elected, a Pres. Obama will feel the need to prove to Whites that he's not partial to us. He will do this by ignoring our issues and problems. There won't be any help coming from an Obama Administration. Not specifically for Black folks.

7. Because Black folks are addicted to symbol over substance, most of us will continue to support a Pres. Obama no matter what he does. Even while he literally ignores us to death. After all, we "gotta support a brother." We love seeing Black faces in high places. Even when these Black-skinned folks do a great deal of damage to our interests. [For examples, see Black folks' continued expressions of support and admiration for Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, etc.]

Here's a quick reading list for those who are ready to face reality and prepare:

8. The excellent articles by Dmitry Orlov posted at Check out his series entitled "Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post American Century," and "Surviving a Financial Collapse."

9. And the following books:
a. When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance & Planetary Survival by Matthew Stein.
b. Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times by Steve Soloman.
c. The Secure Home by Joel M. Skousen.

People, Get Ready!


Anonymiss said...

Hey Khadijah,
*Waves* Look at who went and started a blog :-)

I really need the gardening book. I just dropped $80 on groceries today. I hate that it'll only last a week and some change.

Khadija said...

Hello there, Anonymiss!

{excited waving}

Thanks so much for stopping by. {big smile}

Yep, I need to start supplementing my groceries by growing at least some tomatoes (or something like that). One of my coworkers has been growing tomatoes, and they're pretty good. [I really like salads.]

It's best to learn how to do these things while they're still a casual pursuit---I don't want to wait until it's critical to try to figure this out.

That's why I'm thankful for people like Anna Marie Carter, aka "The Seed Lady" of South Central LA. Last I read a few years back, she was teaching the young people how to make their own soap and do organic gardening. May God bless her.

Peace and blessings,

roslynholcomb said...

This is one of my fave websites. Yeah, there's some crackpot stuff there, but great survivalist info as well:

I think it's crucial to both our survival and our emotional well-being that we learn how to grow things from the earth. Even if the economy doesn't crash, there's little doubt that global warming is going to escalate the price of food exponentially. We must be able to provide for ourselves.

Khadija said...

Hello there, Roslyn!

{excited waving}

Thank you so much for stopping by. And thanks for the link to the website. The unfortunate reality is that, for the most part, the "crackpots" will be better prepared than reasonable, rational people when Bad Things happen.

There are all sorts of yucky trends coming together in a perfect storm of hard times.

From global warming & related violent weather fluctuations, to the faltering economy, to peak oil, to the economic fallout of continued foreign wars. Not to mention the economic fallout of the new Cold War that the boy-prince, Cheney, et. al. are starting up with Russia.

Like you said, "We must be able to provide for ourselves." ASAP.

Peace and blessings,

The Original Wombman said...

Thanks you for this post. It was quite helpful and I'm going to order the books you've recommended. I've really been thinking seriously about the next few months and ways to prepare. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and start to panic because living in a more urban area, it's kind of difficult to prepare as fully as would be necessary but then I realize that more than anything, the most important way to deal with this "long emergency" is to be prepared spiritually and mentally.


Khadija said...

Welcome, Chi-Chi!

You're very welcome! And thank you so much for stopping by. I'm always delighted to see more people take action to save themselves.

Sometimes I also feel overwhelmed & sooo far behind with my own preparations. But then I remember one of the things my parents taught me: "Something is better than nothing."

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Anonymous said...

I think my last post didn't go through.
Anyway, in sum I am planning to learn how to can using a pressure canner and to expand my garden this year.

Khadija said...

Welcome, Forever Loyal!

Good for you! I've thought about learning how to can, but it sounds complicated, and I feel overwhelmed at the thought. [Nevertheless, I really should look into learning this.]

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Fast forward to 2014 and it is amazing by how right this blogger was...