Sunday, July 13, 2014

African-American Women: They Hate You BECAUSE You Cape For Them

I’ve always gotten very bad, woman-hating vibes off the whole male-dominated transsexual and transgender movement. It always registered to me as a bunch of quirky men encroaching on and violating actual women’s spaces. And doing so with a hateful, ultra-sexist, and demented spirit.
So, I wasn’t really surprised to run across a blog that lists some of the transgender and cross-dressing male predators who use their access to women’s shelters, women’s locker rooms, and women’s bathrooms to sexually assault women and girls. See the post at GenderTrender titled, "Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook, serial rapist, sexually assaulted and terrorized women after being placed in Toronto area Women’s Shelters." 

I also wasn’t very surprised to learn that most of these so-called transgender “women” choose to keep their penises. I highly recommend Roslyn’s post about all of this titled, "Stop Taking Crazy Pills. They Only Have One Look." UPDATE: The next time somebody comes to you with a sob story about some transgender man, please direct them  to this post by Roslyn, "Connecticut and the Jane Doe Case: Stand Up for His Victims!!!"

Well, in recent years, I’ve also felt the same very bad, woman-hating vibes coming from the White gay male led-“official” gay movement.

Since it’s impossible to talk about these matters without listing one’s “I support justice for gays and lesbians” street cred, here are some links to posts where I’ve denounced African-Americans’ mass bigotry against gays and lesbians. HERE. HERE. I also mention this fake-religious based bigotry against gays and lesbians on page 44 of my book.

I was one of those rare straight African-Americans (especially rare for a Muslim Black Nationalist, which is what I was at that point in time) who spoke out in favor of justice for lesbians and gays long before it became acceptable to do so. I spoke out—and had lots of silly Black folks looking at me cross-eyed—back in the 1980s and early 1990s. During the AIDs plague. So, for those African-American Black women (AABW) who are addicted to caping for gays, lesbians and trans-individuals, please try to refrain from accusing me of anti-gay bigotry.

It’s been pretty clear to me that these sexual minority movements are NOT about basic justice for gays and lesbians anymore. They haven’t been about basic justice for a long time. I’d say for at least the past 10 or so years. At this point, these sexual minority movements are about grabbing the political power and influence necessary to shove active approval of homosexuality down everybody else’s throat. And since AABW are the only unprotected (and therefore vulnerable) “weak link,” the basic plan is to use AABW as stepping stones for their own advancement. I’ll explain:

White male-led sexual minority movements have appropriated the image and spirit of the AA civil rights movement for their own purposes. They’re riding our dead civil rights martyrs’ coattails just like the Latinos, Asians, foreign Blacks, and everybody else and their mama.

In terms of the whole transgender thing, they are appropriating the images of AABW. It’s not a coincidence that the so-called transgender “women” who are being promoted in public are Black MEN like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. It’s not a coincidence that the main Black female character on a show like Orange Is The New Black that’s allowed to look feminine is a transgender Black MAN. Furthermore, I’ve read that the Buckwheat-looking* BW character called Crazy Eyes on that show literally urinated on the floor like a dog—to mark her territory because she was crushing on the white woman character.

What you need to understand as an AABW is that a lot of gay men as well as cross-dressing and transgender men HATE women. With a passion. Lemme make it real plain so that even a cave person can understand the dynamics underlying this: What’s the primary obstacle standing between gay men, cross-dressing men, transgender men and the erect heterosexual male penis that many of them crave? Answer: Heterosexual women. Many gay and cross-dressing/transgender men hate straight women because straight men are sexually focused on women, and not on these men.

But it’s not safe for gay/cross-dressing/transgender men to act on that hatred when it comes to WW and other nonblack/non-AA women. Because nonblack/non-AA women are protected by the straight men of their group. Furthermore, non-AA women don’t have the habit of caping for other people. Guess which category of women that leaves for gay/cross-dressing/transgender men to freely and publicly lash out at? Like THIS video mess. Incidentally, the transgender negro male in this video is ranting in response to THIS article.

