Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Bougie throws a massive side eye towards the Black women haters who want us to be outraged over Donald Sterling"

I 100% co-sign what Bougie Black Girl said HERE.

It's been a joy basking in the victory of the BWE social justice movement. In this particular instance it's been delightful watching African-American women like Bougie Black Girl refuse to fight Black males' battles for them.

BM athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and others can fight their own battles. Or they can see if their non-black wives will protest and fight for them.

Self-proclaimed "New Blacks" like Pharrell can fight their own battles.

Or BM can choose to do nothing about this. Whatever. {shrug}

It's not my problem or responsibility. It's also not any other African-American woman's problem or responsibility. It's a blessing that so many AA women have finally caught a clue and realized this. {big smile}