Saturday, September 5, 2015

Random Public Singing, Celebrating Unnecessary Struggle, & Other Mentally Ill Behaviors

Random Singing in Public = Something That Only Skid Row Winos Would Do Back In The Day 

I’ve seen some comments during recent online conversations at various BW-centric spaces that show just how widespread mental illness has become among modern day African-Americans, in particular African-American Black women (AABW). So many new school AAs are doing so many weird and bizarre public behaviors that previously you used to see only among skid row winos and bums. 

One example is the increasing phenomenon of AA women randomly singing in public. I don’t mean AABW quietly humming along to a song they remember. I’m talking about full-out, loud singing in public as they walk down the street, shop in stores, etc. Loud enough for passersby to hear you.
I hate to break it to those who don't already know this, but it’s PECULIAR and obnoxious behavior. The rest of us don’t want to hear you singing. 

Why can’t some of you see how very, VERY strange that behavior is? 

NOBODY is engaging in this random public singing behavior (with any frequency) except mentally ill AA Black women and mentally ill homeless [mostly male] bums, winos and dope fiends. 

And then more than a few of you have the nerve to be offended when the other people you’re inflicting your unwanted public singing on back away from you and/or look at you funny. You also have the gall to wonder why you’re increasingly unwelcome in various public places. 

It was disturbing to read a recent exchange by a couple of BW commenters (I’ve deleted the names):


Well well I sing sometimes in public when I get really stessed and my anxiety starts to spike to keep me from wilding out or crying, it's my own coping mechanism. But I don't get loud I didn't realize it was that immoral to sing in public
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 You missing the point [deleted]. No one said its immoral, but who really wants or needs to hear you sing in public? People have their own shit going on and dont need your singing interrupting their thoughts if you are singing loud enough to do so.

And you may not think you are loud, but you never know.

If you’re so stressed out and anxious that you need to sing in public, PLEASE GET SOME THERAPY! 

Of course, the Randomly Singing In Public Commenter ultimately got belligerent and defiant when other commenters (like the second comment quoted above) suggested that this behavior was inappropriate and a nuisance to others around her. Well, she’ll probably have to learn her lesson the hard way that sometimes it’s better to yield—like Sandra Bland learned the hard way. Oh, well . . . in this modern era, hard heads make dead bodies. 

Furthermore, if your first reaction—as a purportedly responsible adult—to the news story about the BW who recently were ejected from a wine train is to ask “How loud is too loud?” then you’re probably an uncouth, ghetto individual—the type of individual that sane, civilized people (of all races and ethnicities) don’t want around. Or at their events. Or in their neighborhood. Or on their job. 

I stopped having knee-jerk reactions in support of self-proclaimed aggrieved AAs because too many AAs really ARE doing various inappropriate things in public. Oh, like the Black actress who decided to have sexual relations with her boyfriend in public view and then cried racism. Ive learned to take a breath and wait for the other shoe to drop before taking a position regarding various controversies  about random, Unknown To Me Black folks public behavior. 

Anyhoo, if youre the kind of person whose first reaction is to ask “How loud is too loud?” then get used to being shut out of things because the rest of us are sick of savages who cheapen and destroy everything nice they come into contact with. 

Empathizing With A [Obviously] Deranged BM Killer Who Murdered 2 Coworkers On Camera & Shot A Totally Uninvolved Woman Being Interviewed 

Another deranged thing that I’ve recently seen are the AA discussions surrounding the deranged gay BM named Vester Flanagan who murdered two of his former coworkers on camera. As I said during part of an email conversation with a friend about this: 
“I'm listening to the local Black-owned talk radio station and they're actually SYMPATHIZING with this killer negro!!!! 

The BM (ex-con former alderman) show host, 

BM caller after BM caller, 

a BM gossip radio show performer talking about his EEOC gripes about a previous TV employer who now works for this Black station:

are ALL talking about discrimination on the job, how the EEOC doesn't really help people facing discrimination, etc. whining about how "White people need to understand X, Y, Z"......

Not a word about the murder victims and their families. 

Not a word about the uninvolved woman who was being interviewed who was also shot by this killer negro. 

Right now there's a negro calling in who's scolding the BM host for referring to the killer as a killer. Because "all the facts aren't in" and "We don't know if the [murdered WW] TV reporter was on marijuana the way 'they' said Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system.." {gasp}” 
In addition to this, I heard (during that show) and saw (during online conversations at AA-oriented sites) commenter after commenter begin their killer-sympathizing comments with the phrase “White people need to understand [X,Y, and Z about racism] . . .” 

White America Doesn’t Need To Understand Anything About African-Americans Since We Collectively Depend On White America For EVERYTHING 

THIS “White people need to understand [X,Y, and Z about racism] . . .” mentality is crazy. African-Americans depend on White America to supply us with everything we need: food, clothing, shelter, employment, transportation, etc. By contrast, White America does not depend on African-Americans for anything. We collectively need them; they don’t need us. 

And this is the way it will continue to be since AAs: 

Refuse to produce anything of our own; 

Refuse to cooperate with each other; and 

Refuse to support each other economically. Since the walls of segregation have gone down, African-Americans have enforced an unspoken 50 Years & Counting undeclared boycott against visibly Black-owned businesses

Celebrating Unnecessary Struggle While “Hating On” Excellence & Common Sense 

Just read through many of the comments to THIS Facebook post by Bougie Black Girl. A mindset of celebrating unnecessary struggle while simultaneously “hating on” and resenting common sense and excellence is a first class ticket to the African-American Permanent Underclass. 

It’s one thing to be born into a bad situation created by one’s biological parents (since most Black underclass problems have their origin in out of wedlock childbearing and single parenting). It’s one thing to do the right things, exercise common sense and have one’s plans derailed by circumstances that are truthfully out of one’s control. 

It’s something totally dysfunctional to celebrate people recovering from their SELF-created problems. While many of y’all quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) hate and resent Black folks who use common sense and do the right things. That’s sick. 

Anyhoo, I had no idea there is so much widespread untreated mental illness among modern day African-Americans. If you have these type of people in your personal social circles, I respectfully suggest that you purge them. These kind of people are liabilities. Liabilities that you can’t afford if you’re seeking abundant lifestyles. You might want to take a look at these previous posts: