Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dystopia Now, Part 6: Get Ready For “After”

Introduction To All Posts:

Black women’s problems with Black men started in Africa LONG before the arrival of the Arab man and the White man. 

Black men have been betraying Black women since BEFORE the White man ever came to Africa. If you haven’t already done so, please read the following 2 posts:

And now on to today’s post.

All sorts of permanent changes away from Business As Usual are in progress. Right now. Will you be ready for the emerging New Normal

The Powers That Be are generally not going to tell you that we’ve arrived at Dystopia Now

They’re not going to bring to your attention the fact that the true maps of various states and coastline areas have been transformed due to climate change. For example, they’re not going to tell you that when you factor in areas that are unavailable due to flooding, the state of Louisiana looks like this compared to the current map

Nevertheless, there will be a time after the biggest changes have come and have become entrenched. 

There will be a time after homeowners have had to evacuate their homes in various coastal areas for the last time. Because it will finally be clear to local governments and everybody else that it makes no sense to keep rebuilding and repairing homes in areas that will continue to flood each year

There will be a time after local and federal governments stop subsidizing African-Americans’ penchant for out-of-wedlock childbearing. See the post Dystopia Now, Part 5: Brexit Is The Beginning of the End For African-American “Useless Eaters” 

There will be a time after all social and legal traces of the African-American Civil Rights Movement have been erased. 

There will be a time after the sudden influx of Mexicans fleeing narco wars and a cartel-induced collapse of the Mexican government. See the post Geostrategy Nerd: What Would Mexico's Sudden Collapse Mean for YOUR Prospects in the U.S.? 

There will be a time after all of the above. 

You can position yourself to not only survive the emerging changes but to thrive while these changes become the New Normal. In THIS previous post, I mentioned that preparedness is the next step after the BWE basics (along with various resources to help you prepare). I also mentioned the History Channel docudrama “After Armageddon” that aired a few years back. Here’s the entire docudrama: 

I would suggest that you pay close attention to the “25 years later” final section that begins at 3:22 in this clip from the last section of the docudrama: 

Now is a good time to think about and start preparing for your thriving lifestyle during the “after.”