Saturday, October 12, 2013

African-American Slave Consumers’ Addiction to “Business As Usual” Vs. Escape Velocity

When I read this excellent blog post (A is for Anger… And, Why I write What I write…), I chuckled as I read through the comment section. I chuckled because Black female slave consumers consistently use the same tired and convoluted excuses when trying to justify their choice to continue supporting anti-BW media garbage. It doesn’t matter whether the topic under discussion is:

Anti-BW gangster (c)rap;
Anti-BW- (especially anti-professional BW) Tyler Perry flicks;

Movies and TV shows that portray BW as unattractive mammies;
Movies and TV shows that portray BW as hardened, professionally competent shemales who are never the recipients of devotion, love, or protection from quality men (or any man at all);

Movies and TV shows that put BW characters into the Stay Losing side of love triangles;
Movies and TV shows that put BW characters into immoral love triangles (with men who are married to other women); and so on.

The excuses are always the same:
First, Black female slave consumers try to redefine the problem (negative propaganda portrayals of BW) as not really being a problem. “It’s no big deal. BW characters shouldn’t have to be ‘perfect’ or have ‘perfect’ lives.” Notice how Black female slave consumers deliberately misconstrue and twist the demand for decent, 3-dimensional images of BW—you know, the way nonblack women are portrayed— into demands for “perfect” images.

[Incidentally, let me note that there’s nothing “traditionally feminine” about a woman being a homewrecker who dates married men, or a woman who shacks up with a man. Those are hoodrat behaviors, no matter how well-dressed or physically attractive a woman might be. The better-dressed, better-coiffed homewreckers and shackers are simply upscale hoodrats.]
Second, Black female slave consumers will say that other African-American (AA) women shouldn’t withhold or retract their support from these movies and TV shows because to do so would be to deprive BW actresses of jobs. NO, what’s depriving BW actresses from being employed is their own refusal to Do For Self, create their own production companies, and create their own media products starring themselves.

When a BW actress takes a job that involves running BW’s image through the mud, then I certainly have no obligation to support her having that job. That’s the ethical equivalent of the drug dealer’s justification: If the way you feed yourself is by doing something (selling drugs, doing a minstrel-show/Jimmie Walker—Dyn-O-Mite!/Stepin Fetchit/Mammy/Hood Rat performance) that cuts my throat, then NO, I’m not going to support you feeding yourself by cutting my throat.
The other thing about the drug dealer argument is that it’s a false, intellectually dishonest argument. There are plenty of other ways in America to make money to feed oneself besides selling drugs. Similarly there are plenty of other ways for BW actresses in America to have acting roles besides playing roles that run BW’s image through the mud.

The reality is that negro drug dealers and, unfortunately, most BW actresses are too lazy to work these other angles. Because these other angles involve trailblazing, doing for self, and a lot more work than looking for somebody else to make things happen for you.
In an age of video podcast TV shows, YouTube videos, digital film equipment, etc. modern day Black actresses don’t have any legitimate excuses for not producing and creating an audience for their own content. These women are not trapped into begging for other people to cast them in their productions the way pioneers like Diahann Carroll and others were in previous generations.

Too many AA creative artists are still waiting on White (specifically Jewish-dominated, White*) Hollywood to do for them what they do for their own White artists. Which includes providing jobs and stardom for a long list of foreign White actors and actresses from places like Australia. White Hollywood has not, is not, and will not provide employment for Blacks en masse.
*Before anybody accuses me of anti-Semitism, they should read some books written by Jewish writers in which they brag about their people’s creation and ongoing domination of Hollywood. Starting with An Empire of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood by Neal Gabler. From the book description: “Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Award for history, this "wonderful history of the golden age of the movie moguls" (Chicago Tribune ) is a provocative, original, and richly entertaining group biography of the Jewish immigrants who were the moving forces behind the creation of America's motion picture industry.”

My point is that Jewish immigrants did not create Hollywood in order to create jobs for Black folks. The modern-day Whites who control Hollywood are also not in the business of creating jobs for Black folks. Nor are they concerned about portraying BW as healthy human beings, much less portraying BW as desirable women.
The Whites who created and continue to control Hollywood are ALL about lifting up their OWN people and portraying their OWN women as the pinnacle of beauty. THAT will never change. It’s not White folks’ fault that AAs refuse to Do For Self. It’s not White folks’ fault that BM denigrate and refuse to lift up the image of the women from their own racial group. It’s not White folks’ fault that Black female slave consumers actively support images that cut their own throats. All of those are choices that slaves make. God respects free will, and so do I.

I’m not saying any of this as an I Never Watch TV snob. Over the years, there have been a few TV shows that I regularly watched. I watched Babylon 5 and the newer version of Battlestar Galactica on a regular basis. However, the Battlestar Galactica writers put the BW character into a Stay Losing love triangle in which she (as the fiancé or wife, I can’t remember which) ultimately lost against a butch-looking WW character (Starbuck). The writers ultimately had this BW character commit suicide. [!!!] Long before it got to that point, I had stopped watching that show.
This pattern of negatively positioning BW characters is an old and frequent pattern, and once I saw the beginning moves in that direction with the BW character on Battlestar Galactica, I drifted away from watching that show. I don’t support things that cut my throat as a BW; I gravitate away from such things.

Anyhoo, the general refusal to disconnect from non-productive and/or actively harmful things isn’t a dynamic that’s limited to Black female slave consumers. Almost any type of positive change creates internal resistance within the person who’s contemplating making a positive change.

HERE'S an excellent blog post that discusses these dynamics. In order to reach escape velocity into a self-actualized life, you have to disconnect from anything and everything that’s pushing you down.


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