Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cut Mammy Loose — I'm Boycotting Every Black Woman Who Actively Supports The Memory Of Convicted Pedophile Alton Sterling

Edited at 11:17 p.m. (Central Time) on 7-7-16 To Add:
I’ve just seen breaking news online headlines about snipers taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the protests in Dallas to shoot approximately 11 police officers, killing 4 of them.

At this point, there’s no way to know *what* the shooter(s)’ motives were. 

They could be violent White male extremists looking to do a “false flag” operation to put more “heat” onto silly Black women Black Lives Matter activists. 

They could be anti-police Black males looking to take revenge. 

They could be deranged Muslim extremists looking to increase the chaos and hatred in the U.S. 

In short, the shooter(s) could be ANYBODY looking to use YOU as a human shield for THEIR agenda. Y’all Black women protesters are as dumb as rocks:

I’m going to sit back and watch to see if the White American power structure MAKES all the silly, gullible Black women celebrities who stuck their necks out in support of this dead pedophile backtrack on their statements. I wont be surprised if these mammies find themselves feeling forced to apologize for the slaying of these police officers. Killings of police officers of which I’m almost 100% certain Black women had NO involvement. Time will tell, as it always does. 

Amended at 12:49 a.m. on 7-8-16 to add: I just saw a comment indicating that there’s a female suspect also being sought by the authorities. I hope that’s not accurate. If that individual turns out to be a (idiotic Sista Soldier) Black woman, then watch out! Collectively, we have NO protectors or allies. Black women are NOT prepared for the backlash that’s going to come from these killings. 

All I can say at this point is that y’all were warned not to participate in this Black Lives Matter mess by various BWE and BW-centric writers. Y’all were warned not to make yourselves the public face of this mess. When I first wrote this post earlier in the evening, I was focused on the ethical aspects of this. Because I wanted to make sure I never gave pedophile-supporting mammies any support whatsoever.

But now that somebody has used dumb mammies Black Lives Matter protests as a staging ground for an act of terrorism, this has escalated from a matter of ethics to a life-and-death decision. 

IF you want to survive (not to mention thrive), you MUST cut ALL of these mammies loose! Immediately.

Amended at 8:41 a.m. on 7-8-16 to add: Thanks for all the information, ladies! Now that this situation has morphed into a domestic terrorism case (as discussed in the amended portion of this post), I'm going to close the comments to this post later today.

Introduction To All Posts:

Black women’s problems with Black men started in Africa LONG before the arrival of the Arab man and the White man. 

Black men have been betraying Black women since BEFORE the White man ever came to Africa. If you haven’t already done so, please read the following 2 posts:

And now on to today’s post:

I’m making an exception and opening the comments to this post (for now) because I want to compile a list of all the Black mammies who are actively supporting the memory of the dead convicted pedophile Alton Sterling. See information regarding the dead pedophiles criminal record HERE.

I want a list so I can make sure to boycott every single one of these penis-pandering mammies. Because these mammies, for all practical purposes, ignore the near-daily occurrence of Black male-committed atrocities committed against their fellow Black women. They apparently don’t care about murdered Black women’s children; but they’re roused to action in support of a convicted pedophile.

I’m talking about atrocities like the recent public murder of a young Black mother named Jessica Hampton. Jessica Hampton who was stabbed to death by a negro male on a CTA Red Line train. While negro male passengers did nothing except videotape her agonizing death and post the footage on social media. See news story HEREAnd then there was the spectacle of negro males and penis-pandering mammies spreading rumors on social media in an attempt to “justify” her murder.

Thanks to Mrs. Dee Dee Russell-Lefrak of Black Women With Other Brothers for this excellent meme!

In her most recent video titled THE X FACTOR: ONESIDED LOYALTY IS FOR SUCKAS, Breukelen Bleu has articulated exactly how I feel about this mess.

I’m opening the comments to this post because I’ll need your help to compile this list of penis-pandering mammies who need to be cut ALL the way loose by sane, sensible, self-loving Black women. They need to be cut ALL the way loose from sane Black women’s financial and other material support.

It’s good that there’s a critical mass of Black women who have the common sense to require reciprocity in their interactions and support. Those of us with common sense and self-love have already divested from Black males who don’t support us.

