Friday, January 16, 2009

Wildest Dreams Check-In, Week 2

Today is Day 11 of the Power 90 program.

The Awful Truth

Day 5: I bought and ate chocolate-covered raisins from one of the vendors that comes through the hair salon I attend. Thank goodness The Cake Lady didn't come by while I was there. She bakes and sell slices from the most mouth-watering cakes I've ever tasted. {sigh} I always ignore The Bootleg DVD Man.

Day 10: I overslept and missed doing the workout in the morning. Although, I did do it when I got back home from work. [For me, this is not a good thing because I'm less likely to work out in the afternoon or evening. I can always find so many compelling other things to do!]

General Awful Truth About Week 2: I'm struggling with the transitions between poses during the Power Yoga portion of the cardio workout. And I'm trembling while doing the Crescent Pose. I never liked yoga anyway. Hmmph.

Gold Stars

Day 8: I rode my exercise bike after work for "extra credit" cardio. [I won't be doing that very often. Overtraining is a no-no.]

General Gold Stars for Week 2: I'm faithfully doing the workouts, with about 90-95% compliance with the diet plan. I'm not sore anymore.

What's going on with you? How are your Wildest Dreams coming along?


Muse said...


Congrats on your progress with the Power 90 work out! I'm so proud of you and I know by April your body is going to look awesome and you will feel even better. As for me I'm actually mixing up my Power 90 work outs with the gym and Pilates. I hate the Power 90 cardio section, especially the yoga part at the beginning of the work out. The reason I'm mixing up the work outs is because I get bored very easily.

So now is in the mornings I'm either running in the park or going to the gym and doing cardio for an hour. Yesterday I ran five miles and felt pretty good. I’m debating whether or not to do a half marathon. In the afternoon I do the Power 90 resistance work out. Every other day I squeeze Pilates in before I go to the gym. I'm waking up at 5am to work out. As a result I have more energy through out the day and the inches are melting off.

My eating habits have also changed. I'm pretty much all avoiding most forms of processed foods. My meals consist of veggies, fruit, and lean protein. Oh yeah, water is your friend! I’ve also enrolled in this culinary cooking course taught by Chef Eric with one of my girlfriends.

I thought it would be fun to learn how to do gourmet cooking! I’m very excited and looking forward to meeting interesting people.

As for my career, I’m preparing myself to apply to graduate programs and debating if I want to do a joint degree in Business and Public Policy. I work in finance which I enjoy but I eventually want to go into Private Equity or Venture Capital with a focus on emerging markets. I have my eye on U of Chicago, Harvard, and Wharton.

I hope all the ladies reading your blog realize that now is the time to live your life and do it big. Although there is so much to be sad about in the world, there are things we can do that will uplift our spirits, challenge our intellect, and improve our health.

Keep up the fantastic work on the blog Khadija!

Ensayn1 said...

Way to go Khadija, So what if you "cheat" a lil on the diet plan, you'll be alright. I am moving forward with my workout to develop more power and more focused internal power. If you havn't done Yoga in a long time or never before you will tremble and there is nothing wrong with it. I think the issue with the Yoga is you only do it once per week for an hour in this program. If you could work in about 15 minutes each day the trembling will soon stop.


Anonymous said...

Hey Khadija!

I couldn't wait to respond to this post!

I had an allergic reaction to shrimp. But, I didn't let it stop me.

I couldn't do my aerobics so I walked with weights around the building for thirty minutes each day.

I also have reduced my portion sizes, and preparing more no sugar and flour meals!

I'm happy to report that my energy level has increased--gosh I haven't felt so energetic in a long time.

I've also lost 2 pounds!

I wanted to go to Burger King sooooo bad lol this evening after work but I pressed on.


: )

p.s. can't respond from work anymore...

Khadija said...

Greetings, Muse!

Guurl, I'm scared of you! {raised fist salute} Thank you for your kind words about the blog, as well as your encouragment about my Power 90 efforts. I truly appreciate it.

Greetings, Ensayn1!

Thank you for your encouragement. I need it! Left to my own devices, I am NOT a natural early-bird. LOL! If I may ask, what are you doing in terms of focused internal power? One of the Chinese arts?

I see that I'll just have to "suck it up" and get over my dislike of yoga.

Greetings, Sister Seeking/Miriam!

I applaud and salute your efforts! {raised fist salute} Keep up the good work!

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

iriegal said...

Khadija much encouragement to you in your Power 90 work outs. It is not easy to stay committed to exercise.

Today, I didn't go to the gym, however I walked about a mile and a half at the trail near my house.

You know I don't consider eating an "occasional" sweet treat "falling off the wagon" or cheating. We try to follow thing so literally that it makes life unbearable. said...

Hello there,

I suppose I the supreme pan pizza I ate...{hanging head in deep shame}

That's not even gets worse...okay...I ate 10 sugar-bees this week.... said...

Khadija, {two-hand high fives}

Now that I have confessed...I can jump up and down congratulating YOOOOOU!

