Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reality Check: African-Americans STILL Need To Have Racial Discipline In the Obama AND Post-Obama Era, Part 2

Some thoughts about the latest Out Of Control Militarized American Police excessive force incident.

This latest incident happened in McKinney, Texas, and a teenage Black girl in a bikini at a pool party was attacked by an out of control cop. HERE'S what a White male, US military intelligence veteran writer and entrepreneur Sovereign Man had to say about it at his site. Video: Cop goes on profanity-laden tirade in affluent suburb, pulls out his gun on two kids.

As I watched this deranged "Rambo" officer do a totally unnecessary tuck and roll at the beginning of the video, I was reminded of yet another deranged "Rambo" officer who was recently acquitted of manslaughter by a judge in Ohio. This individual jumped on the hood of an unarmed Black couple's car, and fired a barrage of bullets through the windshield into the couple. All of which resulted in their deaths. 

NONE of this behavior makes any tactical sense. I'm just a civilian. But, regarding Rambo #1, I don't see how slowing your running pace to drop onto the ground and roll---during a foot chase---helps you catch the person you're chasing. Rambo#2 claimed not to recall jumping on the hood of the car to shoot through the windshield. 

Let's assume for the sake of argument that the unarmed couple had actually been armed and shooting at the police. How does jumping directly into their line of fire help Rambo#2 in that kind of situation? It doesn't. Normal, sane law enforcement and military professionals try to take cover and shoot at armed opponents from a covered position. 

My guess is that Rambo #2 knew the already wounded couple weren't a threat to him. Seems to me he jumped onto the hood and shot through the windshield to finish them off. But there's a bigger point about all of this: 

Large numbers of modern-day militarized American police are so crazed and unprofessional that they reenact scenes from action movies when dealing with Black members of the public! 

New-school African-Americans better recognize and act like you know this! The life you save may be your own.

I said the following during THIS post from May 2009:
In terms of my living memory, the parents of most AAs in my age group (40s) made a POINT of showing us old pictures of what Emmett Till looked like in his open casket when we were around 11-12 years old. And, so did our teachers, for those of us who went to Black grammar schools/junior high schools. 

They did this so that we could truly understand what lynching meant. Almost every AA I know in my age group saw that horrible picture as a pre-teen or young teenager." 

As a result of the photos and the explanations surrounding them, most African-Americans in my age group and older were not naive about the potentially deadly consequences of wandering into unknown, non-Black residential areas. This horrible picture of Emmett Till was worth more than a thousand words about carefree wandering into certain places.

We were also not naive about the potential consequences of any of us "showing out" on a White campus, in a White workplace, in a majority White residential area, or any other White setting.

Our parents and other relatives drummed into our heads the message that if we "clowned" and did something inappropriate in a White setting, our actions would have consequences not just for us as individuals. But also for every African-American person that came to that particular setting after us. We were exhorted and raised to not be the Black person who screws things up for every Black person who comes behind us. This was one example of racial discipline.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, my generation of African-Americans failed to communicate this message to our children. That's why there are African-Americans (like the foolish Black female college student interviewed in this story) who are shocked that there's a backlash splashing onto them when other Blacks do inappropriate things.

Many of us want to believe that those days are over; and we're living in a post-racial country. Well . . . on some levels, yes. On others levels, NO. We need to snap out of our Obama-induced delirium and understand that we're still perceived in a category separate, apart and inferior from everybody else.

As I've mentioned before, everybody except African-Americans is in the process of becoming perceived as White. I see this in the police reports and government forms that I work with everyday. Unless somebody is blue-black in color and without a single strand of hair that could be called wavy, they are classified as "White" on these forms. This includes deep-brown East Indians. This includes Black Arabs. This includes deep-brown, Indian Latinos. This includes everybody except African-Americans.

One benefit of being perceived as either White or sort-of White, is the ability to access portions of White privilege. This is why a Korean student at Virgina Tech could kill over 30 people on campus without his actions leading to a pogrom against Korean or Asian students on White campuses. This does not apply to us. Anything any one of us does will most likely be held against the rest of us.