The next step is to draw a line in the sand between ourselves and the penis-pandering mammies who support predatory Black males at the expense of other Black women and girls.

And so, I’m drawing a line in the sand against these mammies. It’s time to cut Mammy loose! 

Starting with Issa Rae. I will never support any project that she’s involved in. 

By “active support” I mean any Black woman who is organizing, protesting, lobbying, raising money or doing anything else in support of the memory of the dead convicted pedophile Alton Sterling.

If you comment and give information and “receipts” (links) regarding other Black women who are actively supporting the memory of the dead convicted pedophile (and woman beater) Alton Sterling, I’ll edit this post to add their names to my personal boycott list below:

1. Issa Rae

2. Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber

3. Beyoncé [I never cared for her anyway]

4. Sanaa Lathan

5. Stacey Patton

6. Solange Knowles

7. Taraji P. Henson

8. Janelle Monae

9. Rashida Jones [A biracial chick that I never supported]

10. Viola Davis

11. Anika Noni Rose

12. Awesomely Luvvie


Anonymous said...

Hey Khadijah! I love your blog and think you have tons of valid points most of the time. I am in no way hear to be ignorant or curse you out I respect your voice. Calling him a pedophile could be accurate (which he did his time for andinner registered). I saw the video and I am not a mammy I beleive people should be heldone accountable for their actions I am not protesting or anything like that but the force used was excessive. He didn't need to die.

That's all. He may have a long rap sheet but death? No that was uncalled for. It's uncalled for for our black sisters as well when it occurs.

Peace and blessing


Khadija said...

Hi JJ,

First point of business---You'll be the *only* anonymous commenter I let through for this conversation.

Second point of business---I don't care about this (or any other) dead pedophile. My issue is that all these mammies are making the dead wrong ethical choice:

When they choose to fall out,
get hysterical,
get "in formation,"
raise money,
and rouse themselves to action for a dead pedophile . . .

AFTER choosing to remain unbothered, inactive AND silent at the steady stream of BW being murdered day in and day out (or worse, slandering dead BW who were murdered by BM). I'm drawing a line in the sand. Those type of BW "can't sit with me." And I don't want a single round nickel of my resources going to such women. Ever.


Neecy said...

Yep! I had to literally unfollow so many BW pages on Instagram that I really liked up until today. I cannot take their selective outrage any longer. No more supporting mammies even if that means unfollowing pages I really liked. These manmies stay quiet when black women are consistently murdered in cold blood everyday by the very men they are crying about. I'm so sick of them and no longer have a tolerance.

Neecy said...

Issa Rae

the new black MISS USA

, BEYONCÉ (just saw on CNN her making a quote "stop killing us" uh where is she when BW are being murdered in cold blood daily because they're refusing advances of BM, or getting pregnant by BM who don't want the baby and are killing so many BW mothers.

Neecy said...

Oops forgot links.


MISS USA 2016 Deshauna Barber

NotToday said...

Glad you wrote this. I don't feel bad at all & it's a shame that I am afraid to publicly say that. But I truly don't care. His death was nothing but karma in my eyes.

Khadija said...


Thanks for the links. The list has been updated (although "Bouncy" is somebody that I'd never support anyway---even before this).


I also feel that the pedophile's death was karma, the Law of Attraction and all those other metaphysical explanations that BM and their BW handmaidens like to proclaim whenever a BW is murdered by a BM.

KimP said...

Hi Khadija!

Thank you for creating this post. As you and many BWE pioneers have always said, all BW won't make it. Thankfully modern inventions (social media) have made it even easier for us to identify and cut loose as you said those BW who won't.

I'd like to contribute to the list.

Sanaa Lathan -

shell said...

Add Zendaya to your list.
They all look like hypocrites. Three black women died in Atlanta and not one march for them. #unbothered. I escaped Blackistan years ago.

Khadija said...

Hi KimP,

You're welcome! Guurl, I'm fired up looking at these brain-dead mammies cape for some piece of garbage convicted pedophile. They do this knowing how many Black girls and women are sexual assault/molestation victims. These mammies deserve every bit of suffering that comes into their lives. Because they're trying to block the karma/divine wrath that evil negro males like this pedophile have earned for themselves.