Way to go!

Keep posting the updates!

This is really inspiring! Maybe you need to set up a webcam so we know how you're REALLY coming along!! *LOL*

Khadija said...

Greetings, Iriegal!

Thanks for the encouragement. I need it! And I applaud your efforts to maintain your health. {raised fist salute}

The thing is...that the more I deviate from the instructions, the less spectacular my results will be. Since being mostly deprived of my junk food is unpleasant, I want wring as much benefit as possible out of this deprivation. {sigh}

Greetings, Lisa!

Thanks for the 2-hand high five! I truly appreciate it.

3 Things:

1-Webcam? So the stalkers can more easily identify me...Nope, I don't think so. LOL!

2-What's a sugar-bee?

3-Whatever a sugar-bee is, and regarding the pizza, I have 2 words for you: "August, 2009!" {you know what I mean--LOL!}

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Ensayn1 said...

Hey Khadija, I do study Tai Chi and I am returning to a version of Iron Shirt training my original teacher taught along with my own twist. I am putting more emphasis on endurance weight training and flexibility, so I am kind of doing two a day workouts, but not over training just reshaping my body, I fell off quite a bit last year dealing with a lot of family emergencies.

Khadija said...

Hello there, Ensayn1!

I see. I had wondered if you were doing Chi Kung. WOW! {deep martial arts bow} I'm happy that you're helping to keep the traditional arts alive through your study and practice.

Once I get my side projects operational, I'm hoping to have the time to return to Hapkido classes.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Hagar's Daughter said...

I have added an additional day (2 days) of gentle stretching for 10 - 15 minutes depending on my pain level. It doesn't sound like much, but at this particular time and in this health crisis, trust me it feels like I've run a marathon.

I've increased my water intake to consistently 8 - 10 glasses a day.

Keep going Khadija!

Khadija said...

Greetings, Hagar's Daughter!

YES!YES!YES! {raised fist salute} I'm delighted to hear about your progress. Never feel like it's insignificant. Everything we do is either an investment in ourselves, OR a divestment from ourselves! Everything counts. Every effort matters. It all adds up.

To quote from a sales letter email I received today (I pay attention to, and study direct marketing sales copy---it's good to learn as many entrepreneurial skills as possible):

"Dear Early to Rise Reader -

Warren Buffett, one of the smartest and most successful businessmen of our time, was recently asked what he thought was the best investment anyone could make in these difficult times.

His answer was fast and simple ...

"The most important investment you can make is in yourself."

That could very well be the best advice Mr. Buffett has ever offered. If ever there were a time to take control of your future, it's now."
[emphasis added]

True 'dat.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

SDG said...

I confess that I had a scoop of ice cream with dinner on Saturday and a burger. Sigh.

I paid dearly because my system has become acclimated to not eating these things anymore and my esophagus was on fire.

That's what I get for "cheating." I am not back on track and the inches are dropping. I start running this week. I'm looking forward to it.

Keep up the good work Khadija.


Khadija said...

Greetings SDG/Simone!

You're not alone. I'm getting back on track after yesterday's 1-day "Rage Against the Diet Plan" Rebellion. And what's really upsetting is that the junk food I ate didn't even taste right anymore!!! {throwing my arms up in the air in disgust} [This will be totally 'fessed up to in my next check-in.]

This "not tasting right" (and what you described about how your "esophagus was on fire") is what happens when you indulge in grease, sugar, and processed "foods" after you've stepped away from it for any amount of time.

Another example: At this point, I would be nervous about eating the pizza I used to enjoy from a dive around where I work. I haven't had any of it in months. The last few times I ate a pizza slice from that joint after not eating there for months, I started coughing up mucous immediately afterward. [Gee, I guess that's a signal that I shouldn't have been eating that stuff in the first place. LOL!]

Anywaaay, the point is to get back in the saddle and back on track. Thank you for your encouragement. I truly appreciate it, and I need it! LOL!

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

mekare said...

Hey Khadijah,

I love your blog and thanks for the encouragement. I ate some pizza during the Steelers game on Sunday and have been snacking on these cookies throughout work this week. That has been my pitfall.

To help myself, I started a new fitness program and am rediscovering slim. I am taking an awesome multivitamin twice a day and have added a concentrated fruits and vegetable supplement to my diet.

I am undecided on my fitness routine but I know I need a change. I have been exercising during my lunch break which makes me feel incredible and ready to tackle the second half of the day.

I've been reading How to Win Friends and Influence people to retrain my thinking and am finishing up the Art of War.

I'm planning a trip to Ghana this summer and I am really excited about that.

I'll let you know how things go. In the meantime, I will keep working on my physical fitness.

Take care

Khadija said...

Greetings, Mekare!

Thank you for your kind words about the blog. I truly appreciate it.

About the food pitfalls: We all stumble and fall from time to time. The point is to get back up. I salute the changes you're making in support of your health! {raised fist salute}

Peace, blessings and solidarity.