Just like before the Obama era. We still have a need for racial discipline.
*Note* Here's an excellent blog post about the importance of "understanding where you are."http://www.groupnewsblog.net/2007/09/do-you-understand-where-you-are.html
A lot of new-school African-Americans (AAs) don't get it. I agree with what a commenter named Formavitae said in response to THIS post over at Neecy's Nest. Here's a partial quote from her comment:
3. I don’t get what blacks don’t understand about “not being wanted” and why it’s so important for them to go/be places they AREN’T wanted. (I’ll get back to this later.)
4. A few things I noted the girl and her father said during the interview:
A. The cop(s) came around saying only two people were allowed to come to the pool per pass. The girl/her father/ associates started asking the cop(s) if the white visitors were asked the same thing (because they don’t believe that policy has ever been enforced).
B. There were black males without passes who were trying to gain entry/jumping over the fence and saying they were with the girl’s party, even though the girl/her family denied knowing the guys.
C. The black/Hispanic kids were cursing at the cop(s) and telling them to “Shut up”, because the cop(s) also yelled things at them.
D. The girl kept yelling, “Freedom of speech,” to the cop(s), even as they tried to control her behavior.
Ok…Let’s be real.
A. Cops have legal authority, legal weapons, and (initially) the law on their side to do the following: approach you, without your request; enter your “space” to an extent, if they feel you are “breaking the law/rules”; give certain orders and expect compliance; ARREST you, for not submitting; respond to complaints from “concerned citizens”; so-called “keep the peace”, etc.
B. Blacks ARE NOT a “protected group” in American society (or ANY society, really). So, to act like you have the same social protections as a privileged class makes absolutely NO SENSE.
C. There’s a good chance they would have done the same to a group of WHITES, if the whites were considered “P.W.T.”
D. Why do blacks act like they don’t understand that “What works for ‘THEM’ don’t work for ‘US'”?
5. The image put out by AAs of black women/girls being “tough”, “loud-mouthed”, “non-feminine”, “azz-kickers” IS NOT helping them secure any protections, courtesies, or considerations in society. Furthermore, online videos of girls jumping/attacking people, cursing out strangers, and joining black boys in attacking innocents is doing EXTREME DAMAGE to the concept of black females as having “vulnerability”.
6. Back to a previous thought. If blacks wanted, they could have THEIR OWN community pools, party houses, “good neighborhoods”, etc., so that they could socialize in a more protected environment (though history shows that would stop external jealousies or assaults–but, blacks have more resources today to secure their own protections). UNFORTUNATELY, there would be blacks who would attempt to exploit, rob, destroy an black communities that existed–just as those LYIN’ FOOLS created additional problems for this family trying to have their own pool party.
7. I hope the ACLU DOES pursue this incident on an aggressive level. Blacks need the support of others who have political CLOUT, since we’ve squandered away our own.
8. UNFORTUNATELY, blacks have left themselves at the mercy of others. Others’ patience, others’ resources, others’ infrastructure, others’ willingness to see us as equal human beings, others’ protection…the list goes on and on. It doesn’t HAVE to be this way. But, since AAs have decided to focus on investing in and valuing others more than their own selves, THIS IS THEIR PLIGHT.
9. I don’t know what else to say. Words fail me.
Yeah, I feel the same way. In real life (and online) I don't have a lot of new conversation for these types of incidents. Because I believe that AAs have started to reap the whirlwind that we've collectively sown as described in Hosea 8:7 of the Bible. [I'm Muslim, but I recognize that most of the readership is Christian.]

I believe that a lot of AAs' collective problems were set in motion decades (actually, over a century) ago: by our individual and collective refusal to "do for self" and our refusal to "support self." There are a handful of exceptions (I'm an exception, some of you readers are exceptions, there are other exceptions), but I'm talking about the vast majority of AAs.

In terms of AAs reaping what we've collectively sown, I feel the last straw was AAs' collective choice to worship a false idol called Barack Obama:
Parallel Commentaries
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
8:5-10 They promised themselves plenty, peace, and victory, by worshipping idols, but their expectations came to nothing. What they sow has no stalk, no blade, or, if it have, the bud shall yield no fruit, there was nothing in them. The works of darkness are unfruitful; nay, the end of those things is death. The hopes of sinners will deceive them, and their gains will be snares. 

Pulpit Commentary

Verse 7. - For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. The harvest corresponds to the seed-time; their foolish and vain idolatries shall have corresponding results. This proverbial expression imports more than merely labor in vain; it denotes labor that has an injurious and destructive result. It has more than a negative significancy of lost labor; it conveys the idea of positive detriment. 
". . . their gains will be snares." During the very first blog post I ever wrote dated September 5, 2008, I warned y'all how this was going to play out:
Those of you who know me already know that I've been yelling the alarm about the coming financial collapse. And about how most Black folks (due to Obama-related-mania) are not doing anything to prepare. Here's a recap:

1. This economy is going to crash around our heads. This process has already begun. I strongly urge everyone to develop as many income streams as possible. ASAP. Depending on a single paycheck is courting disaster.

2. We haven't seen the full extent of the damage because the powers that be (PTB) have been hiding much of the damage. The PTB have done this to protect the image of the boy-prince, George W. Bush. The PTB won't extend the same service to Sen. Obama if he is elected president. In fact, if Obama is elected, they'll let it all fall apart to ensure that he gets the blame for the past 8 years of fiscal mismanagement.

3. In the midst of frolicking in our Obama-mania, most Black people haven't thought through the repercussions of having Sen. Obama elected.

4. For example, if Sen. Obama is elected president this means that the days of crying to Whites about racism are OVER. For real. They won't entertain that noise anymore. They will say that racism can't be that bad---after all, a Black (sort-of) man was elected president.