I'm sick of these broads; and I want to make sure that I stay totally clear of their evil. When you choose to actively support evil, you ARE evil. And for these broads to do this literally a couple of weeks after a BW had her throat cut in public on public transportation---without any response on their part---is just too much for me to ignore.


Link, please.

shell said...

Spinster said...

Thanks for this. It helps me to know who NOT to support.

shell said...

Add Solange Knowles

Khadija said...

I repeat: No anonymous comments will be published during this conversation.

I let the first anonymous commenter thru because I forgot to announce this policy in the post.

Mrs. Johnson said...

Sadly, Janelle Monae.

Khadija said...

Mrs. Johnson,

I just looked at that link.

{rhetorical question} Is Janelle Monae crazy? In part, she said: "Although I am a black young woman I AM #AltonSterling. Just like Alton I used to sell my CDs outside records, library steps, street corners, etc. My first cousin's name is Alton.

What happened to Alton just reiterates that WE are not truly free. WE are not safe."

{rhetorical question} What? Did Ms. Monae molest some 14 year old girl when *she* was 20 years old? I'm amazed at how these mammies can so completely identify with BM sexual predators who prey on BW and Black girls.

Sharifa said...

This isn't an individual person, but the Black Women for Wellness page on Facebook posted beyonce's quote.!/BlackWomenForWellness/?refid=28&_ft_=qid.6304795777954031192%3Amf_story_key.-7493234906684387500&__tn__=C

Khadija said...

Hi Sharifa,

I just went over to that page and I didn't see them specifically reference and lift up the dead pedophile.

What I saw them post was a more generic quote from Bouncy: ""We are sick and tired of the killing of young men and women in our community. It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they stop killing us..." ~Beyonce" So for now, they don't make the list.

Kelly Johnson said...

Well, things just got very very real. Right now 11 officers were shot, 4 are dead. No one with any sense in this country is gonna side with the likes of Alton Sterling over dead police officers. All these Black Lives Matter supporters better hope and pray that was a white dude who killed those cops.

Sharifa said...

Ok. Sorry for that.

Khadija said...

Kelly Johnson,

Oh yeah, it just got really R-E-A-L with the killings of those cops. At the time I originally wrote this post earlier in the day, I wanted a list of these pandering mammies for ethical reasons. Because I wanted to make sure I never gave pedophile-supporting mammies any support whatsoever.

But now that somebody has used dumb BW mammies' Black Lives Matter protests as a staging ground for an act of terrorism, there are pragmatic reasons to keep a running list of these mammies. Because I don't want to have any connection whatsoever to *anybody* that can be accused of enabling, supporting or helping to create an atmosphere that supports terrorism. Period.

The odds are that these silly mammies who blindly stuck their necks out in support of the dead pedophile are going to pay a price for making themselves the public "face" of this Black Lives Matter mess. Meanwhile, most negro males sat back in the cut (as is their tradition of hiding behind dumb BW protesters).


No problem!

Neecy said...

Kelley. It was S black guy. They showed his picture on Dallas police Twitter page. He turned himself in.

Things are going to get REAL as you say and mammy black women are going to really feel the pain for allowing themselves to be the face of this BS.

Spinster said...

If you haven't already, head for the exits.

Kelly Johnson said...

A black woman was shot in the leg. She was at the protest with her 4 sons. SMH.

Spinster said...

I'll NEVER understand any adult bringing KIDS to this madness.

K. Lee said...

Thanks for the updates. Female celebs support whatever's popular while not putting themselves in danger or hurting their income. They also support anyone coming into all womens' private spaces not caring how dangerous this is for women. I don't care about celebs and I don't involve myself in so called black lives matter protests that put black women in danger as black males have made it clear for centuries that they don't value or care for black women.

Unknown said...

Qshukura said...

Amandla Stenberg, Keke Palmer, Rashida Jones

Kimme R'Chelle said...

Hi Khadijah:

I'm adding Viola Davis (SMFH). She says her heart is with the family of Alton Sterling

Also, I'm adding Anika Noni Rose to the list on her FB page she posted a link to Alton Sterling's Scholarship go fund me page (started by Isa Rae)

I've looked at both their pages and someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see any mention of the slain black women.

Black women in their positions could have used their voices to bring our issues to the forefront. I'm so sick of people saying the cops didn't know of his past when they shot him, the victim did and karma has given her some justice!!!

