Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Black Women’s Self-Esteem Emergency — I’m Republishing Angry Deva’s Post

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Black women’s problems with Black men started in Africa LONG before the arrival of the Arab man and the White man. 

Black men have been betraying Black women since BEFORE the White man ever came to Africa. If you haven’t already done so, please read the following 2 posts:

And now on to today’s post.

Ladies, let THIS Facebook post by Angry Deva be a lesson:

I’m republishing Angry Deva’s Facebook post because the type of subtle confused thinking she describes is a hidden emergency! Too many African-American women are going around rejecting and destroying various blessings under the mistaken belief that theyre being “practical.”

Look at what this poor woman lost because she didnt think highly enough of herself:
Dark Magic 101 Emergency:
A sister shared with me that her man proposed. She is upset that her ring cost him $10,000 and they are still renting. She feels like he should have put that money toward a down payment and gotten her a cheaper ring.
And now he doesn't want to marry her..... At all. With any kind of ring.
When I tell you all, the Feminine is Valuable and to be Valued? I mean that, it even applies to YOU!!! Honey, he doesn't even want to talk to her anymore. Because she cannot see herself as WORTHY of this $10,000 ring. He can't handle the idea of being with a woman who doesn't want her man to spoil her. He is already making great money, set to make even more and he wanted to invest in her. He already had a plan for their home investment; and she never bothered to find any of that out. Smh unprepared and under-prepared, vs savvy, cunning and stealth. The bw's self esteem issues and unwilingness to see herself as the FIRST, bites her in the butt.
Your ego is only a problem when it sabotages you. You need a big healthy ego, to be successful in anything. Insecurity breeds failure and contempt. As we see here.
Because of this, I am hosting a show tonight on the URGENT importance of REAL Dark Wisdom, and Occult Science. And I will be discussing which Dark Angel snatched her Good Fortune from her; for her dishonor of the First Cause and First Principle in my Dark Magic 101 class. Sign up here:
The fiasco Angry Deva described in this post is the result of the trickbag brainwashing that far too many Black women (African-American women in particular) have been subjected to. 

The masses of nonblack women would accept that $10,000 ring as what is DUE to them based on their personal VALUE as women. Even a pole dancer like Melania Trump. By contrast, most African-American women have been raised and brainwashed to not feel entitled to such things. And we call that particular deficit “being practical.” 

It’s the same warped thinking that has too many of us locked into false equality talk and thought patterns. I talked about this in the 2009 post The Sojourner's Path: Reject False Egalitarianism And Cultivate Your SUPERIOR Traits[Some of y’all should take the time to browse the archives of the earlier BWE writers. We left them open for a reason. {smile}]
LIFE IS NOT FAIR OR EQUAL -- Everything And Everybody Are NOT The Same

The first thing that aspiring Sojourners must understand is that real life is not fair or equal. In fact, life is filled with naturally-occurring, lopsided ratios! In order to survive and thrive, we must position ourselves on the WINNING side of these ratios.
1. Stop Pretending That These Ratios Don't Exist

No matter how much African-Americans weep, wail, and gnash our teeth, these skewed ratios will continue to dominate real life. Nature is filled with imbalances. Everybody is NOT the same. In any field, by any measure, there are only a FEW outstanding people. Whatever "it" is, there will be a sea of relativemediocrity with only a handful of standouts in either direction (good or bad).

A critical point about this angle is to look at what a group's "baseline" is. A group's collective baseline is how you measure that group's general success or failure. Some collective baselines are MUCH higher than others. There's the mediocrity of being a lower-middle class person when your ethnic group is mostly affluent. [Oh, you can probably guess which ethnic/religious group I'm thinking of.] And then there's the mediocrity of being a poor, fatherless, African-American person who was born out of wedlock. If the odds are that you'll be mediocre, would you rather be "mediocre" in the sense of the first group or "mediocre" in the second group?

Most African-Americans resist the reality of these ratios because we're used to being on the losing side of these numbers. In fact, we've embraced a collective "loser" identity. 

It never occurs to us that we have it within us to be SUPERIOR regarding anything that matters. It never occurs to us that we can be on the winning side of these ratios.

So, we have a mindset of trying to pretend that everything and everybody is the same. Pretending that everybody's "equal." So, we have a mindset of trying to coerce the "winners" into giving the "losers" (that would be us) large slices of their "pies." We want to try to force situations into an artificial, false veneer of "equality."

This is only a temporary solution to disparities and inequalities. It will always fail in the long-run because these ratios will always exist. And unless a group raises its collective "baseline," they will always be disadvantaged relative to others. They will continue to lose. Not only have African-Americans failed to raise our collective baseline, but we've allowed it to plummet.

Over the past few decades we've started saying things like "BMW = Black Man Working." What do these sorts of expressions say to the world about our baseline? Our collective's baseline is currently at ground level. And it will fall through the floor once the Endless Night of Permanent Underclass Status becomes entrenched.
2. Understand That "Equality Talk" Is A Subtle Trap

Equality talk is actually a subtle mental trap. If you really believe that"things aren't any better anywhere else," then you have no incentive to move anywhere to seek a better living environment. If you really believe that you're "the same" as everybody else, then you're not going to cultivate those traits of yours that are actually superior to the masses. And so on across the board.

All of this stems from embracing a mass loser self-identity. Equality talk is usually heard coming from losers who are trying to convince themselves that they have some merit. Winners don't talk that equality talk. Now, gracious winners might publicly engage in equality talk so as to not upset the losers around them; but that equality stuff is NOT their self-image. People who are winning feel that they have superior skills or traits that enable them to win. Losers feel that they were lucky to win.
3. Use These Ratios To YOUR Advantage. Embrace And Cultivate Your SUPERIOR Traits!

I often praise God for my parents. In terms of raising us, they were NOT for that false equality mess. Egalitarianism was not for their children. They never wanted us to be "equal" with anybody. They wanted our points of SUPERIORITY to shine brightly!

Ladies, stop thinking like losers who have to scramble for scraps! You can position yourself to be a winner who takes all! This applies across the board. From one's personal life to one's financial life. Keep in mind the fact that some people actually made a LOT of money during the Great Depression.

There are general things about us as Black women that are actually SUPERIOR to other women. You already know many of these traits, but somehow most of you don't take these things to heart and work with them to your advantage. I don't understand this behavior.

This includes surface beauty traits. You know that we generally age better than other women. You know that our complexions usually have a glow and vitality that others admire. You really KNOW that other people admire our curves! Non-Blacks have noticed and commented on all of this. Why don't YOU seem to know this? Why don't you cultivate these advantages?

[I know. . . Lord, I know it angers some of you, but I'm going to ask: Why persist in hiding your God-given curves under extra weight? I never said that it was easy. Don't you remember me complaining and whining every step of the way during the workout check-in posts? I'mstill complaining about being sore, tired, etc. I complain, but I keep working out.]

This includes inner beauty traits. Generally speaking, African-American women are resourceful. We are industrious. We are intensely loyal. The problem is that we've got all of these traits harnessed in support of unworthy causes, goals and people.

There are specific things about YOU as an individual that are SUPERIOR to most others. Are you ready to embrace and cultivate your superior traits? Are you ready to be a winner who takes all?
Ladies, don’t be like the woman in Angry Deva’s post. Instead—Embrace, cultivate and expect a SUPERIOR lifestyle!