Sooooo.....she and the mystery online guy go out, they return to her home, he kills her, then takes her body, puts it in her car, and drives to some far off place to dump the body/vehicle.


Guy's real name is probably not John Charlton and he's likely done this before--if not to another woman like Lyne, then to female drifters or prostitutes as preparation for a murder like Lyne. 

People treat online dating as an extension of regular dating. It's not. Online dating takes away the ability to use one's intuition without it being blinded by the emotional attachments that come as a result of conversing with someone for a time. You still don't know these people. They are strangers. Anything can be perpetrated through the miracle of technology. 

I remember waaaaay back in the day. I was chatting with this guy and we'd been chatting for a while. Oh he wanted to meet me. He wanted to meet me right then (it was 11pm, no not a booty call---he made an excuse of working at a club so he would be heading out to work shortly after we met and he couldn't meet during the day because he had to sleep) and he suggested we meet halfway. I almost considered it because he seemed like such good people UNTIL I noticed a very small almost easy to miss glitch in the video broadcast image of himself. It stuck for a moment. 

I then realized his supposedly live video image was looping though his voice was likely live. While still talking to him, I made an excuse and told him I needed to do something for 10 minutes so I would be right back. I ended the video chat and during that ten minutes I replayed some of the captured film from previous video chats we'd had (about 3). I realized that they were all looping (this was before skype when folks were still on AOL so images were not as clear as they are now.). It began to make sense why he would have to end the video chats so quickly though he would still be available to to talk online. He would always tell me that he was on dial up so it took up blah blah. An excuse. After I realized that I was likely not talking to the individual that I was supposed to be talking too....I ended all contact. I didn't even tell him why. Imagine if I'd been silly enough to go and meet up with him?!