Kim Watson

Khadija said...


Thanks for the link.

Hi Qshukura,

I didn't add Amandla Stenberg (yet another biracial actress who is replacing actual BW and Black girls in the media) and Keke Palmer to my list because they're both very young. Amandla is underage and Ms. Palmer is college-aged. I expect teenage and college aged girls to make errors in judgment due to a lack of life experience. My outrage is with these grown BW who are getting "in formation" behind a convicted pedophile. Thanks for the link.

Kimme R'Chelle,

Thanks for the link.

Khadija said...

Thanks for all the information, ladies!

Now that this situation has morphed into a domestic terrorism case (as discussed in the amended portion of this post), I'm going to close the comments to this post later today.

It's too bad that Viola Davis and Taraji Henson got "in formation" behind a convicted pedophile who preyed on a Black girl. I had supported their projects in the past and I had wanted to keep doing so in the future. Oh, well.

Faith said...

Stacey Patton.

Faith said...

I don't know if some of the actresses you mentioned know about the pedo past. The woman I mentioned in my previous comment knowingly supported the pedo and offered her grandmother's marriage at 14 in the 1940's as 'proof' age only 'recently' mattered. Of course, they're all still doing the usual BM Mammying.

Spinster said...

PLEASE no... NOT Viola Davis... are you kidding me???!?!?... I can't...

Neecy said...

Well the Dallas police chief and mayor confirmed that one of the suspects apprehended is a "light skinned African American woman and at a recent press conf confirmed that one of the shooters (a black man who they finally killed with a robot bomb after negotiations failed ) made these statements with negotiator:

"He wanted to kill white peoples"
"Upset about BLM"
"Wanted to kill white police officers"

Stupid mammies are def going to get what they asked for now. FIVE cops have been murdered. America is not going to play that mess. The majority does not care about these criminal black men getting killed.

Another thing. With the high violent rates that black men kill each other, it's clear to me cops go in with a mentality that it's either them or the black man and make quick deadly decisions out of fear of being killed first.

Khadija said...


You said: ---"I don't know if some of the actresses you mentioned know about the pedo past."---

I hear you. I also feel that these grown women celebrities have a responsibility to do some due diligence before lending their names out in support of random individuals. These grown women (especially the middle-aged ones) know or should know the level of criminality and sexual predation that exists in the African-American collective. Which is why I feel comfortable holding them responsible for their actions.

jenna davis said...

Hi Khadija,

I am a huge fan of your work! Are companies/Youtubers allowed on your boycott list? If so I would add Shea Moisture, Fashion Bomb Daily, Mahogany Curls, Jaime and Nikki and Jackie Aina to your list. All have voiced their support for the pedophile on Instagram.

Karen said...

Hi Khadija,

I hope these mammies that live in these Rwanda zones get exactly what they police presence and then this problem will take care of itself.

Shanieka7 said...

Toni Braxton

I tried signing in. I hope it shows my name. Thank you Khadijah

formavitae said...

MAN! I was at work on my lunch break (10 hrs ago), when I first saw this post. AT THE SAME TIME, I saw CNN news covering the Dallas shootings on the large screen tv. I thought to myself, "Sh*t is about to HIT THE FAN," and, sure enough, after lunch, I heard white coworkers saying things are about to get MUCH WORSE and, more or less, no one is going to be concerned about being "politically correct" anymore.

Anyway, I must say I fear the upcoming "turning of the tide". Though I am still in my 30s, I never thought I'd see the day when AAs would experience such regression. (That sounds like such an "old person" thing to say.). THIS time won't turn out like our FORMER Civil Rights Movement. We WON'T have the allies. We DON'T have the discipline. Nor do we have any MEANINGFUL infrastructure to rely upon. We have no "WELL THOUGHT OUT AND PREPARED FOR" PLAN. AAs ARE SCREWED. And, now, each of us basically has a "target" on our back, because Negroes haven't been willing to set high standards and "CUT FOOLS LOOSE". People aware going to take less time to try to decipher who is good or bad or to "separate the sheep from the goats". They're just going to do whatever they deem necessary to neutralize any potentially threatening situation and consider any "innocents" harmed unfortunate, but necessary "collateral damage".