Guess which category of women that leaves for gay/cross-dressing/transgender men to use as scapegoats when the White community votes against their political causes? I discussed the hate crimes committed by White gay men and the scapegoating of AABW in the aftermath of Proposition 8 HERE.

This is the same pattern that we’ve seen with Latinos, other so-called “people of color,” BM, and so on. Ladies, these other people disrespect, demean and hate you in large part because you cape for them.
The pattern is consistent: people generally only respect people who DON’T and WON’T cape for them.

Straight AABW, stop caping for gays, lesbians and cross-dressing/transgender men. Stop caping in general. Just stop caping.

*Addendum about modern dating* If you plan on keeping AA males in your dating pool as an AABW (particularly those who live in Atlanta), I would strongly urge you to watch the following two videos by an out gay BM. I can see why many other gay BM are angry with this man, because he's telling a lot of truth in these videos and he's not sugarcoating anything.

He's essentially warning women about how to avoid involvement with a down-low gay BM. In the first video, he suggests that women get gay male hook-up website apps for their smart phones so they can see if any of the men around them are on those sites looking for a hook-up. In the second video, he warns about the numbers of down-low BM who are in Black fraternities. And who use their fraternity membership as a cover story while meeting other men for sex.

[*Notes in the margin about these minstrel show images: Here’s a comment I made about that in response to THIS excellent post:

It almost goes without saying that I will boycott every Black individual connected to this TV show. They will never get any form of support from me. Ever.

Another aspect to all of this that I find troubling is how apparently most AAs are unaware of our history in Hollyweird. It seems to me the only way any AA could—in good faith—be sincerely confused about these images is if they aren’t familiar with these degrading tropes for Black performers. These degrading, racist tropes and “norms” for Black performers are not new. Not at all. In fact, they’re 150+ years old in the U.S. (These racist minstrel show tropes pre-date the U.S. Civil War.

I would strongly urge progressive BW to look into the history of Black performers and get familiar with this very old mess that keeps getting trotted out. Here’s a good site to start with.

I saw the top poster of this “Crazy Eyes” creature, and immediately recognized it as yet another incarnation of Mantan Moreland and that big-eyed “Buckwheat” expression from Little Rascals. I know my history. Ladies, do you know yours? When you know your history, you’re not confused when presented with this type of mess.

This SAME bug-eyed, “crazy eyes” look STAYS on frequent rotation for Black performers.

The same way that “Aunt Jemima” look STAYS on frequent rotation for Black actresses.

Because certain folks in the entertainment industry reward Black performers for portraying minstrel show-style images. Any BW who is okay with those of her great-great-great grandbabies who are Black being presented with the SAME minstrel show-images as “entertainment” should keep watching and supporting this mess. One would think that after 150+ years of this mess, 99.999% of AAs (including AA performers) would’ve had enough of it. I guess not.

The only point of (mild) curiosity in this for me is about the Nigerian-heritage actress that portrays this Crazy Eyes creature.

I just find it fascinating that—without being part of this American minstrel-show history—she apparently knew precisely what kind of minstrel-show-type, “crazy eyes” look would be rewarded by whoever (presumably nonblack) is running that show.]

**Addendum dated 8-23-14---I TOLD YOU SO** Read the post Laverne Cox launches media campaign in support of transwoman Synthia China Blast: convicted for the rape, murder and abuse of the corpse of thirteen-year-old Ebony Nicole Williams over at Gender Trender. Mr. Cox's post-backlash claims of not knowing the details of that particular trans-creature's crimes are not persuasive. Because Laverne Cox has previously defended another woman-killing male.

In THIS interview, Mr. Cox defended Robert Kosilek who murdered his wife. According to the Wikipedia article, Kosilek had strangled his wife with a rope and with a piece of piano wire, pulling so tightly that he nearly severed his wife's head from her body.