Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Less Soldier Says, "Smile When you say that!: The Multi Cultural Editions"

I 100% co-sign what One Less Soldier (blog host of Not Your Girl Friday) said HERE.

Far too many straight African-American women are addicted to knee-jerk muling for other people. Other people like Black men, foreign Blacks, Latinos, gays and lesbians, transvestites, hunchbacks, etc. Anybody and everybody except themselves.

And instead of breaking the muling habit, some of y'all have started coming up with hip-sounding excuses to justify your choice to keep engaging in that same, old behavior pattern of knee-jerk muling for other people.

Furthermore, I would suggest that readers pay close attention to the very first comment to that post, which was made by an African-British commenter named JaliliMaster. She gave an honest description of the dynamics involved when African-American women catch a clue and start looking out for their own interests.

As JaliliMaster noted, a person who is acting in good faith is not going to have a problem with (much less a tantrum in response to) you asking the common-sense question of "How does this benefit me?" before giving knee-jerk support to anything or anybody.

And if a person chooses to have a hissy-fit in response to you asking the common-sense question of "How does this benefit me?" then you know what that person's intentions are toward you: Nothing nice - that's somebody who's looking to use you.