I'm typing on my iPad, so it's hard to keep "the flow" of thoughts, sometimes, but I'm just going to say these few things that came to my mind earlier:

1. AAs are in NO position to successfully initiate, wage, or WIN a "race war". WE WILL LOSE. NOT because we're "black". NOT because we're "minority". But, because we refuse to organize, be self-promoting, or self-sufficient. And, NO ONE ELSE is really interested in siding with us against a powerful,influential, and SUSTAINABLE infrastructure that can "back up" any threats it makes. Not to mention most of the world has a "fair skinned" bias anyway. AA women better be smart and stop putting their tails on the line for fake, weak FOOLS who want to run out and "bust a few caps" to prove they're "tough" but then run and cower in fear and shadows once those they attack turn out "in full force" and "bring the heat". AA women's bodies WILL "get dropped".

BTW, with all these "BOLD" nyggaz (I mean "MEN"--eye roll) around, why is George Zimmerman still walking?

Onelesssoldier said...

Thanks, For this Post!

I was actually disappointed when I saw that Issa Rae was so involved in this. But then I wasn't surprised given her subject matter that she rights about. Too bad, considering she has a show coming but she's getting no support from me. I will let you know of any more people I can find. Oh and I just read an article on yahoo about the shooters motivations to kill white people and white cops.

For the fools involved in crap like BLM and protesting they've led themselves to the guillotine. These coon black men have effectively started a race war that Black men (lol) and definitely not black WOMEN would never be able to win. SMH. Ladies head towards the exits. I've said before that the time to separate your image from black men is NOW. And their penis slaves. Its now a matter of life or death.

formavitae said...

2. AA women better figure out a "SAFETY NET". And, those of you who think it's simply "getting rich" and moving into an affluent white neighborhood, as that multi-millionaire AA family whose neighbors sprayed painted their home with epithets and, I think, set it on fire. The AA strategy needs to go BEYOND trying to get some money and "snuggle up" in white enclaves. I'm not saying that's not ONE potentially viable strategy. I'm just saying AA women need MORE than that. AA women need to know how to secure the basic necessities of life, in case "others" decide they want to limit access to their supply.

3. Politics currently SUCKS. But, PLEASE realize you aren't "secure" simply by voting for the one who isn't threatening to cut social programs. One way or another, "THE HAMMER IS ABOUT TO FALL". Recognize that the "soft hearted" liberals often live in communities with minimum acreage requirements and minimum square footage requirements, so that certain populations can't afford to live there in the first place. While they're releasing convicts for unfair sentencing laws back into the community so they can "build a new life", just know it won't be THEIR community tasked with rehabilitation (or the FAILURE of the rehabilitation process). While they INSIST upon public schools allowing students to use the bathroom of their choice, they can afford to send their children to elite private schools that won't necessarily suffer economically for lack of compliance. While they promote granting amnesty to illegals and offering benefits, it won't be their employment niches being heavily affected. It won't be their emergency rooms, hospitals, and other social service facilities required to provide services while not necessarily being able to recoup the cost or make a profit. If you disapprove of abortion, recognize the party that wants to limit such "genocide" also wants to limit social programs, affirmative action, or any other type of "restoration" initiatives. YES. The HAMMER IS COMIN' DOWN! You just have to choose which bruises and wounds you're willing to bear. As an AA woman, YOU WONT BE LEFT UNSCATHED.

There's more. But, right now, I'm tired and getting a headache just thinking about it. However, these events in Dallas highlight the fact that a watershed moment is occurring right now, and the actions of others in your group are going to have SERIOUS implications FOR YOU. FIGURE OUT HOW TO DISTINGUISH AND SAVE YOURSELF.

Oh yes. I heard about another AA lady killing all but one of her children. I expect to hear more stories like this, as more AA women realize they and their children aren't really valued by AA/black men and they just "get tired of the struggle". This story was in my mind too, as I was thinking that "I never thought I'd see a day like this."

Onelesssoldier said...

Oh just saw on the news that there are protests going on in Oakland for this pedophile and another BM who were killed. They are blocking I-880. if you live in california or specifically the bay area and commute through this area. i would suggest staying home today. Or finding an alternate route. We all know these "protests" almost always turn violent for black women.

Onelesssoldier said...

Oh and I don't know who runs this facebook page so I don't know if this counts but

just in case

Unknown said...

