Sunday, February 15, 2015

Please Read And Forward This Facebook Post By For Black Women Only

The dynamics discussed in THIS recent Facebook post over at For Black Women Only have previously been discussed in BWE circles over the years. This particular news story is simply a more extreme version of the dynamics discussed in the post Does Being A “Day 1 Chick” Come With Any Benefits? Both posts discuss an important lesson that more African-American (AA) women need to learn.
While I’m talking about this, let me mention some of the subtext underlying the conversation over at For Black Women Only. What a lot of y’all African-American women don’t notice or understand is that more than a few of these BW-centric sites that spend their time “chewing the fat” about AA women’s issues and problems* are written by African (from what I can tell, mostly Nigerian-heritage) women.
I’m sure many of the AA mammy mules caping for BM over at various BW-centric sites assume that they’re only debating with other AA women (AA women who don’t approve of caping for BM). The AA mammy mules who flock to these pages to cape for BM don’t seem to realize that they’re often arguing and debating with African women—African women who are generally NOT raised to cape for men. Period.
I give African women credit that in general they are NOT willing to be used as mammy mules. The vast majority of the African women immigrants I’ve known over the years know how to “get theirs;” they’re very similar to Asian women in that regard. I admire that about them.

I'm mentioning this because more AA women need to learn to pay attention to subtext and nuances. When interacting with everybody. Across the board.
[*Yep, these Foreign BW Publicly Talking & Preaching About AA Issues While Mostly Keeping Quiet About Their Own Ethnic Group's Issues When In Earshot of AAs websites are publicly chewing the fat about African-American issues and problems. And generally not engaging AA women readers in conversations about other types of news stories, such as:
Mother left her two children aged 10 and 13 home alone for THREE WEEKS while she went on a holiday abroad - A mother had abandoned her children to go to a family wedding in Nigeria

'It scares the Jesus outta me': Outrage as Nigerian 'Nollywood' star posts image of himself wearing Ebola mask in first class airport lounge as he flees Liberia]