Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Keep moving forward. Do NOT look in any direction but FORWARD. Do not pause to look to the side or back."

During the comments to THIS excellent post over at Not Your Girl Friday, veteran Common Sense blogger Evia said the following:

I’m sharing my deja vu experiences here because I don’t want AAbw to EVER again become stagnant for a second or paralyzed by soothing words or promises that “We’re ALL in this together.” That is total BS! AABw must keep moving forward. DO not look in any direction but FORWARD. Do not pause to look to the side or back. Keep looking 24-7 for your avenue of escape. I’m not saying that it’s going to always be peachy or comfortable after you escape, but one thing you should know for sure by now is that if you stay back there, you’re going down.

I’m saying this because I would want someone to repeat the same thing to my granddaughter if she ever were to find herself in the predicament that so many AAbw are facing today.

I just read where the Southeast Asian community has pledged solidarity with blacks to fight against institutionalized violence. To SOME AAblacks, that’s going to be translated as their SAVIOR has come. But this too is deja vu. I’ve seen this SAME thing before too because when people don’t learn the lesson, it will be repeated for those people–over and over again.

During the 1970s, the ‘hippies’ and other young whites had coalitions comprised of tens/hundreds of thousands of young middle and upper class, wealthy, well-educated whites–sons and daughters of the white power structure in this country–staged MASSIVE demonstrations practically everyday like it was their religion, caused mayhem and death by blowing up buildings and people, etc. They were mainly protesting the Vietnam war but also social injustices in this country. It was UGLY! They were protesting against the old-order, right-wing “establishment” and everything that represented their parents. There were some SERIOUS young white revolutionaries in those days like the Weathermen and the SDS. And from Germany, I remember there was a left wing bad-azz group of young German revolutionaries called Baader Meinhof. RUTHLESS and deadly! I remember that average whites were TERRIFIED of these groups of white revolutionaries because many of these revolutionary white youth came out of top flight ivies like Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and schools like Berkeley, etc. and similar European universities. Of course, they knew how to get a ton of media everyday because these were the sons and daughters of the powers-that-be.

But after the dust settled and these hippies and other young whites graduated, got older, got bored, got jobs, married and had children, they went back to being regular white folks again, and some of them became right-wingers themselves. LOL

These massive demonstrations of young whites coincided with the days of “Power to the People,” “Black is Beautiful” and bm raising their fist in the air yelling: “Black Power” “Fight the Power,” Black Panthers, and yadda, yadda. The hippie whites and the Black Power groups fed off each other and some in each camp became very involved in each others’ protest activities.

AAbw were so proud and upright, in general, PRIOR to that time. But looking back, I realize that this was the time when AAbw, as a group, made a terrible mistake. They became mesmerized by the way black men could stand up and make speeches slinging words together (just like with Hip Hop) and the attention that some of those Black Power fist waving, loud talking bm could get from white folks. Bw considered those bm to be “strong brothers” and “comrades in arms” to tear down the de racist power structure–even though the bm “leaders” were sexing ww at every opportunity. Bm convinced all of those bw who were doing the overwhelming most of the organizing and grunt work to stay quiet and stay in the background and let them do all the talking and mingling with whites. In other words, “be a quiet mule and let me ride on you.”

So, let’s look at AAbw now. AAbw, for sure, have gone WAY backwards–since they got still and ran, fetched, sacrificed for bm who sweet-talked them and claimed that if the women would just prop them up and back them up, then when they made it, they were going to lift up bw. The downfall of AAbw was that they believed those black men who called them “Sister” and claimed “Ain’t no woman more beautiful than a bw,” and “We’re ALL in this together.” And other okey dokes.

AAblacks are going to have to find the solution for themselves. Period. And if they can’t, then, oh well. But I can tell from reading certain comments that plenty of AAblacks are going to feel so good now that the Asians are coming to “save them.” Instead of blacks revving themselves up to solve the bulk of THEIR OWN issues by dealing with their OWN people, they’re going to wallow in feeling good since they’ve found their savior. Until the Asians get bored and go back to living their regular lives.

I said the following in response:


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for saying this!

I co-sign 1,000%. I toyed with the idea of doing a blog post similar to what you’ve laid out in this comment, but you’ve already covered it all! I also feel that it’s better to have this conversation over here because I would imagine that OLS’ audience skews younger than my blog. And it’s critical that younger AABW don’t fall for the same okey-doke their AABW predecessors fell for.

Ladies, I hope and pray you listen well to what Evia is saying here.