Amina Mucciolo of Studio Mucci ( I love her shop, but oh well.

Thank you, your work and others snapped me out of mammyhood when I was in college. I remember being riled up over the Jena 6. Those days are long behind me

formavitae said...

In keeping with the theme of this post, I saw an article about Issa Rae's fundraiser. But, since she's already been mentioned, I won't link it. I don't watch reality tv, but here are some Vh1 stars and their support of Alton. Several of them are women.

Victoria Antoine said...

Damn....I like her music. I did not know that she did all of that.

Segolene Tallisman said...

"Stupid mammies are def going to get what they asked for now. FIVE cops have been murdered. America is not going to play that mess. The majority does not care about these criminal black men getting killed.

Another thing. With the high violent rates that black men kill each other, it's clear to me cops go in with a mentality that it's either them or the black man and make quick deadly decisions out of fear of being killed first."

What she said.

It's great to have places where you can get a different opinion.

None of my friends can see this. None of them. None of them will admit they that they too, are afraid of Black men, and that we're not talking about harmless individuals getting killed here (well the young man in Minnesota seemed to be).

Also grateful to BWE bloggers for concepts such as "stay neutral". I didn't get pulled into protesting or griping about Alton whatever's shooting. I waited, and when the truth came out--oh boy. After Mike Brown never rushing to judgement again.

The impulse/culture/knee-jerk/conditioning to "fight" for crazy and harmful Black men and ignore what happens to women is so rampant it's frightening. I can't believe that Issa Rae girl is collecting money for this man's family. Isn't he the one who should have provided a future for them? But you know what will get said? "But he couldn't, because of racism!"

Also, these actresses, especially actresses are crazy, because the people who really control the networks and studios are still white, American audiences are still predominately white, and they don't want to look at an actor and be reminded that they were out there screaming about some pedophile/thief/trifling man being murdered. They don't want to be reminded of it and they can get rid of you in a heartbeat. Especially since there are 200 others waiting to get in the door who WILL NOT do the same thing.

I just hope these police murders in Dallas doesn't make it open season. Because they will be hunting us Black women too, because they see us all in the same boat.

Time to SEPARATE ourselves. Yall are right. and thanks for the dissent.

Janelle Burt said...

Although I am fairly young, I have also chosen not to support BLM or anything outside the black people in MY circle.

Instead of being a platform for Black Americans to speak out (and push legislation and change)against systematic abuses, Black people (especially BW) have used BLM as an excuse to engage in mammy behavior.

Black female victims are put through a respectability checklist and even then the "community" does not care about them or blames them or gives a half hearted cry of protest (like Sandra Bland).

But black criminals are being treated as these mammy's sons, brothers, or even an extension of themselves! Where's the sisterhood?

Where are the BW who started BLM?

In fact, it is telling that many of these women on the boycott list have had their blackness or their "loyalty" questioned. Many of these women have used their light skin privilege or had to play a mammy in their careers (which harms the black female image globally). If this is a method to "prove" their blackness, this is a horrible method.

These are the same kinds of women who enable predators in our communities. The same who deny black women and girls the respect and rights to protection.

Black leaders will not respond to the situation appropriately. If whites decide to produce a backlash, there is no private security ready to protect any of the thousands of vulnerable black communities of this nation.

I believe if a group of AAs tried to assuage some of the anti black feelings in this situation and run some PR ( like how many muslim leaders are attempting), the black masses will call them coons even though this situation may erupt violently.

There are hundreds of black women facing institutional violence, many cases of police brutality on BW and black on black incidents of rape, murder, discrimination, etc. Not a peep from BW like Viola Davis, who, as a dark skinned BW is the exact type of BW our "community" disrespects the most.

Unfortunately, this BLM bull will create a target on BW and black ppl at large AND any allies or pseudo allies (like the liberal white people who sometimes protest) we may have.

The blk community is trying to pretend that this is some neo Civil Rights movement. It is NOT. The legitimacy is even more absent. There is no cold war in our favor. (But once again BW and children are on the front lines for BM who disregard and hate them or ignore them.)

Not me.

Black women were screwed back in the day. I won't join the dumb masses who screw over BW. IF black women want to fight for justice and progress individually, that is good. But acting like raving mammies for the exact men who have harmed black men, women, children ( I guess the teen girl he raped isn't a "child" in their eyes), it is humiliating.

