Friday, May 1, 2015

If You're A Thriving African-American Woman, There's NO Reason For You To Care—At All—About Recent African-American Riots in Baltimore

I hate to burst powerless, disorganized, isolated [read = quarantined from everybody else in the U.S.] new school African-Americans' (AAs') delusions of importance, but the recent riots in Baltimore are totally irrelevant to those AAs who are thriving. These riots don't matter. These AA tantrums have no enduring impact on anybody in the US except AAs who are residents of Blackistan. [The same lack of importance will continue to apply to future riots, as long as AAs continue the post-desegregation practice of boycotting visibly AA-owned businesses.] I'll explain:

Many AA Residential Areas That AAs Burned During 1960s-Era Riots NEVER Recovered Economically—Duh!

The joke involved in all this is that the only people whose interests are permanently harmed by AA riots are those of AAs who have failed to disconnect from the dysfunctional masses of new school AAs. This fact is pretty obvious to those of us who've been paying attention (and listening to our parents' and other elders' descriptions of how things played out after the 1960s riots). But here are a few citations for those who don't already know this.

ABSTRACT In the 1960s numerous cities in the United States experienced violent, race-related civil disturbances. Although social scientists have long studied the causes of the riots, the consequences have received much less attention. This paper examines census data from 1950 to 1980 to measure the riots' impact on the value of central-city residential property, and especially on black-owned property. Both ordinary least squares and two-stage least squares estimates indicate that the riots depressed the median value of black-owned property between 1960 and 1970, with little or no rebound in the 1970s. Analysis of household-level data suggests that the racial gap in the value of property widened in riot-afflicted cities during the 1970s.
The Economic Aftermath of the 1960s Riots: Evidence from Property Values - ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed Apr 30, 2015].

(emphasis added in bold) The Economic Aftermath of the 1960s Riots: Evidence from Property Values

Here's this from the 2008 article Anger After King's Death Left Lasting Mark On Hartford's North End (emphasis added in bold):
"I believe King did the right thing," said Clarke King who, in 1968, was an angry 21-year-old and today heads the city's municipal employees' union and the African-American Alliance. "But what moved America to say something was wrong were the riots and kids saying, 'We're not taking it anymore.' ... It changed the way that we, as black people, were respected." [Khadija speaking: "Respected"? Dream on, dude!]

It also changed the landscape of the Clay-Arsenal neighborhood and left scars still visible today. The riots exacerbated trends that were already in motion — businesses closed and never reopened, the white middle class fled and investment stalled in this North End neighborhood that is in sight, but out of reach, of downtown's wealth. The physical isolation that Constitution Plaza and I-84 ushered in during the middle of the decade now had a profound economic and psychological dimension.

Former city Councilman Steven Harris, who was fighting in the jungles of Vietnam when he learned of King's assassination, returned home in May 1968 to a different Hartford from the one he had left.

"When I got back from 'Nam, it was almost as if whites had left north Hartford overnight," Harris said. "The drugstores were gone, they were burned. The bakeries were gone, they were burned.

"Overnight we went from a kind of community that had drugstores, supermarkets, bakeries — to a neighborhood that had nothing. Including white folks," Harris said. "They all left." [Khadija speaking: It's significant that Whites fled after the riots. It's significant because AAs depend on Whites to produce and provide everything for us. Food. Clothing. Shelter. Jobs. Biting the hand that feeds you is never wise.]

Forty years later, amid the vacant lots and boarded-up buildings, there is a slow germination of retail returning to Clay-Arsenal. Near the location of Parrish's filling station stands a new shopping plaza with a grocery store, and the corner boasts a plaque with Thomas Parrish's name.

But it's nothing like it was in its heyday.

"All of that thriving stuff, the little candy stores as well as the mid-sized markets that people depended on — that shopping left the neighborhood and you only ended up with the small convenience stuff that's there now, which is not as attractive," said Mayor Eddie A. Perez, who came to Hartford in 1969 and grew up near Main and Pavilion. "I think the riots triggered the white flight and white flight triggered long-term disinvestment and government was late in responding to that trend."

