Monday, June 1, 2015

Y'all UNprotected, DISrespected African-American Black Women Really Need To Stop Caping For Cross-Dressing Men

I'll try to keep this as short as possible, because either you get it or you don't. This is a follow-up to a post from 11 months ago, African-American Women: They Hate You BECAUSE You Cape For Them.

I've been horrified this afternoon and evening while watching legions of BW mindlessly rally around in support of rich, White, Republican, Deadbeat Absentee Dad To His Older Set of Children, Allows His Underage Daughter Kylie To Be Exploited By A Pedophile Bruce Jenner's latest cross-dressing stunt. 

I've watched BW knee-jerk pounce on other BW who refuse to praise Bruce Jenner and/or refuse to jump onto the transgender bandwagon. Which is essentially what happened to a commenter named Kelley Johnson on THIS Facebook thread when she refused to refer to Bruce Jenner as a woman. [Incidentally, Vonnie's been hosting some excellent conversations on her Facebook page!] I agree with what Kelley Johnson said throughout that thread. Especially this comment:

Kelley Johnson I don't see how my refusal to pretend that a woman is a man will help the trans-community and its issues with suicide. Secondly, women are dying daily. At far greater numbers. That has a far greater impact on me than whether or not Bruce Jenner is praised enough. And tell, me what transwomen are doing for actual women anyway? Because I don't throw on capes for the cause du jour.
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She asked, "What are transwomen doing for actual women anyway?" That's a very good question. A question that more African-American Black women (AABW) need to ask before throwing on their Superwoman capes to do battle on behalf of [yet another category of] men who do nothing for them.

Well, here's an example of what notable transwomen are doing "for" actual women and girls:

Read the post Laverne Cox launches media campaign in support of transwoman Synthia China Blast: convicted for the rape, murder and abuse of the corpse of thirteen-year-old Ebony Nicole Williams over at Gender Trender. Mr. Cox's post-backlash claims of not knowing the details of that particular trans-creature's crimes are not persuasive. Because Laverne Cox has previously defended another woman-killing male.

In THIS interview, Mr. Cox defended Robert Kosilek who murdered his wife. According to the Wikipedia article, Kosilek had strangled his wife with a rope and with a piece of piano wire, pulling so tightly that he nearly severed his wife's head from her body. 

GallusMag over at Gender Trender has laid it all out:
Transgender Activists always dismiss the realistic concerns that women have about allowing males into spaces that are sex segregated for female privacy from male predators. Such as restrooms, locker rooms, showers, hospital bed assignments, jail cells, homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, etc. These activists deny and disregard the real threat to females by males, even males who want to dress in feminine clothes or who “feel like women inside” or who have a psychiatric disorder that causes them to claim they are actually female, even though they are male. These men do not give a shit about the actual people they want to minstrelize and dress up as and mimic. They not only deny that we are oppressed because of our sex, they claim our sex doesn’t even exist! But they do more than deny female reality and make kooky claims: They are using the political capital of Lesbians and Gays to pass laws enforcing their male-centric female-phobic sexist views. “Gender Identity Protections” are laws that eliminate sex-based protections for females.
Examples of such protected areas are:
Hospital Bed Assignments
Locker rooms
Sports competition
Statistical Data collection
Title IX endowments
Women’s Health resources, statistics and research endowment
Sex based crime statistics
Support Groups
Rape Crisis Centers
Communal showers
Children’s sleepover camps
Women’s Shelters
Women’s colleges
There's a very real safety issue that I never see these BW Caping For Cross-Dressing Men acknowledge. For example, Christopher“Jessica” Hambrook, serial rapist, sexually assaulted and terrorized women after being placed in Toronto area Women’s Shelters

Black women and girls are already the most unprotected women and girls in this country. 

{rhetorical question} Does it make any sense to give predatory men additional opportunities to prey on BW and girls in places that should be private?

Now that's the safety issue, which should be obvious to more of y'all. If you look at the above-mentioned list from the Gender Trender post, you'll see there are also long-term scholarship, social service, and money issues. 

Let me connect the dots for those BW who are knee-jerk caping for cross-dressing men: 

You are helping to create a situation in which material resources (including scholarships) that are supposed to be set aside for women and girls will be diverted and given to cross-dressing MEN and BOYS.

As Vonnie and several commenters discussed during THIS Facebook post (about yet another biracial woman being cast to portray an historical BW, in this case Tammie Terrell), an entire generation's worth of younger BW actresses have already been pushed out of the industry and replaced by biracial actresses:

I talked about this in the post If Angela Bassett, Diahann Carroll & Vanessa Bell Calloway Were Starting Their Acting Careers Now, They’d Never Get Hired—And Many Of You Are Okay With That Result

As a collective, AABW have already allowed biracial actresses and foreign Black actresses to replace us in our own historical stories. I talked about our replacement in the U.S. entertainment industry by foreign Black entertainers in the post African-American Women: Here's Some Of The Fruit That You've Earned With Your Knee-Jerk, Rabid Support of “12 Years a Slave,”Part 6 – FINAL.

We've let these others (biracials and foreign Black actresses) take food off our plates. "Food" (resources) that our AA civil rights ancestors and martyrs prepared for us. Somehow, while we're busy singing Kumbaya, we don't seem to notice that these other people's advances and "come ups" in the U.S. always come at OUR expense. 

And now . . . on top of all of this . . . and AFTER all of this . . . some of y'all want to support cross-dressing MEN intruding into our spaces and ultimately taking material resources that were meant for women and girls?

Are y'all crazy???!!!???

Addendum: Deborrah Cooper told y'all right. From PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #1611 - BRUCE JENNER IS NOT A WOMAN AND NEVER WILL BE:

...he is a white male millionaire. Bruce Jenner is economically and socially at the top of the heap in the U.S. You are a black woman at the bottom of the social strata as a group, both economically and politically.
Now why would even ONE black woman waste time and energy caring one second about some fucker at the top, while you and yours are at the bottom? That makes no goddam sense. 
Black women - get your minds right. 
Large numbers of you think about the wrong shit constantly, and it drives me crazy. All you worry about is men and what they want, men and what they think, men and what is going on with them. Stop it! Focus on black women and girls, and improving OUR lot, OUR power, OURSELVES economically, socially, politically, educationally, and mentally/emotionally. We have no time to waste and no energy to spare on white male millionaires. We need all of us focused on what is going to directly benefit us and ours.
This white man playing in makeup and women's clothing doesn't need your thoughts, your prayers or anything from you. If he doesn't have it already, he can buy it. Stop giving your power away to people who already have the most and keep it for yourself. Stop being a mammy for men.
That is all.