I am boycotting mammies and DBRBMs. Because one day, they may be the ones that harm me.

Halle said...

Hi! This is what I've been talking about and now after this event I KNOW that i need to separate myself from black men. I was thinking earlier about how long would the blm movement last and now I know that it will not last for very long now that it has been linked to a terrorist. I am just really nervous as a black woman. It's not anyone besides my mother i can talk to about how i feel and i don't think she understands how this fools action are harming us black women that aren't safe behind million dollar homes. I would be called racist if i talked to anyone about this. I will be reading this blog even more now and taking notes. I'm just so very frustrated.

Evelyn A said...

Dear Khadijah,

I wrote a comment a few minutes ago but it disappeared! Just in case it's not pending moderation and it really did get lost, I hope you don't mind me trying to recapture my point.

First I just wanted to say thank you for reopening the comment section in this post! I understand and completely respect your reasons for usually keeping the comment section closed. That said, I see this as a little bit of a treat and a throwback to the blogging days of 2010-ish, haha!

Slight jokes aside, and at the risk of sounding like I'm caping for one of the young women on the boycott list:

I think that Zendaya is a teenaged girl that is desperate to be accepted by the black community (black fans), but she doesn't have any experience with the chronic dysfunction between BW and BM of 2 black parents (to speak in general terms). Though Zendaya's mother is white, Zendaya was raised predominantly by her black father and black relatives - her sisters and 1 brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, etc. Her parents lived apart when she was young in order for Zendaya to have a showbiz career, so Zendaya spent most of her time travelling with her father and being influenced by the people in his life. Zendaya's best friends are black (Lord, I sound like one of those "I'm not racist, my best friend is black" people, lol!). Her 1st Disney show came to an end, but she's currently working on another as primary actress and a producer. Being afforded the producer position, Zendaya insisted on having visibly black actors and actresses play her family members. Zendaya spoke up for Sandra Bland. In a recent interview in Cosmo magazine, she admitted her privilege as a light-skinned / biracial actress, but said that she wanted to use whatever advantage she has in a responsible way to uplift all black women (I'm paraphrasing).

At her age (19), Zendaya still lives with her parents as an only child, and she doesn't have a lot of close friends - she rarely has time to spend with the ones from her childhood. She's never been to regular school, either. I wouldn't be surprised if Zendaya doesn't know much about Alton Sterling, but her pattern of behavior is to voice an opinion on everything, whether she's been informed or not - because it gets her attention. If you watch her speak in interviews, Zendaya is never as articulate in person as she is in (**cough** REHEARSED **cough**) print interviews and occasional posts on her social media accounts. Zendaya still has the awkwardness and regular insecurity issues of a teenager that wants to be liked. She's most famous for wearing dreadlocks to the Oscars in 2015, after almost 10 years of being a Disney actress. Her stage manager black father sees that as Zendaya's ace in the hole to gain relevance, so recently as of last year, Zendaya has been pushed hard to make herself a social activist and role model. Zendaya's claim to fame is Disney, looking gorgeous at red carpet events, and making statements on social media. I blame her father for gassing her head up with the black activist nonsense instead of steering her flop career away from cancelling albums, demanding that magazines cancel issues just because they Photoshopped her body, etc. Her father is the same idiot who told the media and Zendaya's fans that Zendaya could "black it up enough" to play Aaliyah. You can probably see where she gets some of her behavior from.

I don't want to come around here and sound like I'm a superfan of Zendaya! I just happen to know people who are close to her, and I don't like or dislike Zendaya, but I don't think her offense is as egregious as some of the other women on the list who should (and probably do) know better / don't care.

Raje Thompson said...

He also had 2 DV charges against him.

Neecy said...

@ Evelyn

Yes I actually read the article in Cosmo with Zendaya who plainly stated she does get light skin PRIVLEDGE over darker black actresses. I respect her for admitting this and agree with your assessment of her as well.

