Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Time To Get A Concealed Carry License Is NOW

In this post, I’m only talking to those African-American women who are serious about surviving and thriving in the future.
NOT those women in the BWE reading audience who are reading these posts as entertainment-only. While they refuse to take action on any of the life-saving and life-enhancing strategies that have been discussed over the years at various BWE and Common Sense blogs.

I’m certainly not talking to the oblivious BW described in a recent Facebook post by Breukelen Bleu. As she correctly notes, there are large numbers of BW who are so preoccupied with issues that primarily affect BM that they’re not paying attention to the various things that are already affecting them and their dependent children:

"The shit that is unraveling in front of us is insane, but most BW are not even discussing it because all of their attention is going to issues that predominantly affect BM.

They are privatizing the projects.
Closing abortion clinics.
Limiting access to birth control.
Shutting off water to entire neighborhoods.

I sincerely hope that BW are prepared to accept what comes when you focus exclusively on the needs of others, while the world around you crumbles."

Yeah, she’s right.

Anyhoo, there’s been something tugging at the edge of my thoughts after I published THIS POST about the angry BM who shot his BW ex-girlfriend before killing 2 New York City police officers purportedly as revenge for the police killing of Eric Garner.

I’ve been educating myself, and the thought that’s been nagging at me became fully formed while watching my [Latino] firearms instructor show some of the gun rights and related news videos he has collected. Including the video embedded below that’s about a local case from Chicago.

The thought came to me: What the BM who killed those two NYC police officers did will probably become a patterned response for those BM who “snap” as an exasperated White America cracks down on African-American male criminality (and BM in general). Meaning the BM who “snap” will make a point of shooting some Black woman before they run out to attack nonblack men. They’ll make a point of taking at least one BW down with them (into death) as they run out on their murder-suicide sprees.
I have the feeling these matters will play out this way because African-American (AA) males have made BW a hate object over the past 35 years. AA males hate BW as much as they hate the nonblack men who rule over them. No amount of BW’s mammy muling or Sista Soldiering for BM’s causes will ever change that.

Another (numerically MUCH larger) threat to consider is the growing number of AA males with dead eyes. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve noticed that I’m seeing more and more random BM with dead eyes walking around in public. There’s a LOT of hate in those dead eyes.

And guess who those BM With Dead Eyes perceive as the easiest and most appropriate target for that hatred? If you’re savvy, you’ll get ready just in case those dead eyes decide to run up on you.  I hope I'm wrong about this. All I do know for sure is that I've correctly predicted a number of things that many other AA women didn't see coming until after-the-fact.

While even the more savvy and aware AA women in BWE circles aren’t taking as much action as they should to position themselves to survive and thrive, other folks are getting ready right now. Since I’ve been educating myself about guns and defensive shooting, I’ve been amazed at all the things that are out there.
Such as an entire magazine devoted to the responsible, practical and legal logistics of concealed carry.
Such as the NRA finding a BM sock puppet to promote their views among the African-American demographic. [Yeah, despite the article I linked to above, I think he’s a sockpuppet/Trojan horse. How often—if ever—do AA males create any sort of platform of their own? That was a rhetorical question—LOL!]
My point is this: Things are getting real in this Age of Economic Decline. Other folks in America (who are generally not AAs) are engaged in full spectrum preparation for whatever may come. If your jurisdiction allows for concealed carry licenses, I would urge you to get one. Now. Before your jurisdiction changes its mind and stops giving you that legal option. Even if you’re currently unsure about whether or not you’ll choose to own a firearm.
Don’t be like most of the Armed, Work At Responsible Jobs But Still Foolish AAs my firearm instructor knows: He knows a number of everyday, work-for-a-living AAs who own guns and carry concealed without having all the necessary licenses. Thereby setting themselves up to be arrested if they’re ever pulled over or caught with these guns. Typically, they have the guns because (like the instructor) many of them have had the experience of being robbed at gunpoint by young Black males. They have the guns, but they're not handling their business with the guns like responsible adults.
It’s better to have options and choices than to not have them.
There’s a whirlwind gathering around “mainstream” AA women, most of whom are sitting ducks (along with their helpless children).
You don’t want to be a sitting duck when the music stops and the funk gets uncut.
Addendum Regarding The Recent Terrorist Attacks In France: All around the planet, Black men of all ethnicities display many of the same deficits. For the last few days, I've been obsessively watching France 24 (in English) concerning the recent terrorist murders in Paris.

I keep tabs on these sorts of news stories because: (1) As a Muslim, I'm appalled and nauseated by the atrocities being carried out in the name of my religion by demon-possessed, deranged lunatics. See 46 examples of Muslims condemning this latest atrocity HERE. Additionally, the  leader of the Shi'ite Muslim group Hezbollah said on Friday that Islamist terrorists had done more harm to Islam than any cartoon or book, a reference to the attack by suspected Islamist militants on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. See HERE.

And (2) as I've mentioned to other African-American Muslims over the years, I believe we in the U.S. are about 2 atrocities away from being rounded up like the Japanese-Americans were during WWII. Which is yet another reason why I've always urged AA Muslims to get and keep passports. Finally, (3) foreign Black Muslims should be concerned because each atrocity increases the likelihood that you won't be able to run to Western Europe and the U.S. to escape your native tyrants.

My main point in this addendum is that the African-heritage BM terrorist (who had an Arab North African girlfriend/wife) involved in this incident fits into the emerging behavior pattern I mentioned in this post: He murdered an unarmed BW traffic cop named Clarissa Jean-Philippe (who was of Caribbean heritage from Martinique) BEFORE running off to take (presumably White) hostages (and kill some of them) in a kosher Jewish grocery store.

Rest in peace, Clarissa.