Here's the thing: AAs collectively are NOT a poor group of people. Plenty of money flows through our hands. It's not anybody else's fault that we refuse to spend our money with our own people. It's not anybody else's fault that we engage in an unannounced, 50 years and counting boycott of visibly Black-owned businesses. AAs collectively refuse to invest in ourselves and then have the nerve to be angry that other ethnic and racial groups refuse to invest in us. Why would they? They're too busy investing in themselves. Which is the normal thing to do.

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream . . . Or Riot

 A lot of AAs are flattered by media attention to their tantrums . . . err, riots. They mistakenly assume that attention from White- and foreign media means that other people actually care about their mass tantrums. Umm, NO. Nonblacks are watching "The Riot Show" as a source of titillation and entertainment. Once they've had their fill of gawking at silly negroes acting out, "The Riot Show" will no longer be featured on White media. Without missing a beat, nonblack Americans will get back to watching American Idol, The Walking Dead, or whatever else is popular on TV these days.

The masses of AAs are so powerless and isolated from every other category of Americans that AA "riot shows" don't affect anybody else. They never have; and they never will. For all practical purposes in terms of impacting other Americans' lives and livelihoods, the AA collective has dropped off the planet and may as well be in outer space.

This is one of many consequences of the mass AA choice to engage in behaviors that have led to permanent underclass status. [Meaning40+ years of: (1) mass out-of-wedlock childbearing and the mass fatherlessness that comes from oow, (2) the refusal to form functioning families based on marriage, (3) new school disdain for education, (4) coddling criminals, (5) refusal to "do for self," (6) refusal to economically support "self" by patronizing Black-owned businesses, etc.]

Regarding the folly of AA women risking their lives to participate in protests and riots in support of Black males who don't (and won't) march for murdered BW, various BW-centric bloggers have discussed this in detail.

African-American Women Who March In Ferguson, Missouri Are Fools With A Death Wish

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A Prediction Of How Baltimore Will Ultimately End Up If Riots Continue: With A White-Governor-Imposed Emergency Manager Like Detroit

I'll give you a sneak preview of how Baltimore will ultimately end up if this continues: like Detroit. When Whites and other nonblack Americans get tired of indirectly subsidizing and responding to mass AA dysfunction in majority-Black cities (or plurality-Black cities), they start "taking back their stuff." They take back direct control of these cities' public monies; and take back inner city neighborhoods. 

They create laws to appoint emergency managers to snatch political control of these cities' public monies away from irresponsible AA voters, AA mayors and assorted other elected AA officials. The next step is typically to drive out tax-consuming AA residents and bring in more [property] tax-paying nonblack residents (aka gentrification).

This is what happened to Detroit. Atlantic City is next on the Emergency Manager-chopping block. See the Black Agenda Report post Detroit-Style Black Removal Coming to New Jersey. White politicians will hire and use Black professional scavengers like Kevyn Orr as the public face of this process. White-governor-appointed emergency managers will be imposed upon increasing numbers of majority-Black (and plurality-Black) cities in the U.S. as time goes by.

I ain't mad about these emergency managers. Because at the end of the day these outcomes are caused by generation after generation of AA males' refusal to do what every other racial group of men do for their own women and children—protect, provide, problem solve AND produce. Nature won't tolerate a vacuum for very long.

Self-Actualizing AA Women Have Already Disconnected From This Mess And Have Attached Themselves To Productive, Healthier Environments And People In The Outer World.

Self-actualizing women gravitate toward neighborhoods and collectives that offer greater physical safety and security. And away from physically dangerous Blackistans and Blackistanis. Including away from Blackistani rallies, meetings, and riots. The bottom line is that if you're doing what you need to do to thrive as an AA woman in the U.S., then AA riots have no meaningful impact on your life. Because you're not living in Blackistan. You don't socialize in Blackistan. You don't go to Blackistan.

You've attached yourself to healthier people who are doing productive things that matter. And YOU are a healthier, productive person who's busy with productive things. Productive things that help you and your loved ones become more self-sufficient in terms of food, clothing, shelter, energy conservation and self-care.

As was discussed in THIS post, preparedness is the next step after mastering the BWE basics. I've followed some of the "BW should stay neutral" online conversations at BW-centric sites about the current AA Riot Clown Show. But I haven't been following the current riot clown show itself. "Ain't nobody got time for that." I'm busy enjoying life, writing my novels, and checking out the following type of information:

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