Karen R. said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your consistently COMMON SENSE approach to issues that affect black women. It literally makes us look INSANE when we support deviant, dysfunctional black males.
Back in the day (the 80's) common sense black folk would AT BEST shrug their shoulders if a career criminal and felon met an untimely end. They might say "He should have been livin right." They definitely wouldn't be out protesting his death.
Fast forward to 2016. You have routinely asked the question of BW "Who benefits?" when we march, protest, or otherwise pledge our allegiance to the dead black community? Why do we do that?
You said a mouthful when these BW will raise thousands of dollars for this person and yet when a BW is murdered in broad daylight, not a single dime to my knowledge has been raised in support of her child(ren). We have so normalized violence against BW by BM that whenever we are victimized its seen as par for the course. There are no protests, rallies, or any other sign of SUPPORT or PROTECTION. BM never stand up on behalf of the BW to say violence against us will not be tolerated. They just shrug their shoulders, so when things like this shooting happen....I just shrug mine.
Thankfully, I checked out of BLACKISTAN about 19 years ago to raise my children and live in a safe stress-free community.
By the way, I have a son in college and a daughter headed to college in the fall. Because I have a son I have skin in the game so to speak and yet I'll be damned if I protest this sh**. That's for BM to do if they choose.

Karen R. said...

I forgot to add, I ALWAYS wonder what the victims of people like Alton Sterling think when they meet an untimely death. I'd love to hear an interview of the girl he raped and get an understanding of what she thinks.

It's interesting also because I have a friend who is the only girl having grown up with 5 brothers. All but one are older than her. She disclosed to me recently that she was sexually assaulted by her brothers (full blown rape). She is ALWAYS full bore in support of BM when it comes to things like the recent shootings. Ironically, one of her brothers has been found to be a SERIAL rapist. Don't know if you follow news in Detroit but we had a backlog of untested rape kits that went back years and years.....I think they dated back to the 80's. Money has been raised in the past few months to get these kits tested. Well, her brothers DNA has been discovered in at least 6 rapes, so far.
There has to be a level of Stockholm Syndrome at play for her and other BW like her.

Danielle Monique said...

I want to extend a huge thank you to Khadijah and the BWE pioneers! You have saved many, myself included, from an empty future of being race women. All I can do now is shake my head at my former indoctrination. But sisters are waking up, and knowing that a few will escape the conflict that's now brewing is reason to smile.

Khadija said...

Hi jenna davis,

You didn't post links to whichever comments you're referencing, and I'm about to close the post and the comments.


Oh yeah, the mammies who live in Rwanda zones are going to continue reaping the whirlwind.


Thanks for the link, but unfortunately it didn't work. So, I haven't seen whichever comment you're referencing; and I'm about to close this post and comment section.


You're welcome. I wrote this post in a fit of anger that none of these mammies (as far as I can tell) were roused to action by the BW whose throat was cut on the CTA Red Line. Despite video footage of her agonizing death going viral. And I also wanted to make the point that at this point in time it's no longer enough for sane BW to refrain from mammying and caping for negro male criminals.

Our chance to survive and thrive depends on us actively pushing back against the penis-pandering mammies who cape for BM criminals. We have to make it clear to the wider society that we are *not* these mammies; and these mammies are NOT us.


Thanks for the link, but since I don't have Instagram (or Twitter) it's often hard for me to access things from those sites. And I'm about to close the post in a few minutes.


I thought about what you said and took Zendaya off the list. Since I was willing to cut some slack to Amandla Stenberg and Keke Palmer due to their youth, I should probably do the same for Zendaya.

I'll fess up to my biases--I like what I've seen and heard of the Amandla girl because she seems to be acting in good faith. While Zendaya leaves me cold---I was extremely put off by her "half-Black is good enough to take a role portraying [full Black] Aaliyah" comment. From what you've described, this Zendaya girl has been put in a very unfortunate posture by her father (and whoever else is whispering in her ears). Thank you for filling in some of the blanks about all of that!


You're welcome! Yes, this mass knee-jerk caping for negro males who have spent the last 3.5 DECADES shouting to the rooftops about how much they hate BW, makes BW look absolutely deranged. It also makes us look unworthy of human decency, kindness and empathy when we consistently and collectively reward BM for betraying, denigrating and physically harming us.

Danielle Monique,

You're welcome!

Khadija said...

Ladies, THANK YOU for your information and support. I truly appreciate it!

And with that, it's time to close this post and comment section.

Be Blessed,
Khadija Nassif