Sunday, December 21, 2014

African-American Women: If You’re Wise, You’ll STAY NEUTRAL In the Police Vs. Black Male Conflict

Apparently, an angry BM has executed 2 New York City police officers purportedly as revenge for the police killing of Eric Garner. Here are my thoughts about all of this.
About Revenge

Unlike the mealy-mouthed, cowardly AA male misleadership class, I don’t have a problem with the concept of taking revenge in the abstract. Normal people take revenge. It’s only the AA slave who is too afraid to take revenge and has built up an entire slave religious ideology that justifies the slave’s cowardice.

I will also note that throughout human history men haven’t, don’t, and WON’T respect other males who are too cowardly to take revenge. That’s part of basic male psychology. Don’t be fooled. Don’t think that the White-male-dominated American police’s generalized attitude of contempt for AA males and the AA collective in general is solely (or even primarily) about racism.
Furthermore, the Sista Soldiers and mammy mules only increase nonblack men’s contempt for BM by manning the front lines of protests, etc. Real men handle their own business. Real men don’t hide behind women.

Mafia Men Don’t Have Problems With Police Brutality
Don’t be fooled on the other professed side of the issue. Don’t think that the WM-dominated American police’s generalized attitude of contempt for AA males and the AA collective in general is solely (or even primarily) about crime. If this was about crime, then WM Italian and Russian mafia men and Latino narco-kingpin men would also have similar problems with police brutality as AA males.

You will note that mafia men and high-ranking narco-kingpin men DON’T have any problems with police brutality. These men don’t have these problems because the police know that these other men won’t hesitate to take revenge on them and their families. With a quickness. So the American police have common sense—they don’t get out of pocket with the type of organized criminals who are sure to take revenge.
Here’s the flip side of that equation: Non-AA organized crime men are free to take revenge on any and all police who do something inappropriate to them because these men are NOT depending on the police to protect them, or their women and children.

It’s Crazy To Take Revenge When You Are Still Depending On Your Perceived Enemy To Provide You With Life-Saving Services
Like I said earlier, I’m not one of those slave-minded AAs who has bought into AA slave church theology that essentially forbids taking revenge. My issue with the notion of AA males taking revenge against racist and brutal-to-AAs American police is that we are STILL depending on these same police departments to save our lives. And depending on these police departments to protect us from other Blacks. It’s crazy to bite the hand that’s feeding you. Especially when you refuse to create a way to feed yourself.

As I said in THIS POST, White hegemony is currently feeding all African-Americans. To put it bluntly, White people feed all of us. Directly or indirectly. We need to stop “tripping” about that. Very few African-Americans have ever been serious about building the infrastructure needed in order to be a self-sufficient people. Only marginalized groups among us like the Nation of Islam went so far as to actually cultivate farm land, and create grocery stores and restaurants to feed African-Americans.
It’s especially crazy for AA women to get caught up in this Police Vs. BM Conflict. Because, in addition to BM NOT supporting or defending BW when BW are attacked by racist police:

White Male-Dominated Law Enforcement Is The Only Thing Standing Between You And Mass Rape In Black Neighborhoods
THE ABOVE-TITLE POST covered it all. If you are an AA woman, you are currently depending on WM-dominated American police to protect you and your daughters from Black men’s atrocities against BW and girls such as the following recent news story.

AA women: You better recognize.

Addendum 6 hours later. Ladies, watch to see how this story plays out in the Black media. Watch to see if (yeah, right about "if") the BW ex-girlfriend that this killer shot before killing these 2 officers totally disappears from the African-American/Black media narrative about this case. Ladies, this is NOT your fight. I strongly urge you to stay OUT of it.