Because RIGHT NOW you’re seeing what AAs being (not “becoming”—it’s a done deal at this point) a PERMANENT UNDERCLASS looks like. Being a permanent underclass in the U.S. means being totally irrelevant to everybody else in the country. It means that nobody else has any rational, self-interest-related reason to care whether or not AAs are displeased by anything. Nobody else has any rational, self-interest-related reason to care about AA citizens being beaten or killed on camera by post 9/11 militarized American police forces.

Because AAs don’t affect anything in our now-entrenched state of:

–mass OOW,

–ongoing unspoken boycott of visibly AA-owned businesses,

–ongoing refusal to cooperate with each other,

–ongoing refusal to “do for self”

–ongoing consumer behavior pattern of financially supporting our own erasure,

–ongoing consumer behavior pattern of financially supporting AA male performers who transfer every coin they get to nonblack women (non-stop wealth transfers OUT of the AA collective and back into other people’s collectives),

–ongoing behavior of characterizing and scorning COMMON SENSE as “respectability politics,”

etc., etc., etc., etc.

For a contrasting example, it’s not like other White American ethnic groups are just so in love with the Jews. They’re not (at least not in the urban, White ethnic North). But White Americans who are not so enamored with Jewish people DO know that if they ever mumble a word in public that offends Jewish Americans, then they will suffer SEVERE & PERMANENT penalties to their livelihood as individuals. Because Jewish money is organized and used in support and protection of Jewish people.

Nonblacks often use the spectacle of AA political tantrums and (AA suffering as entertainment). Lots of nonblacks always enjoyed taking “vacations” rolling around in various AA subcultures, from the jazz subculture decades ago—to the radical politics subculture Evia talked about—to today’s mess.

The only things that are consistently effective at mitigating the effects and impacts of racism (or any other form of prejudice such as anti-Semitism) are: (1) group organization, and (2) group-supportive use of money.

AAs (and Blacks around the world) are perpetually disorganized in comparison to other peoples. Which is why nonblack minority populations have consistently been able to conquer and rule over Blacks across the planet. Right now, nonblack minority populations are economically ruling over MUCH larger masses of Blacks as merchants—in Black habitations in the U.S. and in Black countries in general.

The most basic unit of organization in any society or group is a stable family unit based on a married couple. As long as AAs refuse to form families based on marriage, we will continue to be ruled over by a succession of other ethnic and racial groups. Frankly, I don’t see the masses of AAs ever again having stable families based on marriage. Too many generations of AAs have been born out of wedlock, have normalized the practice of having illegitimate babies, and are entrenched in defending their mothers’ and sperm donors’ choice to have them out of wedlock.

Young AABW in the reading audience have a choice: You can “stay neutral” as OLS has wisely said and keep moving forward as Evia has mentioned in particular in this comment. Or you can let BM and Sista Soldiers distract you with these cyclical, time-wasting venting sessions about BM victimhood—but only at the hands of nonblack men. Somehow, AA males and Sista Soldiers don’t work themselves into a lather about the many orders of magnitude larger number of AA males who are killed by other AA males day in and day out.

I would urge you to be very careful about who and what you invest your attention and energy into. Because some of the voices and commenters that you might have assumed are heavily pro-BW are actually Sister Soldiers as far as I’m concerned. The conversations revolving around the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases have revealed this with some voices making blanket statements about Whites.

As far as I’m concerned, any BW who makes blanket statements about White people/White Americans is a Sista Soldier. Because if one is actually looking at or interacting with White Americans (and Whites anywhere else) without ideological blinders on, one will see that they’re not an undifferentiated mass. As with any other collective of people, there are factions within them.

Imma say it straight up: Just like BM have ALWAYS done with White women, I reserve the RIGHT to give any and all White men of my choosing “passes” on any particular issue of my choosing. To whatever extent I want. For as long as I want. And without any explanation to anybody else, much less any explanation to BM. Full stop. Period.

Like I said earlier, I believe that is the final rotation for AAs. The only reason why Ferguson-related turmoil and crybaby-style acting out/crying out is on [White folks’] TV is because enough nonblacks are entertained and titillated by this. Once nonblacks tire of hearing and seeing this, then it won’t be on TV anymore. And the disorganized, impotent AA collective will sink back into erasure, invisibility and total irrelevance. And if you’re caught up with that mess, you’ll sink back into erasure, invisibility and total irrelevance right along with them.

The wisest move would be to do what Evia said: —“keep moving forward. DO not look in any direction but FORWARD. Do not pause to look to the side or back. Keep looking 24-7 for your avenue of escape.”—

Ladies, as Evia said, keep moving forward. Take hold of the opportunities that are available to you, and don't look back. Your quality of life depends on it.
Addendum. For links to various BWE and BW-centric writers discussing the folly and downright madness of AA women taking up the burden of addressing BM victimhood, see the links provided in THIS post.