Saturday, July 11, 2015

DON'T keep all of your money in one place. Keep a stock of cash outside the bank.

About Greece

If you haven't been paying attention to how everyday people are faring during Greece's economic crisis, perhaps you should:

It could be a sneak preview of what YOU might have to live through in the Not So Distant future.

From How one weeping man put a face on Greece’s debt crisis:
It’s an image that some have said crystallizes the despair felt across Greece, a country in the grips of a spiraling financial crisis.
Giorgos Chatzifotiadis, an elderly man in Thessaloniki, sat down in front of a crowd and cried last Friday after he waited for hours in front of numerous banks to withdraw cash but was unable to do so. Chatzifotiadis was among many pensioners who aimed to take out money on the fifth day of the bank closures, after hundreds of branches had reopened for those without bank cards to withdraw 120 euros.
AFP photographer Sakis Mitrolidis recalled the scene in a blog post on Tuesday, writing that he and reporters from a TV channel approached the man and began to chat. After the 77-year-old explained his story, the journalists accompanied him to talk to a bank employee. “Fortunately,” he said, “they were able to help him.”
"I see my fellow citizens begging for a few cents to buy bread,” Chatzifotiadis told the photographer at the time. “I see more and more suicides. I am a sensitive person. I cannot stand to see my country in this distress. That's why I feel so beaten, more than for my own personal problems.”
It wasn’t until later that Mitrolidis understood what he had captured. “Back in my office, when I saw the pictures on the monitor, I understood this was a powerful series,” he writes. “The composition, the papers scattered beside him, the policeman coming to help, the people watching as they queued, and the old man himself.”
Photos Of Greek Pensioners As They Desperately Try To Collect Funds From Banks

Cash Is King During A Crisis

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy should've have taught everybody that cash is king during a crisis: 

I'll note that this also affected people who were totally dependent on any kind of credit card to purchase food or other essential items.
People, Get Ready.