Saturday, May 28, 2016

Beauty And Comportment ARE Weapons—Do You Have Them Working For Or Against You?

I would strongly urge every African-American Black woman to read and give careful thought to Vonnie’s excellent recent Facebook post HERE, which states, in part:
I want to talk about how black women have had their femininity birthright taken from them and how we're punished for it. Barby Jayne and Ashleigh Brown sparked some thoughts in my mind about this as well as the tahitian dancing post I shared earlier.
Where are the African Geisha-types? Courtesans? Nothing about us was ever lauded by bm to the world as a feminine ideal; we've always been betrayed and used as warriors and work mules. How many books/movies/poems have been done about the "pretty prostitute/mistress/courtesan/geisha" in ancient times or now? how many were about BLACK women being the ultimate in feminine sex appeal? Where are our sonnets/odes/epic poems/literature? The Middle East, Asia, and Europe have countless impressive and well known texts dedicated to their women's beauty and femininity, wars were waged in their women's honor, art was created solely to praise their beauty....once again, where's ours? Has no one ever thought about that? . . . [  ]
. . . [  ] Our femininity was never appreciated or emphasized and now we're demonized as hard, angry, mean....where they do that at? What other way would bw be? When a black girl child IS feminine, she's told to toughen up and accept/want struggle.....when she expresses her feminine sexuality, she's a dirty thot and sexually assaulted (to the tune of over 60% of black girls under the age of 18) and so gets used to her sexuality being devalued and free to all (we don't even cherish black virgins like in every other culture, just assume that all are hoes with a bunch of baby daddies). There are no quinceaneras to celebrate our ascent into womanhood, no cotillions or balls, barely get to go to prom.
Then as adults the great irony in life is that black men turn around and chase OTHER women for being feminine because they haven't set up the environment EVER for bw to be so. Ashleigh Brown noted: "You ever notice how bm only want women that other men worked to preserve their femininity
Ie. Non bw
Ie. Bw with non bm
I was watching a Korean talent show at nail shop and these women are afforded so much in regards to protection of their image. A lot of the songs men were singing was about love and marriage. 
Similar issues were discussed in my post Beauty As A Weapon and in the comments to that post. I would urge you to check out that conversation if you haven’t already seen it.

I spoonfed specific “Beauty As A Weapon”-related resources in the premium content that I reserved for those readers who were regular commenters on my blogs.

Those who value cultivating their beauty can find similar resources on their own with a bit of effort.

As noted during another post:
Equality is not the same as uniformity. Men are not the same as women, and generally don’t have the same emotional priorities or needs. Often, nonverbal communication is superior to verbal communication. Actions say more than words. Indirect actions are often more useful in shaping other people’s behavior than direct confrontations.
I also believe that more modern Western women need to get it through their heads that acquiring and maintaining an attractive, feminine appearance works to their advantage. Instead of trying to pretend that men don’t respond differently to different women’s appearance. Or trying to browbeat men into pretending that they’re not visual creatures. That doesn’t work.
What happens is that men learn to stop talking in women’s presence about their preferences. Overall, this is a losing strategy for women.
. . . The point is for you to leverage these particular aspects of male psychology to your advantage! 
. . . Ladies, take what’s useful from whatever source, and discard the rest. A woman having feminine skills plus 21st century freedom of movement (especially in the Western world) is an extremely powerful combination!