[For the purposes of this discussion, I won't go into detail about how in order to be the first viable "Black" presidential candidate, it seems that the candidate must be half-Other and half-foreign origin. In order to have a serious chance to be the first Black president, it helps that Sen. Obama is half-White and half-something-other-than-African-American. Politically, this is a a new "paper bag test" in operation.]

5. Black leadership (such as it is) does not have any other strategy beyond protesting racism. Collectively, Black folks don't have a back-up plan. This is a problem.

6. If elected, a Pres. Obama will feel the need to prove to Whites that he's not partial to us. He will do this by ignoring our issues and problems. There won't be any help coming from an Obama Administration. Not specifically for Black folks.

7. Because Black folks are addicted to symbol over substance, most of us will continue to support a Pres. Obama no matter what he does. Even while he literally ignores us to death. After all, we "gotta support a brother." We love seeing Black faces in high places. Even when these Black-skinned folks do a great deal of damage to our interests. [For examples, see Black folks' continued expressions of support and admiration for Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, etc.]
I also agree with a July 2009 comment from Evia (blog hostess of Black Female Interracial Marriage Ezine) that I quoted in the post The Overall African-American “Tribe” Is Ruined, ButYou Can Still Thrive As An African-American Woman If You Get Back To Basics.

I think Khadija, that some bw are reading our warnings here, but are still NOT connecting the cold, hard, bitter dots.

We've all heard by now about the swim club in Philly that didn't let the black kids use the pool.

This is going to sound harsh, but if as is being reported that the OOW rate among AAs has risen to 82% (???) as ActsofFaith Blog is reporting on her blog (and 70% was ALREADY just mindboggling), why is it that we don't expect for people to not to want to have anything to do with us AAs with either of those rates? We are a FAILED people--as a group. 

You've continually warned--ever since I've been aware of you--about the permanent underclass that's forming--that the bulk of AAs will be stuck in.

I've been keenly aware of this too and this is why I've advocated that those AAs with common sense need to try to separate and get a new brand. AAs will very soon become complete pariahs. No one will want to associate with us. Other races and even other black ethnics cannot tell most of us apart from the Sheniquas and DeShawns even now if we're out of context. Most people already consider us a part of that permanent underclass. I know this may be painful to some, but AAs have been written off as a loss.

I even know some working class AAs who don't want their children to socialize with, go to the boys and girls club or any camp with, or associate with other working class AA children because the AA TITANIC is mostly underwater. Everyone knows that way too many AA children tend to be rowdy and out of control. No one wants their children to sink to where Sheniqua and Ray-Ray's children have sunk. Many AA parents I know have already taken their children out of public schools to get them away from Sheniqua and Ray Ray's children. There's going to be a lot of fallout. Things are going to get very ugly! 

This is what we've been talking about here all of the time. I'm not quite sure why there's surprise about this story. There are black clubs that wouldn't want those children to use the swim club. The Ywca and Ymca in the last 2 areas I've lived in have raised the fees astronomically high to keep out Sheniqua and Ray-Ray's children. They let a few of them in after a 2-week waiting list and then a screening process. They check police records, school records, family records, etc. 

So guess what? Folks will protest and that club may let those black kids in there, but the whites are then going to put their kids somewhere else.

Also, let me point out that many continental Africans ALSO don't want to have anything much to do with AAs these days. AAs have degenerated and everybody seems to know it except for some of us. You constantly talk about this and I constantly talk about the ABC-DBR effect on all of us, yet I think some people think we're exaggerating. LOL!

Many young continental African women here are STRICTLY forbidden not to EVER date an AA man. Some segments of AA women are still considered okay because we're considered education-oriented, ambitious and more responsible, but this general ABC-DBR virus is really a pox on all AAs. Yet so many AAs continue to make excuses, defend, rationalize, enable, cover it up and not call it out for what it is. 

Some of us individual AAs will do fine, but the general group had better brace itself. AAs are in a free fall. The bitter truth is that many people in other groups do NOT want ANY connection with AAs unless it's on their terms. 

And AAs have sat back and allowed the ABCs and DBRs to do this. There's no point in being angry at anyone else. 'We have met the enemy and he is us' (or those AAs who sat silently and allowed this to happen.)
I quote from previous years' conversations, because I would strongly urge readers to take the time to browse through earlier BWE/Common Sense bloggers' archives. These issues are not new. Neither are the solutions for individual AA women (and groups of like-minded AA women).

Take whatever you find useful from what's been said, and leave the rest. I'm going to get back to living my life and working my abundance plan.

Addendum---THIS MESS was the negro male response to this attack. No further commentary needed. It's a wrap on AAs.

MTO EXCLUSIVE: You Know The 19 Yr Old GIRL That Threw The POOL PARTY In McKinney Texas . . . That Turned Into a POLICE RIOT . . . Well She's A REAL BEAUTY And We Got BIKINI PICS Of Her!!